Orange Couch Discussion #13: What is Social Media Marketing?

By November 30, 2011 January 28th, 2021 No Comments


WHILE MANY OF OUR CLIENT PRACTICES have a good deal of experience with social media marketing before they join us, there are equally as many that are just getting started.

As you’re getting started, one of the most important things to do is to “get your mindset right”. Social media marketing strategies are so much easier to implement when you’re able to flip this little switch in your head. Because traditional marketing methods have been so engrained into our thinking for so long, when we start talking about “New Marketing” it’s important to establish an updated strategy framework in your head—a foundation with new terms and new concepts that you can wrap your arms around.

Orange Couch Discussion #13: What is Social Media Marketing?, is the first of several upcoming video discussions that we’re confident will help you and your team do just that. After watching, if you have any questions, comments or feedback for us, use the comment box below and we’ll respond quickly. Thanks.