What Google Plus And Zombies Have In Common

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Half Alive, Half Dead

Google Plus And Zombies 5Google Plus and zombies are a lot alike. They’re both half dead and half alive. Google Plus is dead as a social network, but it’s alive because of its SEO importance as the place where your Google Reviews reside.

Both Must Be Fed

Google Plus and zombies both need to be fed. So what is Google Plus’s meal staple? Google Reviews!

Some practices think they don’t need to worry about Google Plus. Mistake. Whether you know it or not, your practice is on Google Plus because your old “local listing” is now a Google Plus listing for your practice. And the very best way to effectively leverage your Google Plus listing is to fed it a steady, consistent diet of content-dense Google Reviews.

Getting Google Reviews Is Easier With MSP Reviews

As you know, getting Google Reviews has always been quite difficult. You may currently have a reviews solution, but the vast majority of any reviews generated never make it to where they matter most—on Google. But using our MSP Reviews™ product makes it easy to get Google Reviews while your patient is still in your practice.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Ask patients when they’re in your practice, “Would you mind writing us a review?”
  2. Enter their cell phone number and name into our software.
  3. Patient immediately gets a text message with a link.
  4. When they click the link they’re asked, “Would you recommend us?”
  5. If they agree, the software opens Google Maps right on their phone.
  6. They leave a Google Review right then and there, and it’s immediately published right on your Google Plus page.

So next time you think that you don’t need to worry about Google Plus, remember that you’re only half right because it’s half dead and half alive. Call us at (877) 316-7516 to learn more.


  • Sorry – I have to TOTALLY disagree with you about Google+ being “half-dead.” Quite frankly, it’s utter nonsense, unless you also consider Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. also half-dead given that as many (or more) active users as those. Hell, I have over 7,000 followers of my Profile and almost 750 followers of my Practice Page. Granted, at least 1/3 of them are fake profiles, but if we remove all the fake profiles from FB, Twitter, etc. I’ll take it to Vegas and the high-roller tables that it’s at least as bad on those.
    I’m not disagreeing with you about the value of Google Reviews, but you apparently are missing an important Google update, which is that you now have to leave Reviews through Google Maps, NOT your Google+ Local Page. Stupid move by Google, I’ll grant you – REALLY stupid move by Google, but there it is.

    I just get really pissed off by the “Google+ is [Half]-Dead” articles, because all they do is prove a lack of journalistic research. If you want to know the truth, I’ll be glad to point you to many experts in SEO and social media who have done extensive research on the subject.

    • Thanks for your comment, Dr. Payet.

      As you know, the point of any blog post is to try to provide relevant and useful information for your target audience. Our target audience is dentists, orthodontists, and optometrists who are trying to best manage their marketing efforts. For the most part, the vast majority is not as familiar with the subtleties of the discussion we’re having here.

      With that in mind, I must stick by my assertion that Google+ is dead “as a social network”. I didn’t say that Google+ is dead. I said Google+ is dead as a social network—defined (again, for this specific audience) as a place where most practices should be spending their limited marketing time doing “social-networking-type activities”. Perhaps a more accurate word to have used would have been “dismantled” instead of dead. But I guess the word dismantled would not have fit as well with my little zombie comparison (haha).

      Trust me… We read all the journalistic research, so sending me links isn’t necessary. I think this is more about semantics and audience targeting than a lack of research. I agree with your opinion about Google’s move to leave reviews on maps instead of G+. Our new tool, MSP Reviews, opens Google Maps on the patient’s phone.

      Thanks again for your feedback, Dr. Payet. I appreciate the discussion. I’ve long admired your social media savvy, and especially your great, in-depth blog content on your practice website ( Didn’t mean to piss you off. Stay in touch.

      • Jack, thank you for such a detailed reply, and I realized that I got a little heated with my words, so I’ll edit my comment to be a little more polite. :-) You didn’t deserve that.

        I think we’ll just disagree about the G+ is dead “as a social network” unless you specifically add “for our client audience.” Would that work? I think my difficulty with this is that people reading won’t really understand that nuance and will just pass over it; in fact, I think it might even hurt your point about the importance of Google Reviews. Too many people reading your article won’t even stick with the article to read that part because the headline just confirms what they already know, so why do they need to read the rest? See what I mean? If anything, I think you would do a better job of promoting your Reviews program by emphasizing how “alive” G+ is. After all, a little white lie isn’t that bad if it helps your main truth (obviously this is situational, like when my wife asks if I like a new dress, right? LOL)

        I’d actually like to learn more about your app – sounds quite intriguing. Let’s set a time to talk, maybe next week? This week is crazy.

        BTW – if you saw the analytics on my G+ Local Page, you might want to reconsider how much effort you get your clients to put into it. While a lot of the recent changes by Google don’t seem (on the surface) like a good idea, it seems that the Local Analytics has improved. Could be just me, though.

        Thank you so much for the plug, and in general – the feeling is mutual. I just get a little hot under the collar when it comes to my personal favorite “social network.” :-)

        Let’s talk soon!

        • Excellent take aways. Thanks. It’s really fun to visit with a practicing dentist who has so much interest and knowledge in marketing and social. And per your suggestion, I will take a look at the activity levels on some of our other clients’ G+ pages to see what I can continue to learn.

          You’re right about the “skimming content” idea and the fact that many will likely not get the nuance. I’ll give that greater thought in future posts. It’s always so hard to find a balance between knowing how much to explain and how little to explain… And still keep it engaging enough to get some attention.

          I’m traveling a lot these days, so I may have my partner reach out to you next week if you want to visit more about our new reviews tool. Thanks again.

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