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What Smart Practices Know About Dental Social Media Marketing in 2020

By September 9, 2020 October 21st, 2020 No Comments

Here’s something you probably hear a lot these days: “You need to be using dental social media marketing in your practice.” But what does that mean?

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In 2020, your dental practice’s online presence is critical to attracting and retaining patients, and will only become more important as time goes on. So if you’re not sure about the role dental social media marketing will play in your practice this year, listen up, because it’s more important than ever.

We are a dental marketing company that focuses on helping dental practices grow through digital and social media marketing. We have helped thousands of dentists find success using carefully crafted marketing campaigns and taking a unique approach with every dental practice. As consumer expectations have evolved, so has our solution to help you exceed the expectations of your current and potential patients. While the approach to social media might be a little different in orthodontic marketing or for other specialty practices, the following principles remain true no matter what your dental field.

So what is effective dental social media? It’s using social media tools to grow your practice by attracting AND retaining patients.

Every element of My Social Practice’s marketing solution is tuned towards this goal. In this article we will answer the question “How to grow a dental practice through social media?” Growing your practice is simple when you follow what we like to call the three R’s of dental marketing:

Social media for dental practices has become slightly more complex. With content algorithms and clutter making it harder than ever to get through to potential new patients online, you need strategies to cut through the noise with both organic and paid reach.

My Social Practice makes it easy to post social media content that is optimized for shareability, and then boost that content to more of your ideal potential patients. Facebook marketing for dentists requires high-quality content that connects and engaging patients and fans.

With everything that you have to think about as a dental professional, it can be nearly impossible to come up with the right kind of dental marketing ideas you’ll need to get the attention of new patients. Word of mouth marketing is happening online, which is where My Social Practice steps in.

Many of our practices use giveaways as a quick and easy way to reach more people in their community, and you’ll see some great examples of giveaways in the ebook at the end of this post. Nothing catches people’s attention like a chance to win a prize! And with a little thoughtfulness, you can turn a quick promotion into an opportunity to connect with patients and fans, expand your audience and boost your practice’s visibility.


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In 2020, consumers don’t care just about great products and services—they want personal connections to the companies they choose. Patients who have an emotional connection to your practice become loyal advocates. These patients returning regularly, keep appointments, and recommend you to family and friends. Social media is the perfect way to spark and strengthen these key relationships on an ongoing basis. My Social Practice will show you the best ways to do it by not only showcasing clinical expertise but the thoughtful, personal side of your practice.

There is a common saying in the digital marketing world, “Connection before conversion.” Although great dental health is always important, your marketing strategy should use your social media platforms to connect with potential patients on a personal level.

Content marketing for dentists is sharing photos of patients, celebrating team birthdays, and showing the little things that your practice does to set itself apart from the competition. That doesn’t mean your marketing plan cannot include dental care tips or discussing practice specials. It means that you use your dental office’s social media pages to portray that you care about people, not teeth.

With My Social Practice’s Engagement Box, you’ll never have to waste valuable time coming up with content that showcases your practice culture. Social media marketing for dental clinics is about showing the friendly, humans side of your practice to your potential patients. Remember, people do business with people they like and trust. Through dental Facebook marketing, practices are able to build connections of trust and foster lifelong relationships.

With so many years in marketing, we know what works to grow your practice.

One way that helps dental practices stay on top of things is to have a dental social media calendar. Dental practices that have a solid social media plan don’t sacrifice their social media page activity when things get busy in the practice.

When it comes to running a dental social media campaign, you’ll need the right tools and strategies for a successful campaign. It helps to have a consultant that knows the ins and outs of social media for practices to guide your campaign.

Small things like responding to Facebook comments, expressing gratitude on social media, and asking for feedback goes a long way. It strengthens relationships and making patients feel valued and listened to. Everybody likes to be heard. Traditional marketing is a one-way conversation. Social media marketing opens up two-way communication with the people that will help your practice thrive.

These days, dental patients are savvy, they do their research. They don’t believe what you say about your dental practice online—but they do believe their community. With My Social Practice, you’ll be able to easily grow a rock-solid reputation organically, backed up by reviews and social proof from your current patients.

There’s no doubt that in 2020, online reviews take a prominent role in how new patients find your dental practice:

  • 97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses
  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Nearly 7 out of 10 consumers will write a review of a local business if asked

What does this mean for your practice’s reputation-building efforts? Now more than ever, your dental practice needs recent, positive reviews — and a simple practice reviews plan to obtain them. The majority of your patients would be willing to write you a review if asked in the right way.

Get Inspired With Real Examples of Great Social Practices

For over a decade, My Social Practice has empowered thousands of dental professionals to grow their practices through social media. Social media marketing for dentist offices is more powerful now than it has ever been. Click the link below to download a free ebook! This ebook showcases how practices just like yours found success with us in 2019.

Marketing your dental practice on social media today is a different game than it was just a few years ago. The old techniques don’t work anymore. Social media for dentists is more than posting generic content. Your potential patients in 2020 are looking for authenticity, a personal connection, and a solid reputation backed by social proof. Patients want to get a good idea of who you are before they give you a call.

Let us show you how easy it is to build an attractive, vibrant online presence for your dental practice. We help dental practices attract and retain patients, and turn them into advocates. Visit to chat with one of our experts who will help you find the perfect solution for your practice.

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