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Thank You

By November 23, 2011July 26th, 20224 Comments

A FEW YEARS AGO, as we were launching My Social Practice, we were unsure if we could find enough dentists and orthodontists with the vision it takes to embark on a road less traveled—the journey toward becoming a social practice.

You are among the visionaries. The early adopters. The teachable. The engaged. The passionate. You’re not afraid to put it out there and take a calculated risk on something that “feels” relevant and important—something that’s new, fresh, and exciting with huge upside for strategically growing your business over time. It’s evidence that you truly value your relationships with your patients as well.

Our heartfelt thanks for that. You’re the reason we can’t wait to get to work in the morning and we have a hard time leaving the office at night. It may sound silly—and you may find it hard to believe—but it’s not lip service. You’re the reason we love what we do. You’ve helped make it possible for us to grow into a viable business. Thank you again. And again.

We’ve shown you this before, but please watch it once more. It applies to what our two businesses are doing together:

Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” Years from now, when the rest of your profession sees the light, you will have already been there for a long time. Congratulations.

Becoming a Social Media Marketing Dental Practice

You are among the visionaries. The early orthodontic social media marketing adopters. The teachable. The engaged. The passionate.

We’re excited to get to work with you and help you embark on a social media marketing journey that will help grow your social marketing empire—from strategy development, social media management, content creation and social media marketing tools that will optimize your social media marketing efforts for success today and over time into the future. With social media being a marathon, not a sprint.

Building social relationships is about more than just social marketing—it’s about social business. A few of our social media marketing principals:

  • social media marketing for dentists and orthodontists
  • engaging your community with relevant content to attract, retain and grow awareness of you as a subject matter expert
  • understanding the tools and tactics needed today to start building your social empire
  • is an ongoing process that can’t be ignored
  • it takes time to build meaningful relationships online but they are worth it

Using social media as part of your marketing plan isn’t enough; you need to have a strategy behind it – one that will help you achieve your social media marketing goals.

What social media principles do you follow? Share in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. And to our awesome clients outside the United States, even though this week isn’t your same holiday, our message of thanks to you is exactly the same.


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About the Author: Blake Hadley is the president of My Social Practice located in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is passionate about helping dental practices grow their patient base exponentially by using digital dental marketing strategies. If you’d like to book Blake to speak at your next event you can do that on our dental marketing expert page.



  • I believe you. Your love for what you do comes out in the service and enthusiasm from your team. You also deliver more than expected. You always make me feel I am your only client and you
    are clearly dedicated to my success. I THANK YOU. Adrian Fenderson

    • Jack Hadley says:

      Thanks, Adrian. Your enthusiasm for social media AND your sincere love for your patients and for people in general have always been inspiring to me. You do much good in the world with all your humanitarian efforts. Everyone on our team feels blessed to work with you.

  • Leonard Tau says:

    Thanks for a job well done. Keep up the great work.

    • Jack Hadley says:

      Thanks for you kind comment, Dr. Tau. Since our company started, you have always been so supportive of the things we are doing. You have been patient with us when we make mistakes, and you’ve often recommended our service to others. Thanks for your great support.