What clients and industry experts are saying about us!


“We have a huge amount of interaction on our Facebook page, and have between 30-50 new patients per month now who list Facebook as how they heard about us. Even better, new patients say that they check our page daily to see what things we are posting, and come in telling us what they want because they have learned about and seen pics about a procedure on Facebook.”

Dr. Annisa Holmes,
Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services


“We really love how My Social Practice provides a consistent design layout for our main pages which makes everything look great and professional. They are always available to answer a question which is helpful when we get stumped. Recently their daily kickstart emails have been helping quite a bit to jumpstart some great ideas! We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!”

Drs. Andrew Sheng and David Martin,
Martin & Sheng Dental


“It’s tough being creative and knowing what to say every day. But the Daily Kickstart Posts that My Social Practice provides help us out a lot and the blog templates make communicating with our patients much easier.”

Drs. Donald and Michelle Crow,
Crow Family Dentistry


“We really appreciate the blog posts My Social Practice creates for our blog, the Facebook kickstarts, and their own blog topics. And definitely the customer service—their team readily and thoroughly answers my questions and takes care of whatever our needs are. For example, setting up our promotion was so easy! They make the process of using social media less daunting, especially for me since I wasn’t even familiar with Facebook or YouTube!”

Dr. James Chow,
Gentle Family Dentistry


“One of the hardest parts is keeping it fresh, keeping it new, and keeping it rolling. It’s easy to get in a rut and just do the same things. The nice thing about working with My Social Practice is that I don’t have to be the one always coming up with the new ideas. We love having a blog that is regularly updated which then turns into a monthly e-newsletter. We also enjoy holding contests for our patients. My Social Practice provides a great medium for regular contests with cards that are easy to pass on to our patients. And how can we not rave about the daily Facebook kickstarts. That service keeps us out of a rut and really encourages fan participation.”

Drs. Rob Patterson & Angie Patterson
Patterson Orthodontics


“Everyone’s a social media “expert” these days. But the landscape is changing so rapidly, that keeping up with best practices in social spaces is daunting. That’s why My Social Practice is such an anchor. In the swift moving current of social media, it’s great to lean on the earned expertise of people who know dental social media marketing. The tools, techniques, channel management, and what works and what doesn’t become more clear when following their lead.”

Mike DiFrisco
Director of Membership & Marketing
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


“Life should afford you the pleasure or working with good people who can brighten your day and who also have the talent and skill to get the job done right.  At the Crown Council we love My Social Practice.  We not only love working with them because they are good people, we love working with them because we believe they know more about social media and how to make it work for the dental practice than any one else on the planet. They are smart. They are resourceful. They have endless imagination. They know why they do what they do. They help make everyone they work with more successful.  And…they always brighten our day when we speak to them.  If you would like to hear me say this from my mouth to your ear, you can call me.”

Greg Anderson,
Managing Director,
Crown Council


“When a dentist wants to get involved with social media and it makes sense for their practice, I recommend they turn to My Social Practice for a customized, turn-key effective solution. You won’t find “cookie cutter” posts here – It’s all about creating social media accounts that support who your practice really is and teaching you how to connect with your patients, both new and existing, in those spaces! There are a lot of website companies pretending to offer social media solutions, but social media is all that My Social Practice does – and they do it well!”

Kristie Nation,
My Dental CMO


I highly recommend using the professional services of “My Social Practice”  for your Dental Marketing needs, especially when it comes to Social Media. The clients we have referred to My Social Practice, have experienced very positive results from their leadership, creativity and coaching.

Allen M. Schiff,
Dental CPA,
Schiff & Associates


“As SEO for dentists is essential in gaining visibility in search results, social media is essential in raising awareness and establishing a relationship with potential and current patients. The guys over at My Social Practice provide the voice for doctors to inform, educate, and engage patients in a new way every day of the week. While SEO can take a while to gain footing, the impact of social media is immediate and effective.”

Ryan Camomile,
CEO of Marketing and Design,