How To Set Up Your Dental Practice Google+ Business Page

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IN OUR PREVIOUS POST ABOUT GOOGLE+ ABOUT SIX WEEKS AGO, we told you that there wasn’t a clear timetable for when you could create a business page for your practice. Well, the announcement came this week that you can now create one.

Creating Your Dental Practice Business Page On Google+

First, you must have a personal Google+ account to be able to set up a Google+ business page. If you don’t have one, set one up for yourself first.

There are TONS of instructional videos out there about how to set these pages up. It’s really easy—but we want to be sure you see it specifically from a dental or orthodontic practice’s perspective:

There Are Still Lots Of Questions About Google+

Rest assured that we’re reading everything we can about Google+ to be able to advise you as this new platform moves ahead. One of the best articles that we’ve read this week is entitled, “5 Marketing Problems Google+ Says It Can Solve” by Jesse Noyes. It’s a good read if you’re interested.

Google+ sounds awesome… in theory. The biggest problem (and really, perhaps the ONLY problem) is it won’t work if nobody’s there. We understand that it takes time—Rome wasn’t built in a day. Hopefully people won’t be too impatient, and they’ll support it long enough for it to work. It seems that Google+ has one TRUE ace-in-the-hole… and that’s Google search. It they can leverage that (and do it quickly), Google+ will likely be very powerful.

There Are Some Problems—And We Have One Huge Criticism You Need To Understand Before You Set Up Your Business Page!

From everything we’ve read this week, it appears that, unlike Facebook, you have no “multiple admin” options with Google+ business pages. That means that once the business page is tied to your personal Google+ page, you and only you can administrate it. Down the road, if you wanted to delegate that responsibility to somebody else in your office, you couldn’t—unless you were willing to give them your personal password to your personal Google+ account and let them manage it as you.

Now, this may be something that they fix soon. Hopefully. But we can’t find any confirmation of that. So, just be aware of that before you create your page.

We’ll Keep Posting About Google+

We’re as curious as you are about where this is all headed—and what it can mean for your dental or orthodontic practice. Stay tuned…