Download Jack Hadley’s Presentation From The AAPP Fall Summit On Private Medicine

Download 4 Free Social Signs!

Social Signs™ help increase practice visibility and shareability. They’re great ice-breakers that introduce patients to your social media efforts, and a fun way to share online with extended family, neighbors, friends, and coworkers.

Just print these signs out of your office printer. Then, take photos with your patients while holding them! Post the fun photos to your social media accounts!

Get More Google Reviews For Your Practice!

Not only are Google reviews trusted, but getting them may be the single-most important thing you can do inside your practice to positively affect your search engine rankings.

Leveraging our deep-linking technology software gives your practice the ability to easily generate Google reviews right inside your practice. No more crossing your fingers and hoping patients will remember to review you after they return home and resume their busy lives!

Order This In-Practice Campaign In A Box!

This is a fun, easy-to-use campaign that you can run in your practice that commits your patients and their friends to post social media photos wearing pink. In exchange, your practice commits to donate a small amount per post to breast cancer research!

Materials include a pink tutu and a pink boa for your patients to wear in their photos. When your patients tag you in their posts, it will generate awareness to the cause as well as your practice!

Watch, Download, & Share Your Clip From The Event!