Tapping Personality Power In Your Dental Social Media Marketing

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HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ON AN ALLIGATOR HUNT? I haven’t either. But dental assistant April Hamrick has. In fact, based on the blog post Cranford Dental posted last week, it sounds like there’s a lot of competition in drawing an alligator hunting license in the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources lottery!

What Does Alligator Hunting Have To Do With Dental Social Media Marketing?

Glad you asked. Nothing. However, an alligator hunting blog post has a LOT to do with demonstrating a practice’s ability to connect with their patients:

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Smart Dental Social Media Content Taps A Practice’s Culture And Individual’s Personalities

Cranford Dental does an outstanding job of blending personal blog content with dental-related posts. Here are two more recent examples of very personal posts that strengthen patient relationships. Take a look at the engagement taking place as demonstrated in the comments below each post. Do you think people get this engaged with posts about root canals, sedation, or veneers?

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One More Example…

…with 23 responses!

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We Hear This From Our Clients Again And Again

Every dental or orthodontic practice has a culture—including yours. Every person who works in your practice has quirks, and quirks are great things when you lay them out there in thoughtful, interesting ways. And by the way, just because I’ve used the word “quirk” doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to be “quirky”. Everyday things can work pretty well too! If you’ve heard me speak at a dental marketing event recently, you may have seen this quote from one of our clients:

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Action Item:

It’s time to dig a little deeper and to enlist increased help from your team. Discover the things team members are passionate about. This isn’t hard! Why? Because people LIKE talking about the things they’re passionate about!

Since you’re putting an editorial calendar together right now outlining topics for your next three months’ blog posts, I’m challenging you to make some specific assignments to have certain team members contribute. Their posts don’t need to be long—just heartfelt. Include photos. Include video when appropriate and available. The viral potential of these kinds of posts is great because your team members will happily share them, as will some of your patients. And many of the prospective new patients who see those shared items live smack-dab in the middle of your practice’s geographic area of influence.

In addition to your team, don’t forget to enlist the help of other practice shareholders.

That’s right… Alligator hunting doesn’t sell dental procedures. But you’re not selling dentistry. You’re building relationships that, in the long run, result in more dentistry being sold. You’re earning permission and trust as you weave the benefits of great dentistry into your content mix. You can do this!

By the way, can you help me?

I need your help. Please add to this conversation! We love seeing your ideas and feedback. What’s one “quirk” that you or a team member is willing to package and lay out there? Please let us know in the comment section below—then, after your post is published, please provide us with the link. Thanks!


This post is part of a the series 26 Dental Social Media Marketing Truths.

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