What Will Google+ Mean For Dental Practice Marketing?

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WE’RE SURE BY NOW that most of you have heard about Google+. Some of you have asked our opinions about Google+ and its application for your dental practice marketing.

What Is Google+?

Here is a short overview video:

Do we see it as an up-and-coming, effective part of your integrated social media efforts?

It’s Too Early To Answer That Question

Yes, we’re reading everything we can get our hands on about Google+. And the nice thing for you is that we’re reading it all through our dental marketing eyeglasses. Once there’s enough information for us to form some concrete notions, we’ll be anxious to share those with you.

For Now, If You’d Like To Spend The Time, Try Google+ Personally

Our recommendation—regardless of where this is all headed in terms of marketing your practice—is to create a personal Google+ account. It’s good social media practice. See what you like about it. See what you don’t like about it.

Announcements From Facebook

Facebook continues to announce changes and improvements ahead. It will be interesting to see how much of it feels like a response to Google+’s features.

No Timing Announced Yet On Google+ For Businesses

Now, joining Google+ no longer requires an invitation, but it is only available to individuals, not businesses. So don’t try to set up an account in your dental practice’s name. They say the reason they’re waiting is because when they do launch it for businesses, they only want to include features that make sense for business. In other words, they don’t want to “force fit brands into personal profiles” as Scott Monty has put it.

Google+ has at least one experimental business account, Ford Motor Company (click image below to view):


Golly… Social Media Marketing Is Awesome Isn’t It?

Whether you believe Google+ will play a small role, or a huge role in the next generation of social media marketing for businesses, this parody is a hoot:

Want To Read More About Google+?

Of the many recent articles about Google+ that have been written, here are a couple that we think you may enjoy reading:

Ready To Become A “Social Practice”?