Webinar: 5 Tools To Supercharge Social Media For Dentists

By February 12, 2013 January 28th, 2021 6 Comments

READY TO GET STARTED building your dental practice using social media? Sit in on this webinar hosted by Adrian Lefler from My Social Practice to find out how to build an awesome online community. Adrian reveals many of the strategies that My Social Practice uses to help their clients run effective social media marketing solutions.

Social Media For Dentists Is Internal “New Marketing”

Social media for dentists is internal “new marketing” and if you’re a practice that’s interested in building your internal marketing system, don’t miss this webinar!


  • Heather says:

    Our office uses for blogging, what is the difference between what we use &

    • Adrian Lefler says:

      Heather, is the website where you download the wordpress software. Once you have downloaded the software you can set up a wordpress blog. So the fact that you already have a wordpress blog means that the software has already been downloaded by the person that built your blog.

  • Actually, that is only partially true, this may offer a better explanation:

    a) is hosted blogging solution from the makers of WordPress. It’s for beginners and is known as a ‘cloud’ solution. All your data lives inside their software. You do not need to install anything (although adding plugins etc is an option). Its’ kind of like using gmail instead of microsoft outlook.

    b) is for more advanced users. This allows a person to download the ‘sofware’ to your harddrive where you can either test locally or upload to your own web hosting provider (e.g. Godaddy)via FTP and you are responsible for installing and configuring the product. This is where you will be involved in the famous ‘5 minute install’ for WordPress software or more intricate and longer-duration installs.

    Both with give you roughly the same result although B gives you much greater control and flexibility over the final product. If you are skilled in web design, ftp and the mechanics of html / CMS then you should feel comfortable with (b). However, if you wish to just get your fet wet and work inside a ‘cacoon’ then A is probably for you.


    • Adrian Lefler says:


      That was a great explanation of and We appreciate you participating and commenting.

      To add to Jason’s explanation. I would highly recommend using option B if you plan on building a website for your practice. Option A is hosted by WordPress and the feedback that I get from people who have used that option is that you will have a much more difficult time showing up in search rankings. Meaning that it will be difficult for people to find your website online.