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10 Eye Care-Related Post Ideas For Facebook

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The Thinking Behind Our Daily Post Ideas

With approximately 8 out of 10 people who walk through your practice door logging into Facebook daily, there are plenty of reasons to be active there.

The #1 objective for an eye care practice’s Facebook page is to increase patient engagement. Period. End of discussion. Why? Facebook has an algorithm called “EdgeRank”. Facebook considers every piece of content an “object”, and every interaction with that object has an “edge”. Facebook’s goal is to deliver relevant content to each unique viewer based on what EdgeRank believes is most important to that viewer. How does EdgeRank know? It guesses, based on interaction and engagement.

There are four things you can do to help raise your posts’ EdgeRank and increase the likelihood that your Facebook content will appear in your fans’ feeds:

  1. Post w/ Interaction Intention – Occasionally quotes, etc. are OK, but most posts should encourage interaction.
  2. Post Photos & Videos – People love them. Encourage fans to add their own comments, Like, and share.
  3. Share Useful Links – Suggesting valuable outside content can help get people involved.
  4. Ask Fans To Share And Like Your Posts – It’s OK, occasionally. Don’t be pushy. But don’t be shy either.

The more your patients and prospective patients engage with your posts, the more often they’ll start seeing more of your content. Moving patients toward greater retention, increased referrals, and higher AVP dollars spent in the practice first requires that younurture the platform where these messages are communicated. And moving prospective patients toward becoming new patients requires exactly the same strategy.