Social Media Training – To Help You Rise Above The Competition

  • Learn 10 high level social media techniques!
  • Implement daily tasks associated with the lessons!
  • Simple directions to help turn your practice into a powerful social influence!

The Lessons Include:

  1. A Critical Key To Dental Social Media Marketing Success
  2. Social Media Marketing By The Numbers
  3. Successful Social Media is About Honesty And Transparency
  4. How Social Media Takes You Out Of The Commodities Business
  5. A Great Social Media Idea For Your Practice
  6. Effective Social Media Taps Personality Power
  7. 3 Steps To Giving Back Then Sharing Through Social Media
  8. Strengthening Practice Clout Through Social Media
  9. Social Media Marketing With Impact Is Participatory
  10. Tips For A Successful Launch From Gentle Family Dentistry

Not sure yet if this is for you?

If you’re the type of practice that wants to be different and to stand out within your community; then you need to become a social practice. Social Media 101 will give you the tools that will put you among only a few practice in the world that understand new social media marketing.

  • Find ways to influence your patient database without bragging.
  • Stop begging for referrals and create natural referral channels.
  • Learn simple ways to build a positive culture.
  • Stand out from other practices and become the dental leader within your community.
  • Learn practical strategies that will drive your brand deep within your patient database.
  • Understand simple techniques that will create a social culture that patients will remember.

See what client practices and thought leaders are saying…

“We have huge amounts of interaction on our Facebook page, and have between 30-50 new patients per month now who list Facebook as how they heard about us. Even better, new patients say that they check our page daily to see what things we are posting, and come in telling us what they want because they have learned about and seen pics about a procedure on Facebook.”

- Anissa Holmes, Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services

“The daily posts, (would never be able to keep up without them), the blogs, and the contests I believe are the most valuable. We will look forward to the next contest. They are a great group to affiliate with, and we look forward to what they will think of next!”

- Matt Kraner, Kraner Family Dentistry

“Everyone’s a social media “expert” these days. But the landscape is changing so rapidly, that keeping up with best practices in social spaces is daunting. That’s why My Social Practice is such an anchor. In the swift moving current of social media, it’s great to lean on the earned expertise of people who know dental social media marketing. The tools, techniques, channel management, and what works and what doesn’t become more clear when following their lead.”

- Mike DiFrisco, Director of Marketing, AACD

“It’s tough being creative and knowing what to say every day. But the Daily Kickstart Posts that My Social Practice provides help us out a lot and the blog templates make communication with our patients much easier.”

- Drs. Donald and Michelle Crow, Crow Family Dentistry