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Are You Becoming A Social Practice?

By May 9, 2011September 23rd, 2021No Comments

YES… BEAUTIFUL, INTEGRATED SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS ARE IMPORTANT, BUT they are only a small part of the means to an end when it comes to dental marketing.

What you do with dental social media today in your practice is part of something much bigger. Each post to your Facebook wall, Instagram account or your dental website blog, represents another brick in a foundation that supports a social business—a social practice.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking somebody else can do it all for you either. Yes, others can help. Yes, others can guide, coach, prime the pump, demonstrate by example, encourage, pave the way, and support you. But in the end, the greatest traction comes when your practice shifts its mindset—when you decide that you ARE a social business and you begin transitioning into one.

It doesn’t happen overnight. The dental marketing ideas and campaigns we roll out help create a bigger base and generate interest. But, once the door is ajar, it’s up to you to engage with your patients and prospects.

In words from a brilliant marketing mind and awesome cartoonist, Tom Fishburne, “Instead of planning a social media campaign, make a social media commitment.”

You can do this.

One Great Place To Start with Dental Social Media

Today you can begin by making a simple commitment to snap one photo of you and/or your dental team and posting that to Facebook and Instagram. These are the two most important social media marketing tools (0r platforms) that you can use. Sounds too easy, right? That’s really the beginning of social media marketing for dentists. If you have social media integration plugins on your dental website then those photos will feed through from your social media accounts to your website. This is a great way to update your dental website so that it has fresh and current content.

About the Author: Jack Hadley is one of the founding members of My Social Practice located in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is passionate about helping dental practices grow their patient base exponentially by using digital dental marketing strategies. If you’d like to book Jack or one of the other members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that on our dental marketing consultant page.