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(FREE WORKSHEETS DOWNLOAD) How To Make Your Dental Practice Go Viral

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Here are some great worksheets that you can download that will help your team become more effective in your social media marketing and possibly “go viral”!

Worksheets inspired by one of our awesome client practices—Dr. London in Concord, North Carolina.

Download FREE Worksheets!

Dr. London and her team not only run a thriving practice but they also really understand the role effective social media plays in attracting new patients and growing their practice.

One of their rock stars is Tracy Driver—often referred to in their practice as the “Insurance Chick”. Tracy is a sweetheart… But she also has a WILD side, evidenced by the Dubsmash lip sync videos she does each week with fellow team members and with patients!

I’m not suggesting that this approach will work for every practice. That’s not the point. The point is that Dr. London’s team does two things that make them super effective at getting exposure and garnering top-of-mind awareness for their practice.

  • First, they’re consistent. I often refer to commitment and consistency as the combo “secret sauce” of social media marketing success in dental practices.
  • Second, they harness the power and personalities of their team members.

So, how can your practice do that too? Here’s how…

A couple of months ago, I spoke at the University of Florida College of Dentistry where I gave attendees three worksheets to help them start harnessing the power and personalities of their team members. Download these worksheets and do this in your own practice.

Download FREE Worksheets!

Start with Worksheet #1.

In your next team meeting, list team members’ names, then brainstorm a couple of interesting things each team member could contribute to the effort. Determine which social media platform fits best. Is it a video posted to Facebook? An image and link posted to Pinterest? An article written for the blog on your website? Finally, ask yourself if this is a one-time contribution or could it become an ongoing contribution, much like the Dubsmash videos Dr. London’s practice publishes?

For example, if Susan is really into crafting, and there’s a local crafting event being held next month, Susan could post something about it—both before and after the event on your practice’s Pinterest account.

Next, perhaps you could shoot a short video on your smartphone where Terri, your hygienist, explains why oral cancer screenings are so important. Then, post the video to Facebook or YouTube.

Don’t overthink this! It doesn’t need to be difficult!

Download FREE Worksheets!

If you’re having trouble thinking of ideas, use Worksheet #2 to help with the brainstorming.

People like doing business with people they know and like. Your team has personal relationships with patients! Never forget that growing your practice isn’t about converting strangers into new patients. It’s about turning current patients into advocates for your practice who will share their enthusiasm about your practice with their extended family, coworkers, neighbors and friends. Be personal. Be genuine. Use the ideas on the sheet to get your creative juices flowing!

Discuss simple ways each team member has previously improved patients’ lives. What’s something interesting about you that nobody would typically know? Are you willing to share it? What are each of your hobbies and interests? Always keep in mind to never compel anyone to participate. Simply encourage. Most team members will actually enjoy doing this, with a little support and encouragement.

And finally, use Worksheet #3 for scheduling.

Remember the secret sauce is consistency and commitment! Use this calendar to fill in the dates for the next 6–8 weeks. Then write down each team member’s commitment and post the calendar where everyone can see it as a reminder.

And finally, if you need more inspiration, be sure to follow Dr. London’s practice on Instagram and Facebook. And, keep up on the latest and greatest ideas by liking My Social Practice’s Facebook page.

Remember… Attracting new patients to your practice through effective social media marketing is about shared relationships. Your team members are huge contributors to that success!

Of course, your team members don’t need to be exactly like Tracy Driver! Just be yourselves! Share your personalities and passions through social media, and let your patients know that you love and appreciate them.

Download FREE Worksheets!

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Download Free Worksheets!


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