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  • Shipped Social Signs
  • Photo Post Content
  • Video Post Content
  • Giveaway Post Ideas
  • Trending Viral Ideas
  • Photo Sharing Apps
  • Member Site Training
  • Fantastic Support



  • Beautifully-Designed
  • Mobile-Optimized
  • Technical Updates
  • Securely Hosted
  • Tons of Integrations
  • Monthly Blogging
  • Content Updates
  • Fantastic Support



  • GBP Optimization
  • Website Content
  • Internal Linking
  • Inbound Linking
  • Maps Call Tracking
  • Monthly Citations
  • Growth Reporting
  • Fantastic Support



  • Reviews Acquisition
  • SMS Reviews Requests
  • Patient Texting
  • Integrated Inbox
  • Directory Cleanup
  • Directory Creation
  • Reporting
  • Fantastic Support


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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Does My Social Practice require annual contracts?

Nope! That’s right; we earn your business month by month. The only requirement we have is that if you do decide to cancel, you give us a 30-day notice. 30-day notice means that regardless of when you cancel, you’ll always have one more monthly payment, and then the service ends thirty days later.

*The free website offer does require a contract of at least one marketing service for a year. But, guess what? You didn’t have to pay four thousand dollars for a website.

Does bundling services save me money on my monthly marketing fees?

Yes. Discounts can increase up to 40% when you bundle services together. You benefit from us being able to streamline processes, create efficiencies, and knock out tasks three at a time. Also, you won’t be confused about working with five different dental marketing companies. You’ll have one remarkable point of contact that you can call anytime.

Once I decide to work with My Social Practice, how long does it take to get started?

About as fast as you can schedule your first onboarding call. We’re pretty streamlined here at My Social Practice. You say go, and we are already gone. See how fast I answered that; that’s how fast we are.

I need new patients now! How long until I start seeing new patients?

If you need new patients today and are willing to invest a little bit of money into advertising, you’ll want to ask us about Google ads. Google ads are fast, but you pay for them. Meaning you pay Google for the ads, not us.

Our Google Maps SEO service is a fantastic new patient generator. Typically we see practices start ranking better and increasing phone calls within 90-180 days. 

Our social media marketing service is the absolute best in the industry. Still, it takes time and effort to build a great social media following. We tell doctors that social media is a long-term play and not to expect lots of new patients in a short time. But in the long run, it is one of the least expensive ways to generate patients. 

If you take advantage of our free website offer, you’ll need to give yourself about 12-16 weeks to get the website built, tested, optimized, and live online.

What does your customer service look like?

Amazing! Freaking amazing. You have an assigned digital marketing expert and a team backing that person up just in case you call when your designated representative is using the restroom. (We do give our people restroom breaks.)

You’ll have a direct phone number and email to your marketing expert. We’ll also be scheduling reporting calls on a monthly or quarterly basis. It all depends on your schedule.