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Reputation management that acquires Google reviews, increases new patient appointments, and builds a robust online directory listing presence, for higher search engine rankings.

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My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - dental reputation management


“We’ve been averaging at least one Google review per day. We now have more than 1,000 Google reviews!”

Dr. Monica Ponce – Delicate Dental Group

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Reviews Acquisition

You’ll get more online reviews than you ever have with our reviews acquisition software. Why? It integrates directly with Google, Facebook, and Healthgrades allowing your patients to leave authentic, trustworthy reviews in just a couple of clicks.


Text a review request to your patients inviting them to easily and quickly leave a review.


We can integrate with your patient management software, allowing you to send the request automatically when your patients check out.

Reviews Responding

Google prefers that dental practices respond to their reviews immediately. It helps your Google My Business account rank higher in Google Maps.

We set up an automated response system that will immediately post replies to your reviews. Do what you do best, uninterrupted with reputation management tasks.

My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - dental reputation management

Find out how we can significantly increase your reviews in 90 days!

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My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - dental reputation management

Patient Communication

An important part of your reputation is your accessibility. Allow patients and potential patients to easily get ahold of you using our advanced messaging aggregation software. Our all-in-one inbox will assure that you never miss an appointment opportunity or message again!


Receive and respond to text messages using the landline you already have!


Chat in real time with patients who visit your website. And don’t worry if you miss a chat, our sophisticated Chatbot can auto-respond for you!


Want to have a quick video consultation with a patient? We make that possible too!


Aggregate all your messages from Facebook, Instagram, Google into this same inbox, removing the need to check your multiple social accounts each day!

Directory Creation & Cleanup

Potential patients search for a dentist on Google, Facebook, Apple Maps, and countless other directories. Your practice information should show up on every directory.

We will identify which listings your practice doesn’t show up in and create new accounts on your behalf.

directory seo for dentists

Can people currently find you? Or are your directory listings a mess?

Find out now!

Reporting & Goal Setting

We’ll consistently send you reports that visualize your practice’s reputation score, conversion rates, etc. Then, give you recommendations on how to improve.

My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - dental reputation management
My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - dental reputation management

A Dedicated Reputation Management Consultant

Your reputation management consultant acts as your very own marketing manager. Your consultant will set goals with you, train you in reputation management best practices, and be available to answer questions anytime.


Since working with My Social Practice we have seen amazing results from our Google reviews. We are a periodontal practice and they adopted well with communications etc. for us. This company is amazing!

Demetrio BeachCenters For Specialized Dentistry

Our new patients have grown tremendously since using My Social Practice. 99% of our new patients find us from our reviews online which My Social Practice has made so easy for our patients to use.

Pete GuiterrezGutierrez DDS

We signed up with My Social Practice's Google Maps SEO about 6 months ago. Our practice started seeing a significant uptick in new patient phone calls in just a matter of weeks! We started getting calls from GP's that had never called us before to refer their patients over to us.

Connie BillermanHH Hancock Endodontics

Very knowledgeable when it comes to conversion rates and setting goals to help grow our practice's reviews. For any office that is trying to grow their practice through their social media and reviews, I would definitely recommend My Social Practice.

Nicole PavlicaDeLorenzo Dentistry

I’ve acquired 471 Google Reviews in the first year. I love the Google review software from My Social Practice.

Dr. Monica PonceDelicate Dental

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a dentist do if they receive a negative Google review?

Rather than challenging a bad review by submitting tickets to Google, respond kindly to the patient and work hard to drown out the bad review with plenty of 5-star reviews. Responding aggressively is not a great dental reputation management solution.

One important tip is to not argue or challenge the claim of the unhappy patient in the review feed. More often than not, challenging offends the patient and they expand their negative review by adding more complaints and detail to the review feed.  This will not help your reputation.

The best course of action is to let the patient know that their experience was not in line with the practices mission and health goals, and then to mention in your response that you’d like the client to call in so that you can solve the issue. Responding in this fashion will create a great example of how you deal with unhappy patients and help others feel comfortable with your practice.

Do dental directory listings help with SEO?

Yes, they do! Once a dental practice has submitted their Name, Address, Phone (NAP) to a directory they’ll be able to be found in that directory, creating another way to be found online. It is important to remember that a directory listing also crates an inbound link to the dental practices website and other online assets.

Inbound links are essential for powerful SEO because Google and other search engines see them as votes of confidence. The stronger and more robust a dental practice link structure, the better the SEO and the higher the rankings.

How does a dentist get more Google reviews?

Only dental patients with a personal Google account can submit a Google review to your practices Google My Business account. The first step in getting more reviews is to make sure that your asking for a review from a patient that has a Google account.  

The second step is to create an internal practice process to ask for reviews from your best patients. IF you don’t ask for reviews from your patients you will likely not get any. Asking is the key.

The third step is to automate the process through a texting software that will integrate with your patient management system. This cuts down on the amount of time your team is required to be involved.

These three steps will greatly increase your dental reputation management processes.

Why do dental practices need directory listings?

Directory listings show up in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Potential patients searching for a local dentist may be searching from any number of online directories. The most important directory to be listed in is the Google directory, which is called Google My Business. However, there are many directories to consider, for example, Yelp and Yahoo both have business directories as well.

If a dental practice is not listed in those directories, or if the information is incorrect, the chances of being found and contacted by new patients drops significantly. Stellar dental reputation management practices check their listings for errors on a regular basis.

How does my dental practice get more 5 star reviews?

The general rule is, ‘If you don’t ask, you won’t receive!’ Dental practices need to be actively involved in asking their patients for reviews. The more personal the approach when asking the more likely the dental practice will receive new 5 star reviews.

A good rule of thumb would be to ask two happy patients a day for a review. Conversions are typically around 40-50% if you make a personal request. This would bring in around 1 new Google review per day. In no time you’ll have more reviews than your competition and you’ll start receiving more new patient phone calls.

What are dental directory listings?

A directory listing is a database of business information. There are thousands of directories online. The biggest and most important are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Apple Maps, Yelp, Healthgrades and other dental specific directories. Each directory allows for a dental practice to enter their data (Name, Address, Phone, Website link) for free.

How do I increase my online dental reviews and get more visibility?

Reviews, especially on Google, have an impact on how well the practice ranks in Google Maps. It is not the only aspect of ranking but it is helpful to have lots of reviews. Positive reviews help you get chosen over your competition. There are two things to think about in regards to reviews. One, you want to have lots of 5 star reviews because it may help you rank better. And second, you want lots of five star reviews because if you don’t, you won’t have the reputation patients are looking for, regardless of how well you rank.

How to get rid of a negative dental review?

Google offers a way to challenge fraudulent reviews but the service is difficult to use and in our experience most reviews are not removed. The more effective way is to simply drown out a bad review with dozens of 5 star reviews.

How do I use dental directories to improve local SEO?

Linking to your website, Google My Business account, and your social media accounts are helpful for SEO because they act as votes of confidence. Directories are helpful in building links because most of the directories have a free business listing option. The more directories that a dental practice is listed in, the stronger their link structure is and the more likely they’ll rank higher in search engines.

Why is your online reputation important?

Your online reputation, which is most closely tied to the patient reviews that your practice has received is a strong social proof statement. Many consumer studies have shown that patients trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Your online reputation is a form of word-of-mouth marketing.

How to get more reviews for your dental practice?

First you should focus on the most important reviews, which are Google reviews. A second review source would be Facebook. The best way to get more reviews is to put a review process in place in your office. Task one of your dental team members to select patients each day and make sure to ask them for a review while they’re still in your practice. If you use a software like MSP Reviews, then the process of asking is simple and effective.

Check out this article that talks about the benefits of dental reputation management and social media.

What is a dental citation?

A dental citation is a list of your dental practice name, address, phone number, website and other important information, like your operating hours, listed on a website that is not yours. For example, Healthgrades is a directory that allows dental practices to set up a free citation. Dental reputation management should always involve some tasks associated with directory and citation clean up.

What is a dental directory listing?

A dental directory listing is a database information. Heathgrades, WebMD, Google My Business are all examples of directories. A dental directory listing is your dental practices information in a directory database. If you’re not sure which dental directories your dental practice is currently listed in, we can run a listings report for your practice to see what errors might be out there.

Cleaning up listings is an essential part of dental reputation management.

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