Watch, Download, & Share Your Video Clip From The Event!

Nice Job, Everyone!

We know it wasn’t easy for many of you to get in front of the camera… But you did it anyway! Continue to remember that effective “new” marketing includes participating in your marketing. Each time you create a new piece of marketing content, it will get easier! Congratulations!

Two Ways To Access & Use Your Video

We have provided two ways to access your video. Under each clip below, you will see a “YouTube Link” and a “Download” link.

First, each video has been uploaded to the ADCPA’s YouTube channel. That means that the original video is now hosted there and can be embedded anywhere you want by simply using YouTube’s embedding functionality.

Second, if you’d prefer, you can download the original video by clicking on the “Download” link. This will allow you to download the original HD file to your desktop. Then, you can upload it natively, for example, to Facebook. You can also give the video to your webmaster for placement on your website or to have it uploaded to your own firm’s YouTube channel.

If you have any questions or problems, send Jack and Seth a note using our contact page. We can help you.