Posting An Event On Your Facebook Business Page

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FACEBOOK IS A GREAT PLACE TO TELL people about an upcoming event you’re having. Also, it provides an easy way for people to share and invite others to attend!

Creating an event on Facebook is simple and will only take a few minutes.

STEP 1:  Go to your practice’s Facebook wall.

STEP 2:  In the left column under your profile picture, click “Events”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do NOT see “Events” in the sidebar (as shown in the image below) you must skip to STEP 4 and “Add” Events first!

STEP 3: Click “Create Event”.

(you can click the image above to enlarge)


NOTE: If you’ve successfully completed STEPS 2 & 3, skip to STEP 7 below.

STEP 4: If you didn’t see “Events” in the left column, click “Edit Page” in the top right corner of your business page:

STEP 5:  Now click “Apps” in the left sidebar:

STEP 6: Click “Go to App” under “Events” in the middle of the page:

STEP 7:  Now you should see a screen like the one below:

(you can click the image above to enlarge)

Fill in the information:

  • a. Give your event a name
  • b. Pick the date and time of your event (even pick an end date if it’s longer than one day).
  • c. Add a location
  • d. Include any additional details/instructions regarding your event (i.e. what to bring, or wear).
  • e. Invite some of your friends (these are friends that you’ve connected with on your personal account).
  • f. Specify the two additional settings. The first will show profile pictures of each person invited to the event. The second determines whether or not people can write on the event wall. We suggest leaving both of these checked.
  • g. Add a photo for the event.
  • h. Then click “Create Event” when your done.

Congrats! That’s all there is to it. Simple and quick.

Now, your actual event page will look like the page below:

(you can click the image above to enlarge)

  • a. People can RSVP by clicking one of the three buttons at the top.
  • b. This is all the information you entered about your event.
  • c. Much like your professional and personal walls on Facebook, people can write on your event wall.
  • d. And if for any reason you need to edit the details of your event, simply click “Edit Event”.

You’ll also notice that after you’ve created an event, Facebook automatically publishes it to your wall:

(you can click the image above to enlarge)