Facebook Graph Search For Dentists

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Facebook Graph Search For Dentists

If you’re just starting to learn about what Facebook Graph Search is, and how it can help you better market your dental practice, take a few minutes to watch our recent webinar:

What Is YOUR SEO Consultant Saying These Days?

If your search engine optimization company is still beating the same ’ol drum, saying, “It’s all about search!” find a different SEO consultant. The writing is on the wall for those who see it. Traditional SEO is dying a slow, painful death… And things like Facebook Graph Search and Google Authorship are proof.

If you’ve had an opportunity to hear us speak at a dental industry event, you may recognize the slide below. Because SEO tactics have always been primarily based on gaming algorithms, the gap between that strategy and true, transparent, honest, trustworthy social media engagement has been VERY wide. Those who get it have always clearly seen the difference. Now, the line is blurring—and once again, those who truly understand this relationship will be well ahead of the pack.


“Nice to be found. Essential to be sought.”


Bottom Line? Facebook Likes Mean Even More Now

So what’s the action item here? It’s simple and clear. Just make your Facebook page as effective as you possibly can to increase engagement (post Likes, comments, and shares) and to add page Likes. And if you need help doing that… (ahem…) maybe it’s time to be one of our awesome, valued clients. Call us and let’s visit.