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The era of simply launching a website and passively acquiring new patients has passed. Today’s effective dental marketing strategy necessitates an integrated approach comprising multiple marketing services, including dental social media marketing, dental websites, dental SEO, and impeccable reputation management. Such a comprehensive digital dental marketing plan is notably more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods.

Adeptly executing dental marketing initiatives paves the way for successful patient attraction, but visibility alone doesn’t suffice. In today’s digital landscape, being found is only part of the journey; your practice also needs to be chosen. After all, what value does online visibility hold if it doesn’t translate into new patients?

Aligning with a trusted dental marketing company can guide your practice towards becoming the preferred practice. Such a partnership empowers you to stand out amid the competition through a well-crafted marketing strategy designed to illuminate your online presence. Emphasizing your unique attributes, we’ll help you transition from simply being found to being chosen by prospective patients.

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Dental Social Media Marketing

How does your dental practice shine online? In the era where local patients seek dental services at their fingertips, the impact of social media marketing extends beyond new patient referrals. It’s instrumental in branding your practice, retaining patients, and helping them to choose your practice over the competition.

This complimentary social media self-assessment acts as a guide to enhance your digital marketing strategy. By zeroing in on your existing social media approach, it provides targeted suggestions tailored to elevate your online presence. This personalized roadmap empowers you to improve your practice’s visibility and appeal, facilitating a superior digital experience for your current and potential patients.


Dental SEO

Navigating the digital landscape requires precision, especially when it comes to optimizing your dental practice’s visibility. SEO for dentists isn’t merely about having an online presence; it’s about strategically positioning yourself to be found by potential patients when they search for a local dentist.

While there are numerous avenues to enhance visibility, such as Google Ads and Organic Search Results, current research reveals a clear winner – Google Maps. It has emerged as the primary route for local patients seeking a medical provider, accounting for an estimated 60%-75% of all new patient searches.

Imagine working with a dental marketing company that excels in local dentist SEO, translating this potential into actual visibility. It’s no surprise that our clients are exhilarated by this dental marketing service. They see the immense value in investing time and resources into digital dental marketing that efficiently optimizes their Google My Business listing.

The outcome? A boost in their ranking within the Google Maps section of search results, amplifying your reach to local patients and securing their position as a leading local dental provider. It’s more than just being found; it’s about securing your spot at the top and being chosen.


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Dental Website Design

Your dental practice website is more than just a digital brochure; it’s an authentic reflection of your office culture, poised to create the perfect first impression.

Embracing a modern, mobile-optimized website is not merely an expectation; it’s a necessity for attracting prospective patients. We, at My Social Practice, are here to guide you on this journey. Your dental website should be a comprehensive hub, encompassing mobile optimization, patient education, secure online forms, immediate web chat communication, and robust security (HTTPS).

When considering aesthetics, your dental website ought to encapsulate the ambiance of your practice. How would you like your patients to feel when they step into your office? It calls for a sophisticated, up-to-date dental website design, pleasing color palettes, and the pivotal role of custom photography that adds a touch of personalization.

Moreover, your dental practice website needs to meet Google’s technical SEO prerequisites to optimize the chances of ranking high in search results. Addressing common pitfalls like security updates (HTTPS), mobile-first indexing, speed requirements, and general website health score is integral to your digital presence.

Imagine the sense of security and satisfaction that comes with partnering with an efficient, trustworthy dental marketing company. Such a partnership alleviates the stress of navigating the digital sphere alone and ensures that your practice’s online presence is professionally managed, giving you more time to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional dental care.


Dental Reputation Management

Dental marketing presents multifaceted strategies, one of which is the constant enhancement of your practice’s reputation, a factor often undervalued by many. As dental professionals, the desire to be found online is common. Yet, the crucial question remains: Once you are found, are you chosen?

Securing a spot at the top of search engine results is an accomplishment in itself, yet it’s only half the battle. The subsequent challenge lies in persuading prospective patients to choose you over your competition.

This is where the strategy of Dental Reputation Management comes into play. Your practice’s Google Business Profile, displayed prominently in the Google Maps section of search results, hosts your Google reviews, making them readily visible to potential patients.

Consider this: Research indicates that over 80% of individuals searching for a local business on Google rely heavily on review profiles during their decision-making process. The importance of an integrated dental marketing strategy becomes apparent here, aiding not only in being discovered but also chosen.

Dental marketing company surveys suggest that patients like to see a minimum of 40 reviews on your Google listing, with an average star rating of 4.5. Falling short of this expectation may hinder the chances of convincing a potential patient to call your office. If you’ve already reached this milestone, congratulations! Your next step is straightforward: Strive to get more Google reviews than your competitors. Remember, these reviews stand as potent social proof, reinforcing the credibility and reputation of your dental practice.


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Dental Marketing Strategies: Overview

In today’s digital era, it’s essential for a dental practice to adopt an integrated approach to digital marketing. By aggregating dental services, dental marketing companies can harmonize marketing efforts across various campaigns, creating a synergy that not only bolsters their efficacy but also reduces the associated marketing costs for your practice.

Let us delve into the strategies employed by cutting-edge dental practices for patient acquisition, which include social media for dental practices, search engine optimization for dentists, dental website design and dental website hosting, reputation management, dental blogging, and custom graphic design. This integration allows for a unified, effective marketing strategy that helps dental practices be found online and chosen by the most important patients, those in the neighborhoods around your practice.

Embracing an integrated approach to dental marketing ultimately creates a more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective method for attracting and retaining patients in a competitive digital landscape. This approach is the future of dental marketing – a future where your practice is not only seen but chosen by prospective patients.

Digital Dental Social Media Marketing

In the dynamic world of dental practice growth, dental social media marketing emerges as a cost-effective powerhouse. It serves as an influential tool for reputation management, sends crucial social signals to search engines, fortifies patient relationships, bolsters patient retention year after year, and significantly escalates online new patient referrals.

The success of dental social media marketing within dental practices is intrinsically linked to the willingness of the dentist and the team to participate in content creation for publication.

When a practice exhibits eagerness in partaking in Facebook post ideas and dental contest ideas, the process becomes strikingly straightforward. Furthermore, this social content should also grace the practice’s website to maintain its freshness and up-to-date status. By leveraging new social content across multiple platforms, including the dental website, social media marketing ascends to the heart of dental marketing.

In essence, an integrated approach to dental social media marketing positions your practice in the digital limelight, attracting and retaining patients in a sophisticated, modern manner.

Web Marketing for Dentists

Your dental practice website serves as the nucleus of your online digital footprint. It should exude aesthetic excellence, while conveying a sense of empathy, trust, and utmost professionalism. By the time a prospective patient reaches your website, they’ve likely perused your Google reviews, glanced at your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and watched your dental TikTok videos. Therefore, it’s vital that your social media accounts align with the aesthetically pleasing design of your dental website.

Marketing for dental websites involves a comprehensive process of optimizing your website to increase conversions. This process commences with ensuring that your website is discoverable in search engine indexes. A myriad of evidence-backed web marketing practices exist that can provide strategic guidance in optimizing your website.

In essence, your website should reflect your practice’s commitment to excellence, trustworthiness, and patient care. It should create a cohesive and compelling digital narrative, translating online traffic into genuine patient engagements. An adept dental marketing company can play a vital role in translating this vision into reality, bolstering your digital presence and enhancing patient conversions.

Dental Content Marketing

Content marketing for dentists is an astute strategy that crafts and disseminates online material. Though it doesn’t explicitly promote your dental practice, it sparks intrigue and underscores your authority in the field. The aim is to deliver engaging and compelling content that captivates attention, enhancing your standing as a leader in dental healthcare.

Content creation spans various mediums: photos, videos, emails, blogs, infographics, newsletters, press releases, and other forms of media. This content is then disseminated efficiently and strategically.

Dental practices may grapple with this task but captivating content lies in shifting from straightforward dental information to a narrative that is people-centered, which illuminates you, your team, and your patients. You’ll find that as your content pivots to focus on the human stories within your practice, your community’s interest piques.

Stepping into the content creation realm for your dental practice might feel unfamiliar. But with a reservoir of complimentary social media post ideas and consistent effort, you’ll soon enhance your marketing skill set, resulting in an effective dental marketing campaigns.

The key lies in understanding your patients. Content that is timely, informative, and clear will bolster your practice’s visibility, drawing potential patients’ attention and setting you ahead of the competition. Ultimately, effective content marketing becomes an invaluable asset for your dental practice.

Dental SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Dental SEO involves crafting content that is valuable in Google’s estimation, aiding your practice in achieving higher search engine rankings. This involves hundreds of tasks to enhance your standing in search engine results.

Over the past dozen years, I’ve interacted with dentists who want SEO to be a swift and uncomplicated process, but the reality is it requires time and patience. Earning a higher rank in Google search for a dental practice is a progressive endeavor. However, once initiated and with a few months’ efforts, it proves to be one of the most cost-effective methods for attracting new patients online.

When embarking on dental marketing SEO, it’s crucial to determine where you wish to appear in search engine rankings. There are primarily three ways your dental practice can appear in Google’s search results.

As a dental marketing company that is vitally concerned about new patient volume of our valued clients, we focus our efforts on optimizing dental practices for Google maps.

Improving Dental Practice Reputation

You have a great-looking modern-designed website. You’re social media accounts look fantastic, and you’re posting every day. Your SEO campaign has you listed at the top of the search engines. But you’re still not getting more new patient phone calls. What gives?

Recent studies have shown that more than 75% of all potential patients investigating a dental practice will check out their Google reviews. 

Industry studies have also shown that if a dental practice doesn’t have a minimum of 40 reviews with an average star rating of 4.5, consumers do not trust the review rating. 

In our research, we’ve found that this is a bare minimum. Over the past few years, Google reviews software has inundated the industry. Review software help practices acquire online reviews. Usually, this is a text message sent to the patient asking for a review. Because of this technology, many of the top-ranking dentists have hundreds if not thousands of Google reviews. 

Dentists should understand the patient buying cycle because the conversion rate of dental practice marketing hinges on the quality of the practices’ Google reviews. Simply put, a dentist needs more reviews than their competitors with a higher star rating. 

The trick to getting more Google reviews is simple; you have to ask for the review.

Google Ads and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

If you want to show up above the map in the Google Ads section, you need to set up a Google Ads account. Google Ads is a paid online advertising platform offered by Google. You’ve probably heard the phrase Google Adwords? Initially, this was the name but was rebranded in 2018 to Google Ads.

The way it works is essentially the same. When users search a keyword, they get their query results on a search engine results page (SERP). Those results can include a paid advertisement that targets that keyword.

You can see that all the advertisements are on the top of the SERP. They look nearly identical to organic search results except for the bolded “Ad” at the top of the post.

Google Ads can be very beneficial for dental practices because the results at the top of the page of the SERP are more visible. However, purchasing advertising on Google doesn’t necessarily ensure the top spot. After all, you’ll likely have a lot of other dental practices and dental marketing companies competing for the same keyword.

Google Ads operates under a pay-per-click (PPC) model. That means that you target a specific keyword on Google. Your bid is competing with others also targeting the same keyword. When you bid, you make the “maximum bid” you’re willing to bid.

For example, if your maximum bid is $5 and Google determines that your cost per click is $3, you get that ad placement! If they decide that it’s more than $5, you do not get the ad placement.

Google offers a variety of different campaign types that you can use. The most often campaigns for a dental practice are:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Video / Youtube

Google Ads will quickly increase new patient phone calls, but you end up paying for it. The dental industry has heavy competition in Google Ads for patients clicks. Minimum budgets in respectable areas are typically above $1,500 per month and upwards of $3,000 a month for aggressive campaigns. 

Because of the competition, a Google Ad campaign should have constant oversight to ensure that you’re not paying too much for certain keywords. Oversight will improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) and conversion rates.

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Dental Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

We are always creating super cool dental marketing ideas to help your practice stay on top of your online advertising. Please take advantage of the dental marketing resources below.

How To Make Your Dental Practice Shine Online

We help dentists shine online so that patients choose your dental practice rather than your competition. The strategy of convincing a patients to call your office is called building social proof. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where patients allow the opinions and actions of others to influence their own decisions. The term was coined in Robert Cialdini’s book titled Influence.

We help create and improve social proof for dental practice’s through creative, engaging ideas and content strategies. Many of our ideas we offer for free in out Free Social Media Ideas page.

Over the past few years social media platforms have favored rich video content. Here is a great introduction on how to create effective dental marketing videos that can be shared to your dental facebook and Instagram page.

Dental Marketing: Where To Start When You Don’t Know Where To Start

The best dental marketing plan is not just about the tools, it’s about what is being posted and shared to those tools. And this is not just about social media, like Facebook and Instagram. You should be posting new content to your dental website, your Google My Business account and working on acquiring more Google reviews. So here is an easy dental marketing idea that will help you get started.

Dental Marketing Ideas That Help Grow Your Practice

We’ve found that most dental marketing managers get stuck on which strategies and what to do next. The best way to get started on your digital dental marketing is to look at what other practices are doing. This ebook highlights several successful dental practices.

Marketing Your Dental Practice on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most recent social media platforms, and a rising star. What’s great about the platform is the creative and super easy interface. They are constantly coming out with fun video ideas. Our dental marketing team recently created an eBook to help you get started on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Social Media Engagement Strategies

When creating dental marketing content for social you want to focus on ideas that are not only interesting but that can get a reaction from your community on Facebook and Instagram. This is what we call engaging social media post ideas.

Dental Video Marketing: A Great Way To Advertise

Video content is shared much more than any other type of content on the internet. Facebook, Instagram as well as Google favor video content because it’s more entertaining and has the potential to deliver high quality information in a quick way.

One of the ways to enhance your digital marketing efforts is to start creating great dental video content and sharing that to your social media accounts and your website. Most website companies have the ability to feed social media content directly to your website. So, if you’re posting good content to your facebook page or Instagram account it can automatically show up on your website.

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Dental Marketing Trends

Dental marketing trends are a great way to ride the wave of social media sharing and stay on top of your competition. Here are a few suggestions on trends that you can take advantage of to improve your online presence.

Facebook Marketing for Dentists

Facebook marketing is an essential component of your digital marketing strategy. Not only is it a great way to build a loyal following of patients, it also ranks high in Google search results and also provides a strong back link for your dental practice link strategy. When you post to Facebook you want to make sure that your caption is interesting and encourages comments. Facebook also provides an advertising option. A simple way to get started with Facebook ads is to start with boosting.

If you’re stuck at all with what to post and boost, take a look at this super simple step by step guide created by our awesome digital marketing team.

Dental Facebook Posts You Should Make This Week

Instagram Dental Marketing

Potential patients under the age of 40 are likely on Instagram. If you’re not on Instagram you need to make it part of your dental marketing plan. Instagram is owned by Facebook and is one of the fastest growing social media platforms online. It’s also one of the best places to build a reputation of trustworthiness. Expert dental marketers recommend using instagram to build your reputation. If you’re not familiar with Instagram and don’t want to make any mistakes, check in with your hygienists and team members. It’s likely that they are very familiar with Instagram

You can also team up with Instagram influencers in your own community to promote your practice. Here are a few articles about Instagram influencers that you may find interesting. You never know, you might have a couple patients who are influencers.

How Dental Influencer Marketing Got This Practice 5 New Patients
How To Use Dental Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Practice

Dental Marketing Ideas Using Monthly Campaigns

One great way to create a consistent dental practice marketing campaign is to piggy-back on the monthly campaigns related to events in the dental industry. During the month of April the dental industry celebrates Oral Cancer awareness month. This is talked about and supported by hundreds of dental practices and industry leaders throughout the country.

A simple way to incorporate this into your marketing campaign would be to run an Oral Cancer Awareness Campaign in the month of April. In February you could run a dental marketing campaign for Children’s Dental Health. If you’re a general dentist or a pediatric dental practice you should seriously think about running that campaign. Another great practice marketing idea would be to leverage holidays like valentines day.

Digital Dental Practice Marketing with Humanitarian Causes

It’s difficult for doctors and team members to promote themselves. Sometimes it comes off as bragging. No one feels comfortable getting up on a soap box and talking about how amazing they are. Well… there is that one guy, but for most practices the culture of the dental practice is one of humility and giving back. This does not mean that you can’t use opportunities where you give back to the community to promote your office in a non-braggy way.

Empathy in dental marketing goes a long way. If you and your team are involved in helping your community you should mention it in a non-braggy way.

Our dental marketing team created a great ebook that will give you some ideas on how to build your practice using a culture of giving.

Why Giving Practice Grow Marketing Article
Easy Giving Opportunities That Work Great With Social Media

Email Marketing Strategies for Dentists

Email has been around longer than most of us have been on this planet and its effectiveness continues to help grow dental practices. The toughest part of email marketing is the content creation. Very few dental practices have the time to write an email. Here’s a quick trick. Use your website blog as the genesis for your email marketing. This is another reason to have an integrated dental marketing solution. There is no reason to write a blog article and then also write a newsletter.

Find out why the top dental practices trust us to help them grow.

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Choosing A Dental Marketing Agency

Choosing among the multitude of dental marketing companies available can be daunting. However, a few considerations can guide you through this process.

Begin by seeking a dental marketing company capable of managing all aspects of your digital marketing comprehensively. It is beneficial to have a single entity handling your dental website, social media marketing, SEO, and Google Ads. There are numerous reasons for this, but a key benefit is the potential reduction in marketing fees achieved through bundling.

The consolidation of services under one agency also enhances productivity. It can prove challenging when one agency oversees your dental website, while another handles your social media. Having one company manage all elements ensures seamless sharing of social media content across platforms. Splitting responsibilities between two companies often results in a complex chain of command and additional work.

Next, prioritize agencies with established longevity in the field. Numerous dental industry agencies have been in operation for at least a decade. Such companies should possess a solid track record and an array of testimonials. Conduct the same thorough research that your patients do when choosing your services. Review the agency’s online reviews and seek out testimonials. Dental online marketing is a highly competitive sector, necessitating both efficiency and an impeccable reputation.

Lastly, consult with your professional colleagues about their chosen marketing firms. The dental industry is closely-knit, and word-of-mouth recommendations circulate quickly. A positive endorsement from a peer is often one of the most reliable ways to evaluate a dental marketing firm. The sense of security a dentist experiences when collaborating with a trustworthy, proficient marketing company is unparalleled.

Dental Websites and How To Find New Patients

Your dental website is one of the most important digital marketing assets that you have. But the purpose of dental websites have changed throughout the years. In the good-ol-days, like 15 years ago, websites were simply online brochures. Static images, lots of stock photography, copywriting that sounded like advertising. That type of a website won’t cut it in today’s world of consumers who can recognize a lack of genuineness.

Your dental website needs to have a few components that help it to stand out online. Read more about some of the ways to build your website in the dental website marketing articles below.

What Should A Dental Website Include? What the Experts Know
What Makes a Great Dental Website?
Dental Website Hosting – Am I Spending Too Much?

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