“My Social Practice’s lectures are as current, informative, and ‘action-driven’ as they are fun and entertaining.”

– Gregory B. Anderson, Crown Council Executive Director

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4 Things To Expect In A Presentation From One Of Our Dental Marketing Experts:

No boring PowerPoint slides here.

Our team of award-winning copywriters and designers create highly polished, entertaining presentations with beautiful visuals, engaging stories, relevant case studies, current examples, videos, and other embedded media.

We don’t pitch.

First, it’s just not part of our nature. We’re educators at heart, with unending passion for this topic. We guarantee that no attendee will ever leave one of our lectures feeling like they’ve just sat through a pitch or sales presentation.

Content that’s actionable.

Each of our presentations is designed to not only educate, but to also leave audiences empowered to take action! Typically, the last few minutes of every presentation include, “Here’s what you can do TODAY!”

Always fresh and up to date.

We’re specialists, and the recognized leaders in this space. Dental social media marketing is all we do, and it shows in the quality and effectiveness of both our product and lectures.

“When My Social Practice lectures there are lots of nods and ‘aha! moments’ as he demonstrates effective dental social media marketing strategies.”



“My Social Practice illustrates complex strategies in super simple ways through lots of real-world social media examples and case studies from their clients.”



Adrian Lefler, Speaker

Adrian is Vice President at My Social Practice and has been involved in digital marketing for many years in the dental industry. He has helped thousands of practices grow and thrive through digital marketing. Adrian and his wife Emilie have four children and live in Suncrest, Utah.

Blake Hadley, Speaker

Blake Hadley is President at My Social Practice. He’s a graduate of the advertising program at Brigham Young University and has won a number of national and international awards in art direction, advertising, and creative marketing strategy. He is passionate about about helping dental practices (and businesses) use out-of-the-box thinking to create stories that spread on social media.

Seth Dahle, Speaker

Seth is CEO at My Social Practice. He has been in digital marketing in the dental industry for 13 years and has helped thousands of practices grow and thrive. When Seth is not at work, he loves to ride his mountain bike in the Utah mountains. Seth and his wife Leeah have four children and live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Presentation Topics

Grow Your Dental Practice Using The 3 R’s Of Social Media Marketing

The three “R’s” of effective dental social media marketing are Reach, Relationships, and Reputation. Every effort you make on social media marketing should help you either “Reach” more people, strengthen “Relationships” with patients, or build your “Reputation” in your local community. This presentation will help you accomplish all three of these objectives, resulting in more new patients!

10 Tips For Growing Your Practice’s Instagram Following

Instagram is the world’s fastest growing social network with over 1 billion monthly active users! A recent study also shows that 72% of people surveyed said they have purchased a product or service that they saw on the app! Learn how to use this powerful marketing tool effectively to grow your dental practice.

How Do People Choose You? The Secrets of Google Reviews

If you want to stand out from competing dental practices in your area, you’ll need to understand the significance of Google reviews. Having a steady stream of 5-star Google reviews translates to increased phone calls and more potential patients. Today, more than ever, consumers are making decisions based upon the reviews of trusted sources. Google happens to be one of the most trusted reviews sources online!

How Do People Find You On Google Maps? The Secrets of Local Dental SEO

If you’re serious about being found by potential new patients, you’ll want to understand how to optimize your Google Business Profile (GBP) account. Why? Because your GBP details appear on Google Maps, which is the main way potential patients find and investigate your practice. Understanding how to optimize your GBP account should be the primary activity of your digital marketing efforts.

How Progressive Dentists Are Leveraging The Reach of Instagram Influencers to Attract Patients

Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective forms of marketing among companies worldwide. It’s like word-of-mouth marketing on steroids! But only a handful of dentists are on the leading-edge of figuring out how it can benefit their practice! It’s time to learn how to get these local micro-celebrities to start talking about your dental practice to their large Instagram followings!

Bouncing Back From The Pandemic Using Social Media & The 6 Principles of Persuasion

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the attitudes and behaviors of patients. New habits revolving around digital experiences have become the new normal. NOW is the time for an effective social media strategy that will persuade patients to schedule appointments.

Why TikTok And Instagram Reels Have Created The Future of Effective Dental Video Marketing

While professionally shot and edited video might still have an important place in your dental practice’s digital marketing strategy, you might be surprised by what you can achieve yourself with the technology that you already have in your pocket!Short-form video content (15 sec -1 min long videos) is quickly becoming the most viewed and engaging content on social media! Apps like TikTok and Instagram are making it easier than ever to record, edit, and publish fun, engaging, and effective content with nothing more than your mobile device!

Past Lecture Invitations Include:

Invite Us to Speak at Your Event:

What does it cost to hire one of My Social Practices dental marketing experts?

If the event can cover our flight and hotel room our dental marketing experts are happy to come out and speak. Flight and hotel costs usually run around $1,000-$1,500. We will waive our honorarium if we’re allowed to mention our company and the services we offer at the speaking event.

How many speakers does My Social Practice have?

Currently we have three dental marketing experts that can come out and speak at your event. Blake Hadley, Adrian Lefler, and Seth Dahle. All three have been involved with dental marketing for more than 12 years.

How long do your speakers present for?

We have live presentations that are as short as 1 hour all the way up to full day presentations. Most of our presentations are around 2-3 hours. We’ve found that our half day speaking events we have enough time to educate the audience on the subject, give them tasks to take back to their office, and also answer questions.

Do your dental marketing experts also host webinars?

Yes we do. Matter of fact post-Covid we’ve found that this is an extremely inexpensive way to educate about dental marketing strategies. Another benefit is that we would not charge an honorarium. We’re happy to host webinar’s at no cost to you.

How far out are your dental marketing experts booked?

We’re usually booked out at least one month. We prefer three months to prepare for the event.

How can one of My Social Practice's dental marketing experts help my event?

We pride ourselves in providing quality education for dental practices about digital marketing. We are educators first and marketers second and do not get involved in hard selling our services. We have the ability to break down complicated subjects with highly engaging content and examples.

You’ll get the very best in digital dental marketing education when you partner with My Social Practices.

What does a dental marketing expert do?

Our three dental marketing experts are all founding members of My Social Practice. You choose the dental marketing topic that you’d like them to present on. Our dental marketing topics are updated regularly in order to stay on top of industry and marketing changes. You can always expect a lively, interesting, and highly informative presentation from one of our marketing experts.


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