A Fun Halloween Sweet Swap Event Raises Awareness For Your Practice!

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Here Are All The Details You Need To Have A Fun Halloween Sweet Swap Event! PLEASE READ!

EVER DONE A HALLOWEEN SWEET SWAP RIGHT AFTER HALLOWEEN? If not, now’s the time! If so, here are some ideas for making it fresher and more successful than ever—using social networking!

The Basics For A Halloween Sweet Swap In Your Dental Practice:

Trick-or-treaters in your area get a day or two to enjoy some of their Halloween candy. Then, they bring the rest to your office to “swap” for prizes and a raffle ticket to win a grand prize of your choice.

All of your existing patients are encouraged to invite their friends, neighbors, cousins, coworkers, mail carriers, etc.—even if they’re not current patients of your practice!

The event can be quite simple, but feel free to use your imagination! We have seen other practices do some or all of the following things:

Costume Parade – At a designated time, have the kids parade around the building to show off their costumes.

Costume Awards – Give out prizes for the scariest costume, the most unique costume, the cutest costume, etc.

Healthy Foods Table – Typically at parties there are chips, soda pop, and cookies. Instead, do some yummy healthy foods—a vegetable plate with dips, fruit bowl, etc., thus reinforcing the Sweet Swap concept.

Typical, Simple, Party Games – Kids still love simple games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, pop the balloon, etc.

It’s Really Easy To Make The Event Fun!

Regardless of what you do during the event, make it fun. You’ll be surprised how the kids will remember the event and look forward to next year. And, the more “non patients” you can get to attend the better! From a marketing perspective, this kind of event provides huge top-of-mind awareness for very, very little cost. Plus, it gets people in your door so you can smile at them, shake their hands, share your practice culture, and make a great impression.

Here’s what Dr. Chris Hammond recently said about their Sweet Swap event:

“One of the most vital components of our general practice is our children’s program. Our Sweet Swap event provides more excitement and generates more new patient children for our practice than any other marketing campaign all year. JUST DO IT! You’ll love what it does for your practice!”

Facebook is a great tool to use to create “buzz” before, during, and after your event! Here are some tips:



Here’s How Your Facebook Cover Image Will Look!

1. Create a Facebook Event for the Sweet Swap. If you don’t know how, we’ve created a short video to help you learn how to create a Facebook event on your practice’s Facebook page:

When you get ready to create your own Sweet Swap event, you’ve just downloaded an eye-catching, optimally sized Sweet Swap image you can upload to Facebook as your own event image! (these graphics are inside the .zip file you’ve downloaded)


2. Invite and update everyone who “Likes” your Facebook page about your event. Get your team to invite their friends too! Also encourage everyone to share the event on their personal pages with all their friends.

3. Share the link to your event on your practice’s wall regularly, inviting people to RSVP for updates and further details.

4. Hang these pre-event poster(s) (or make on your own) in your office. If you would like to use the poster we’ve designed for you (see image below), after you print it, take a large permanent marker and fill in your event’s information in the provided spaces—telling your patients where the event will take place and when it will be held. Note: The PDF we have provided for you can also be given to your own graphic designer, where he or she can add the information or change the design if you’d like. (these graphics are inside the .zip file you’ve downloaded).

Here’s How Your Poster(s) Will Look!



Here’s How Your Handout Flyers Will Look!

5. Hand out the flyers shown above (or make your own) to every person who comes in your office, and invite everyone to RSVP on your Facebook event. If you use the handout flyer we created for you, print one out (from the files you have downloaded), then take a marker and fill in your event’s information in the spaces provided. Then, make color copies of the flyer you wrote on. Note: The PDF can also be given to your own graphic designer, where he or she can add the information or change the design if you’d like. (these graphics are inside the .zip file you’ve downloaded).





1. Have your team use the Social Signs you have downloaded to take lots of photos and videos OR hire a professional photographer to take photos of the event.

2. Hang the banner shown below at your event! Encourage attendees to first, visit and “Like” your Facebook page. Second, tag themselves in photos and videos from the event. And third, upload their own photos and videos from the event to your wall. With a large marker or with the help of a graphic designer, include your Facebook page URL. This banner can also be printed once and used for all of your events in the future!

Here’s What Your Social Signs Will Look Like!


Here’s How Your Banner Will Look!

3. Hand out the flyers shown below DURING the event! If you use the second handout flyer (another one that you’ve downloaded, shown below), print one out, then take a marker and fill in your practice’s Facebook page URL. Then, make color copies of the flyer you wrote on. Team members can hand out these flyers while explaining to attendees that all the photos and videos will be posted to your practice’s Facebook page. Note: The PDF that you have downloaded can also be given to your own graphic designer, where he or she can add the information or change the design if you’d like. (these graphics are inside the .zip file you’ve downloaded).

Here’s How Your 2nd Set Of Handout Flyers Will Look!



Another great way to implement this idea is to hire a professional photographer to set up a photo booth with a fun Halloween background. After taking the kids photo, hand the parents the flyer shown above and explain to them that they can download the high-resolution photo on your Facebook page!



1. Make a post to your wall, thanking attendees to your event.

2. Create a “Sweet Swap” photo album on your Facebook page and upload all your photos and videos.

We’re confident that Facebook will give your Sweet Swap event (and all other events in the future) that extra “buzz” it needs to be a huge success. If you have any more suggestions or ideas that you’d like to share, please include them in the comments below. Thanks!


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