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Take social media totally off your plate with Pro-Managed. You focus on your patients. We’ll handle your marketing. Not sure if you need Pro-managed? Take the social media self-assessment.

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I LOVE the engagement ideas and content that is given to us every month. It makes planning posts seamless and easy to schedule ahead of time.

Nicole PavlicaDeLorenzo Dentistry LLC

They always go the extra mile to support us with all our needs. I would recommend MSP for any office that wants to improve their online presence.

Autumn McDonaldPinnacle Endodontics

Our patients love interacting with our social media and think our office is just so much fun. It's exactly what we want, because our patients love to refer us to friends.

Melissa SafferAnthony G. Corbo, DDS

My Social Practice has completely transformed my dental practice. We attribute 30 to 35 new patients each month directly from the ideas and tools they provide. We don’t advertise any other way.

Dr. Fred WorrellWEDental

Working with My Social Practice makes posting so much easier. It saves me so much time! I can take a picture and post it within minutes. The boxes I get are so fun too! I'm really impressed with the quality of everything.

Jillian BakerOffice Manager Aspen Dental

The amount of time I have saved is tremendous! I would often spend hours at home looking for new content to post. I now save 3 to 5 hours a week with My Social Practice!

Vanessa LindemanLauren Cai Orthodontics

Pro-Managed Solution

Take social media totally off your plate with our Pro-Managed solution. You focus on your patients. We’ll handle your social media marketing.

What is included in Pro-Managed Social Media?

Our Pro-Managed social media marketing service makes growing your practice’s online presence faster and easier than ever. Let a social media expert fully manage your practice’s entire social media presence. Hire your very own marketing manager without breaking the bank.

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Here's what you'll get:

Dental social media marketing for dentists and Orthodontics
Social Media Marketing

Dedicated Social Media Manager

Our managers are experts at dental marketing management and strategy. Your social pages will always look top-notch, and get the attention of new patients. Consider your social media manager another member of your dental team.

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Facebook & Instagram

Facebook & Instagram Social Media Management

Facebook and Instagram marketing are essential to making a name for your practice in your local community. Your social media manager will share awesome posts to help you stay engaged with your audience.

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Photo Engagement Box

Social Media Idea Boxes

Every two months you’ll receive a Social Media Ideas box.

Your job is simple, use the props and ideas in the box to take photos and videos and send them over to your social media manager.

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Social Media Consent App

HIPAA-Compliant Authorization App

Obtaining HIPAA-compliant authorization for patient photos is effortless with our IOS/Android app! The app allows your dental practice to show off your happy patients online while adhering to strict HIPAA policies.

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orthodontic and dental social media marketing
Social Media Consent App

Photo Booth App

Everyone loves a photo booth! Download our photo booth app on an iPad and set it up in your lobby. Patients can send photos to themselves AND give you permission to share them, too. Share photos of patients online while still safeguarding their privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of ideas do dentists post on social media?

One of the most powerful tools in marketing a dental practice is social media marketing for dentists. This tactic can reach people who are not even looking for dentistry at all, and increasing their awareness of your dental services will be beneficial because they may end up needing it someday! There’s no better way than using photos and videos which get much higher sharability rates on these platforms compared to simple text posts. For example, if you post about an employee or team member then those images often receive likes from many other users within that community as well as increased impressions – meaning more views (and potential new customers). Social media marketing for dentists can be very simple with the help from a social media manager from My Social Practice.

How does a dental practice use social media to find new patients?

Social media marketing for dentists is a powerful way to attract new patients. It works best when treated like a referral-type marketing system, with your social media and website content attracting followers who then share it with their online friends and family.

Does a dental practice need to use social media?

Social Media marketing for dentists is practically mandatory for growing a dental practice. Social media has the ability to share content easily among friends and family. According to many studies, practices using social media see more community engagement and an increase in their reputation.

LEARN MORE about dental marketing tips here.

What should a dentist post on their Facebook page?

A dental office should post content to their Facebook page that is focused on the culture of the practice. A good rule of thumb is to post about 80% of the content about the culture of your dental team and the remaining 20% about the clinical aspects of dentistry. Keep in mind that social media marketing for dentists is a branding strategy rather than an advertising strategy!

How does a dentist use Instagram?

Instagram dental marketing is about building a following of people on your practice’s Instagram account. The best way to do this is to focus on creating content that is fun and relevant to your community. Dental social media signs are a great way to create photos that people will share!

How do you market a dental practice on Facebook?

Most practices focus on two different social media marekting for dentists post strategies. The first strategy is to  build a following on your practice’s Facebook page. The best way to do this is by creating great dental posts that your community would be interested in engaging with. The second way is to use dental marketing Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are a great way to market your practice on Facebook by mentioning services and specials that you offer at your practice.

How can a dentist promote their practice on social media?

The first step to social media marketing for dentists is to create a content schedule. Consistency with posting social media ideas is one of the most difficult parts of social media marketing for dentists. There is a little bit of a mind shift when thinking about how to start using social media to find new patients, because social media is different from traditional types of dental marketing. Don’t think about social media as a quick fix to find new patients, rather look at it as a constant reminder to your community of how great your practice is.

How much should a dentist pay for social media marketing?

Typical budgets for social media marketing for dentists are around $300-$900 dollars per month. This budget is spent on paying an in-office employee or a dental marketing agency to manage social media accounts as well as a small budget for paid advertisements. The highest cost with social media marketing for dentists is the labor cost invested in creating new content. Practices that generate ten of more new patients a month will spend on average 3-5 hours per week finding a sharable idea, executing the social media idea, posting the idea and finally responding to comments and generating leads. The social media for dentists and orthodontists solution from My Social Practice reduces the time commitment required to maintain a successful campaign.

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