How To Get More Dental Reviews

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how to get more dental reviews

Where is the first place people go when looking for a new dentist? Online reviews.

Having great online dental patient reviews is more important than ever for your dental practice. But, how to get more dental reviews for your practice? When it comes to choosing a new dentist, your potential patients are looking for recommendations from others online. The patient feedback on your reviews site tells a story about your practice that people trust. Your prospective patients trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation from a friend or family member, according to this study.

Dental practices have always relied on word-of-mouth marketing to reach prospective patients. This method hasn’t changed at all. Only, word-of-mouth marketing is happening online and on social media.

“How to get more dental reviews?” is a question we hear a lot. The good news is, it is not as difficult to get them as many dentists think.

how to get more google reviews for dental

As obvious as the importance of Google dental reviews, and Facebook dental reviews are, it’s surprising how few dental practices put any effort into collecting them at all. In some areas, local dentist reviews are practically non-existent.

Maybe it’s just not something many dentists are thinking about, or it seems too difficult. The dental teams that make an effort to get more dental patient reviews, it’s likely they will build a reputation as their city’s premier dental care provider.

How to ask dental patients for reviews?

The truth is, most dental teams are asking for reviews the wrong way.

Once a patient walks out the door, you’ve missed a big opportunity to get a review from them. Your practice needs a plan to get patients to write a review from their phone while still in your practice.

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After working to help dentists build strong online reputations, we have discovered that the problem of collecting patient reviews boils down to a couple of typical obstacles.

Maybe your team doesn’t want to take any more of a patient’s time after an appointment. Your team could be afraid of hurting the relationship or they don’t know how to bring it up. How to get more dental reviews could be as simple as having honest communication with your team.

Time constraints, worry over being annoying, and nervousness are all reasons your dental team might not be asking for more dental reviews. How to get more reviews from patients? By using the smart and easy way to bring up reviews with patients.

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We guarantee you’ll get more reviews for your dental practice, if you ask the right way.

A majority of your patients will be happy to write you a review before they even leave their appointment. Once your patient leaves, you and your practice are out of sight, out of mind. This applies even for those patients who adore your team and practice.

We know that asking patients for reviews can be hard.

Here are 4 easy tricks on how to get more dental reviews:

1. Ask Specific Patients for a Review

One of the biggest mistakes dental practices make (and the quickest way to annoy your team and burn out in your reviews-collecting effort), is to announce  “Alright, everyone, we need to ask for lots of reviews today!” in every huddle. This strategy never works when looking for how to get more dental reviews.

Instead of a general statement at the morning huddle, set your team up for success by pulling up the schedule and evaluating which patients are coming in that day.

Don’t ask every patient for a review. Focus on your happy patients and make a plan to ask them when they come in for their appointment.

If one of your patients has an especially good relationship with a specific team member, have that team member encourage patients to write a quick review while they are still sitting in the chair. Plan for and select dental patients you suspect would be happy to leave you a review. Dental practices who start with this strategy get more online dental patient reviews than those who don’t.

Make specific assignments for your team members to ask for a review and have them report back on how it went.

2. Make it Easy (Like, Really Easy) to Find Your Reviews Pages

You don’t want to miss out on getting highly recommended by a dental patient just because your patient is confused where to write the review.

If you don’t already, make sure that you have active accounts on the top 3 reviews sites. These reviews site are Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Add a profile picture to your review pages, we recommend your practice logo for easy recognition. Add your address, hours of operation, and other helpful information that will make it clear where a potential patient can learn more and contact you.

Not only do updating your pages attract new dental patients, but providing detailed information on your page also assures your current patients that they are writing a review on the correct page.

Answering the question, “How do I get more dental patient reviews?” can seem complicate but is quite simple when you follow these few tips.

3. Be Transparent

Everyone knows that honest feedback and online reviews are a must for building a any successful business. When asking your dental patients for reviews, communicate to them how much you and the team rely on reviews to find more great patients like them. Tell them that their feedback helps your personally know how to improve the experience patients how in your practice.

Tell your patients about the reviews goal you have set for your practice and ask them to help you reach that goal.

Most patients are more likely to leave a review when they are asked personally. Remember, dental practices who don’t ask for reviews are likely to only get one when a patient is unhappy. (If that happens, here is how to handle a negative review.)

4. Use a Dental Reviews Software


You are more likely to get great reviews if you have an online dental reviews service and software for your practice. Dental reviews software simplifies asking for reviews by allowing you to send automatic texts, and emails attached with links. These links direct patients to your Google, Facebook, and HealthGrades sites.

My Social Practice’s reviews product is designed to make it effortless for your patients to leave you a great review. These reviews can be left on their mobile device, with just a few taps. Streamline your review request process, building your reputation while saving you tons of time.

How to get more dental reviews

Reach your reviews goals by making assignments to ask specific patients at their dental visit to write a positive review. Make sure your review sites are up-to-date and easy to find. And, last but not least, be transparent about where and how you’d like patients to review your practice.

These guidelines are only the tip of the dental reviews iceberg. My Social Practice has your back, download this free guide with additional information on how to collect more dental reviews!


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