Growing Your Facebook Likes

Simple and easy ways to grow your likes on Facebook.

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Role Play With Your Team

During your next team meeting (AND make it a regular agenda item) take a few minutes and rehearse how you’ll ask patients to Like your Facebook page. Here are some dialogue ideas to start with, but feel free to adapt them to fit your practice’s personality.

In the example below, Fred is the patient and Susan is the hygienist. After Fred’s hygiene visit, Susan is escorting him to the front desk to make his next appointment…

Susan: “It was great to see you again today, Fred! By the way, are you on Facebook?”
Fred: “Sure. Isn’t everybody?” (chuckle, chuckle)
Susan: “You may not know, but our practice has an awesome Facebook page!”
Fred: “No, I didn’t. But why on earth would somebody go to their dentist’s Facebook page?”
Susan: “Great question! We actually hear that a lot… Here are some great reasons:

  1. First, we occasionally offer special promotions and offers only available to our Facebook fans.
  2. Second, it’s a great way to ask us a quick question, and get a quick answer, anytime.
  3. Third, our wall posts are really interesting and fun—not a lot of technical, boring dentistry stuff. However, there are also great posts about oral health related topics too. Things you can really use.
  4. Fourth, it helps us stay in touch with you and your family. Whenever Dr. Jones or our team members are involved in community events, etc., we upload the information, photos, videos, etc. to our Facebook wall. Our other patients really love that part!”

Fred: “Sounds fun!”
Susan: “I have an iPad right here, Fred. Let’s take a second and have you Like the page right now.”
Fred: “Sure!”
Susan: “And by the way, Fred… After you Like our page, if you take a second and “Check In” I have a cool lip balm for you as a token of our thanks for your effort!”
Fred: “Great. Thanks!”

By role playing these kinds of scenarios with your team, you’ll greatly increase their ease in breaking the ice with patients. Most (if not all) of your patients already love your practice. Our experience has been that most are happy to Like your page when kindly asked!


Links To Your Facebook Page On Every Page Of Your Website

If your practice has a website, make sure that EVERY page on that site has a PROMINENT Facebook icon that links to your Facebook page. In fact, in a recent blog post we wrote entitled “Make Sure Your Dental Patients NEVER Find Your Website” we recommend that the minute a prospective patient finds you through your website, you should immediately make every effort to steer them toward your community—and Facebook is often a great place to send them to begin with (and earn a Like).

We’re surprised at how many times dental websites do not have prominent links to their social media tools. Big mistake. If your website doesn’t have a linked Facebook icon on every page, contact your webmasters and have them take care of it, pronto.


Publish Blog Posts About Team Members

One great way to get more Likes on your Facebook page is to feature your team members there. Patients (and prospective patients who know your team members) may also comment and share the post which can lead to even more Likes for the page.

Dr. Ulmer’s practice is a recent Practice Of The Month here at My Social Practice. They did a great job of featuring blog posts about each team member. Remember that each time we help you do a custom post about a team member on your blog, we also post an image like the one shown on your Facebook timeline:


If you’d like to create a blog post about a team member, choose a blog template.


 Use Admin Functionality To Invite Facebook Friends To Like Your Page

Most practices don’t realize that administrators to your Facebook page can invite their personal friends to Like their business page.

If you are logged in as an admin, look at the drop-down called “Build Audience”, then >Invite Friends >Search All Friends. Then, choose the people you think would be happy to support you.

Currently, there is not an option for including a message along with the invitation, so you just need to decide which friends to invite… AND, BE CAUTIOUS AND THOUGHTFUL. DON’T SPAM. Don’t just send this out to a random group of people hoping someone will do the right thing. You will end up with lots of people being mad at you.

Some of our clients have reported that they pick a time to give each team member temporary admin rights for a few minutes, while sitting at the in-office computer, to invite their friends (the ones they’re comfortable inviting). Then, they remove that team member’s admin privileges.


Ask Every Team Member To Invite Their Personal Facebook Friends To Like Your Page

This can work really well. Just be respectful of your team members and don’t guilt them into doing something they don’t feel comfortable doing.

Ask each team member to post something on their own personal Facebook wall talking about your practice’s page. You may even want to include a photo. Then, in the text, the team member can write something fun about how he or she enjoys working in the practice, and also make a sincere request to his or her friends to Like your practice’s page. You may even want to have the team member hold one of your Social Signs for the photo:



Create An Interest List About Your Local Community

Do you use Interest Lists on your personal Facebook page? If not, learn more about them! They are a terrific way to segment your own News Feed by lists based on any topic you choose. When you want to check in on a given topic, you can quickly find it listed on your Home page, left column bar, under “Interests” OR if you Favorite the list it appears at the top of the left hand column on Facebook.

Why Create A Community Interest List? How Does It Help Your Practice Likes?

ALWAYS keep in mind that effective social media marketing often begins by providing VALUE to people you’d like to influence. You’re not selling dentistry right now… You’re providing value with the objective of increasing traffic to your page, Likes, comments, and shares. The nice thing about a community interest page is that you are targeting the right people—prospective patients that live and work near you.

Here’s How To Create An Interest List

Interest lists must be created from a PERSONAL ACCOUNT. So, have someone in your practice create the list. Be sure to add your practice’s Facebook page as one of the pages in the feed.

Here’s An Example From One Of Our Clients


And, here is the LINK: