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Dental Practice Marketing: My Social Practice Featured In Forbes Article

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WE RECENTLY PUBLISHED A POST about dental practice marketing entitled, Make Sure Your Dental Patients NEVER Find Your Website in which we outlined the important differences between a practice’s website objectives and their dental social media marketing objectives. This Forbes article, published last week, is related to this topic.

How Does This Apply To Your Dental Practice Marketing?

Dental practice marketing is a latecomer to the online marketing party. Are you one of those practices getting ready to shell out $1000’s on a logo and/or pretty website? If so, think again.

  • Having a cool logo no longer differentiates your practice.
  • Having a pretty website no longer differentiates your practice.
  • People today are smart. They see through hollow branding.
  • Transparency, accessibility and valuable content beget trust, retain patients, increase case acceptance and attract new business.


Don’t Base Your Dental Practice Marketing Strategy On Old Methods That Don’t Work

Get out of the dental commodities business and use the power of social media marketing to strengthen patient relationships, decrease attrition, attract new patients and build practice equity. It’s not longer 1980…

Produce Relevant, Useful Content And Point It To Your Practice’s Storyline

We know you are passionate about what you do. Don’t hide it behind some slick branding effort and then think it’s going to fool people into believing your practice is awesome. I don’t mean to say that your marketing materials shouldn’t look clean, professional and thoughtful. Heaven knows the dental profession is already plagued with enough dancing-teeth-with-roots branding.

Produce content and publish it through your dental marketing platform. Take some focused time this week to brainstorm these (and other) topics with your team:

  • Advances in patient comfort.
  • Community happenings (even if they’re not dentistry related).
  • Aspects of your practice culture that are interesting.
  • Patient case studies where lives have been changed.
  • Technologies that improve your service.
  • Dental-related, “whole body health” topics.
  • Anxiety management products and techniques.
  • Team member accomplishments.

You get the idea…

Think about it this way… Your dental practice marketing platform is like a TV station. The different shows are the blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, videos, Pinterest pins, email messages, and photos on Instagram. But don’t feel like you must start with all of them. Pick one or two and focus on them first.

Be consistent. If you need help, get some. You can create a “station” that both prospective patients and current patients will look forward to watching.

What have we missed? Please share your thoughts below, or on our Facebook page! Thanks!


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About the Author: Jack Hadley is a dental marketing expert and one of the founding members of My Social Practice. My Social Practice is a digital dental marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jack is passionate about helping dental practices grow. If you’d like to book Jack or one of the other members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that HERE. Interested in learning more about the benefits of SEO for dentists, our dental websites service? Learn More Here.