2 Ways Your Dental Practice Team Can Help Jumpstart Facebook Likes!

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OK! YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE IS UP! AND… it’s probably just sitting there… lonely, quiet, and un-engaged. Do your Facebook page a big favor and get a few Likes going! It’s not as hard as you think—and starting with your remarkable TEAM you can get things going! Already have lots of Likes? Use the ideas below to increase the level of engagement!

Keep In Mind…

Always remember that “Likes”, in and of themselves, are NOT the goal. The goal is to communicate, connect, and interact with your patient base, and with prospective new patients. However, Likes DO play an important foundational role as you move ahead with an integrated social media marketing strategy.

  1. Watch The Video Below!
  2. Set Some Goals!
  3. Have Fun With Your Team Doing It!

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Is Your Practice Ready To Get Serious About Social Media Marketing?