#22, #23, #24 – Social Media Articles Worthy Of Your Practice’s Attention

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EVERY DAY HUNDREDS OF ARTICLES ARE WRITTEN about social media tools and strategies. Which ones are useful and worth reading? Which ones are relevant to the things your practice and our company are doing together? Which ones have direct application for marketing a dental practice? It’s truly overwhelming.

One of the benefits of reading our blog is taking advantage of our distillation skills. When it comes to articles and posts about social media, we’re voracious readers, and have been for the last six+ years. Let us spend the time so you don’t have to. We regularly narrow down digital marketing’s best thinking and pass those links along as a service to you. Articles and posts are chosen that align with our “mindset, tools, strategy” mantra.

We strongly encourage you to take a few minutes and visit the links we pass along. We promise that the content therein will make a difference in your social media marketing efforts. And, we also promise to only recommend things with direct application for your practice.


22. “Audience As Currency” by Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is perhaps the world’s most well-known social media thought leader. I have met him on a couple of occasions at marketing industry events. He’s not only smart, but a real gentleman as well. In this post he helps us think about our audiences (your patients and future patients) in a number of different ways. >>> LINK


23. “How To Stop Marketing (And What To Do Instead)” by Brian Clark

Copyblogger is among the foremost leaders in helping people understand and develop blog content. In this article, Brian talks about communication as marketing—telling patients (and prospects) who you are and how you can make their lives better. But remember, blogging isn’t the only way to communicate those things. You can do it a couple of times a week on your Facebook wall. That’s our recommendation. This article is very short, so if you have a little more time, click on the links at the bottom of the post for more content and details. >>> LINK


24. “I Spread Your Idea Because…” by Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s blog has been ranked the #1 marketing blog by the AdAge Power 150, and he has been called “America’s Greatest Marketer” by American Way Magazine and “The Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age” by BusinessWeek. In this short post (all of Seth’s posts are short) he talks about reasons why other people may be willing to spread your message. As you read this post, think about your practice’s Facebook wall again. What kinds of things can you put on your wall that other people will be willing to share? >>> LINK