Use These Great T-Shirts To Have Fun & Market Your Dental Practice!

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CALL THEM WHAT YOU WANT—shticks, promos, tchotchkes, freebies, swag (or schwag)… Patients love them!

Customized With YOUR Facebook URL!

These shirts are like walking billboards for your practice! They’re top-of-mind reminders of the personal relationship your patients have with your practice and team members!

Some Practices Just Give Them Away, Other Practices Have Patients EARN Them

Either way works. You can just be the schwagmeister and hand them out. Or, some practices prefer to have their patients earn them. “Earn” a t-shirt? That’s right! You can ask your patients to Like your Facebook page in exchange for a gift. It’s up to you. Or use them in other promotions!

SO Affordable

As you already know, we’re not a dental promotions company. But we have so many of our clients ask for more giveaway items that we continue looking hard to find great ones at great prices for our clients’ convenience. And by the way, even if you’re NOT one of our valued clients, you’re welcome to order them too.


Also Available: Orthodontist Version!


To Order:

Call Eric at: (801) 705-5063

Or by email and we’ll get back to you: eric [at] prodigypromos [dot] com