Tagging Another Business Facebook Page In Your Status Update

By February 21, 2012 January 28th, 2021 4 Comments

NETWORKING WITH OTHER LOCAL BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATIONS ON FACEBOOK is easy, and can be very powerful. If you can help promote another’s business page, it creates a relationship that can be mutually beneficial and opens your digital footprint up to another trusted, opt-in network of potential fans. Watch this video to learn how:



  • jasonchampagne says:

    Why do businesses only show up after a search when I’m using FB as myself and not my practice?

    • Blake Hadley says:

      I’m not sure Jason… I’ve had the same question. The search in Facebook seems to be a little finicky when searching while using the page as your practice.

  • dentalstudio101 says:

    So, I tried to do this. I was able to like and link theie name to our page but it did not show up on their page. ?????

    • Blake Hadley says:

      There may be few reasons for this. First, the page you are tagging must have the option enabled in their settings to allow others to post to their wall. They could also have the option checked that requires all wall activity to first be approved by an administrator. Unfortunately, this is out of your control and something that I should have included in the video.

      If they haven’t enabled these restrictions, you should check one more thing. At the top of each pages wall is a link you can click that says “Everyone (Top Posts)”. By default, a lot of pages will only show their posts unless you click that option to view everyone’s posts. Note that this is with the old layout and not the new “Timeline” layout.

      Thanks for the question!