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Ranking on Google Maps for Dentists: A Guide to Local SEO

By February 2, 2024No Comments

Why Is Google Maps Optimization Important?

Dentists seeking an advantage in an increasingly competitive digital landscape know that having a robust online presence has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Visibility on Google Maps can influence patient acquisition and retention, making it a key factor in effective local SEO for dentists. A nice and conspicuous presence ensures that your practice is the first point of contact for patients in your area. Simply put: more eyes on your practice means more patients in the dental chair.

If you’re a savvy dentist (which we’ll assume you are—why else would you be here??) then we invite you to join industry experts Adrian Lefler of My Social Practice and Len Tau, CEO of Raving Patients for a webinar discussing the pivotal role of Google Maps optimization for dentists. Our comprehensive guide not only aims to help you boost your practice’s visibility but also to attract new patients by teaching you how to ensure your practice stands out. Grab your cell phone and follow along with this webinar to learn how to create a fully-optimized Google Business Profile that will have the algorithm swooning.

Ranking on Google Maps for Dentists: All of the Good Stuff

This webinar was designed to assist dentists in navigating the intricacies of optimizing a Google Business Profile, all with the goal of helping you rank higher on Google Maps. Adrian Lefler and Len Tau provided an in-depth exploration of the tools and techniques essential for dentists to enhance their Google Maps listings. Follow along with your phone to get real-time, actionable tweaks and strategies you can employ during this interactive session and up your dental marketing game.

Some of the highlights included tips on claiming and accurately managing your Google Business Profile, selecting effective categories to improve search relevance, and the oh-so-important integration of social media links to create a cohesive online identity. If you’re interested in ranking on Google Maps, we’ve got you covered.

Google Maps SEO Ranking Report

What You’ll Learn

Participants of the webinar were equipped with valuable knowledge and practical skills, including:

  • Claiming and Accessing Your Google Business Profile: A step-by-step guide to gaining control of your listing, empowering you to control and update your practice’s online information.
  • Optimizing Categories for Maximum Visibility: Strategies to select and update your practice’s primary and secondary categories, ensuring your services appear in the most relevant search queries.
  • Integrating Social Media for a Cohesive Online Profile: The benefits of linking your dental social media profiles to your Google Business Profile, enhancing your practice’s digital footprint and patient engagement.
  • Effective Location Listing Strategies: Insights into maximizing your visibility by listing up to twenty different areas, focusing on strategic location choices to attract patients from a broader region.
  • Hands-On Optimization Experience: Real-time, guided experience in optimizing Google Business Profiles, providing participants with the confidence to apply these strategies effectively.

Further Learning

Ranking on Google Maps: More of the Good Stuff

We know you’re ready for more expert insights to polish up your Google Business Profile shinier than a mouth full of freshly-whitened teeth, so check out even more with Blake Hadley, President and Founder of My Social Practice. Learn how to complete your profile, manage your photos and videos, get new patient reviews, and more. Think of us as your wise, learned, dentistry-loving mentor guiding you on the path to Google My Business glory.

Meet the Presenters:

Adrian Lefler, CEO & Cofounder of My Social Practice

Adrian Lefler is the CEO of My Social Practice, where he has dedicated 14 years to the field of dental marketing. Known for his engaging and informative presentations, Adrian has helped countless dental professionals grow their practices through digital marketing. His talks not only provide valuable insights but also entertain and inspire attendees with trending ideas and actionable tips.

Beyond his professional life, Adrian resides in Suncrest, Utah. In his leisure time, Adrian enjoys staying active through exercise, reading philosophy, mountain biking, rock hounding, and he’s a devoted college football fan. Go Utes! He always cheats at board games. He and his wife have one incredibly amazing beautiful dog, one dumb dog, and one fish named Plotinus.

Len Tau, CEO Tau Dental Consulting & Founder of Raving Patients

Chosen as one of the top leaders in dental consulting by Dentistry Today, Len Tau, DMD, has dedicated his professional life to improving dentistry for both patients and other dentists. The author of two books, Raving Patients, which was released in July 2020, and 100+ Tips to 100 5 Star Reviews in 100 Days which was released in March 2022, In December 2022, Len retired from clinical dentistry after more than two decades to focus all of his attention on helping practices increase their revenue.

Before retiring, Len operated the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence in Philadelphia, which he purchased in 2007. He also consulted to other dental practices part-time while he was still in practice, training thousands of dentists about reputation marketing, leading the dental division of BirdEye, a reputation marketing platform, hosting the popular, Raving Patients podcast, and writing his two books full of actionable tips.

Len lectures nationally and internationally on using internet marketing, social media, and reputation marketing to make dental offices more visible and credible as well as how to increase their case acceptance. He also hosts Supercharge Your Dental Practice, the ultimate marketing and business bootcamp annually at various locations around the country.

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