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3 Quick Tips for a Better Dental Instagram Page

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Instagram continues to be one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, and new features are frequently being introduced to make it more useful to businesses. Get your dental practice’s Instagram strategy ready for action with these simple tips.

With well over a billion active users, Instagram is one of the best places to grow your dental practice’s online presence. However, for dental teams still just trying to get a foothold in Facebook, expanding to another platform might sound like too much to take on at once. It’s easier than you think! Top brands and small businesses alike are using Instagram to build relationships and awareness through interesting visual content and fan interaction.

Once you become familiar with the best ways to create and share Instagram content, it becomes a powerful tool in your dental marketing toolkit to help you maintain top-of-mind awareness and introduce your practice to even more potential patients. If you’re ready now to attract and retain ideal patients using Instagram, check out how My Social Practice makes it easy!

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3 Keys to Using Instagram Effectively in Dental Marketing

While the basic fundamentals of social media marketing and creating good content certainly do apply to Instagram, these tips focus more on what makes Instagram unique. Once you have your business profile filled out and your account linked to your practice’s Facebook page, follow these guidelines to help you use the platform to its fullest potential:

1. Post a Photo of Your Team

Our client practices consistently report that one of the best ways to kickstart social media engagement is by sharing photos of team members. When patients become familiar with your team and are engaged on a personal level in return, you strengthen the relationships that allow your practice to thrive.

2. Proactively Engage With Your Followers and Community

Interacting with patients and members of the dental community on Instagram is an excellent way to grow your following, especially for practices just starting out.

Make sure to follow back patients that follow you, and occasionally Like one of their recent photos. Respond when people comment on your posts or tag your practice. Seek out relevant dental hashtags and take part in the conversation. Follow local businesses, doctors, artists, restaurants, and news outlets.

When you follow someone on Instagram, Like one of their photos, or tag their business location, they’ll receive a notification from your account, increasing the likelihood of them following you back. So don’t be shy!

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3. Experiment With Promoting Posts

Much like Facebook, Instagram utilizes an algorithm that displays content to users based on how relevant it thinks it is. Simply put, the more fans interact with your Instagram content, the more likely they are to see more of it in the future. On the flip side, if someone doesn’t interact with your content, they may not ever see it again — even if they follow your page!

Promoting (or boosting) a post allows you to invest some money to increase a post’s reach and get it seen by more people, just like how it works on Facebook. Here are some quick guidelines:

  • Start small. Boost your best post of the week for $5 and see how much it increases reach and engagement. You can decide to increase your budget from there.
  • Include a call-to-action link. Normal Instagram posts do not allow a link in the caption, but promoted ones do. Link to your homepage, Facebook page, or a special offer. For best results, use the same link that you put in your Instagram bio.
  • Boost posts that invite interaction. For example, if you run a giveaway that asks people to Like your page to enter to win, that would be ideal to promote.

Make Instagram Part of Your Social Media Strategy

If your practice is not yet on Instagram, get started today! For the easiest way to get started, check out My Social Practice’s comprehensive social media marketing solution for dentists, which allows you to build a vibrant, attractive Instagram page for your dental practice in a snap. Don’t have time? Let us fully manage it for you! Learn more and request a free demo today!

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