We help dental practices be found and chosen through great social media marketing.

Dentists, DSO’s and Agencies use our social media marketing tools, training, and support to grow their business and eliminate the time and hassle of posting consistently, allowing their team to focus on what they do best—build patient relationships. 

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How we help dental practices grow and thrive (while working less) on social media:

Powerful publishing tools and content library designed specifically for dental teams

An award winning agency team to handle design and posting for you—or support your team

Every post custom branded with your practice logo and colors to stand out above the crowd

Proven strategies for targeting local patients online and showing up where people are scrolling

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“My Social Practice helped us go viral on social media, landing us a spot on national television!”

Dr. Patricia London – Bright Inspired Dentistry

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New Patient Flow Begins with Being Found

Social media amplifies the online visibility of dental practices by tapping into the network of friends and family of current followers. It’s online word-of-mouth marketing, every share or like serves as a silent endorsement to prospective patients. This ripple effect translates to online referrals, allowing dental practices to expand their patient base through trusted recommendations. In essence, social media harnesses personal connections to boost credibility and help practices be found more often online.

We know it takes time and attention that you don’t always have to give. Let us help guide you.

Demo Strategies That Help You Be Found

Become the Chosen Practice in Your Area

Social media isn’t just a tool for visibility; it’s a pivotal factor in a patient’s decision-making process. By showcasing genuine interactions, patient testimonials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, social media offers unparalleled social proof. This authentic portrayal fosters confidence in prospective patients, making them more inclined to schedule an appointment. Essentially, turning your practice into the obvious oral health choice in the local community.

With this vision in mind, let’s strategize to solidify your position as the go-to dental expert in your area.

Demo Strategies That Help You Be Chosen

Use our tools and do it yourself, or let us do everything for you. It’s up to you.

There is no one-size-fits-all social media management service. For dental practices striving to cultivate a compelling online presence, our social media service offers options.


The DIY social media service gives dentists and marketing managers all of the tools, training, and support needed to run effective and successful social media marketing campaigns. This route offers the most extensive library of dental content ideas available, access to all functionality in the Dental Publisher, coupled with top-tier social media training through the MSP Academy. Should questions arise, a team of social media mavens stands ready to assist.

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Dental Publisher with full content library

We train and provide support to your team


2-way social calendar


Connect all of your social media platforms

Unlimited users


Custom graphic design


In-depth reporting & stats

Targeted hashtags

ChatGPT integration


Access to the MSP Academy

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For dentists who want a white-glove, fully managed social media service, we’ve got you covered. Our team steps in and the onus of crafting and executing a successful campaign shifts from the practice to our experts. This all-inclusive solution eliminates overwhelming and time intensive intricacies of social media management and allows dental teams to focus on what they do best, fostering deep connections with patients and delivering unparalleled oral health care.

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3 posts created for you
per week

The Publisher managed by My Social Practice


2-way social calendar


My Social Practice connects all of your social media accounts

Users managed by
My Social Practice


Custom graphic design & branded posts


In-depth reporting & stats

Hashtags & ChatGPT captions managed by My Social Practice


MSP Academy managed by My Social Practice

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For DSO’s, multi-location group practices, and dental marketing agencies looking to launch their own social media product, the Enterprise service is for you. This offering equips clients with a dedicated Dental Publisher, top-tier training, and continuous support. Essentially, this is a turn-key solution that can be white-labeled, enabling a DSO, multi-location organization, and dental marketing agencies to roll out a seamless social media service in a few days.

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Customized plans including features from our Basic and Premium plans depending on your needs


White-labeled Publisher
experience with your branding

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Save Your Marketing Manager a Brain-cramp with Integrated AI

Harnessing frictionless capabilities of artificial intelligence in the Dental Social Media Publisher offers unprecedented time savings. AI drastically reduces the time and effort spent writing creative captions for social media posting. Imagine the efficiency of crafting ten compelling captions in the same span it would take to manually pen just one!

AI speeds up processes but it also provides a spark of creativity, ensuring that your social media posts resonate with your audience and stand out in an ever-crowded digital landscape. Give your marketing manager the tools necessary to be successful, and save time while doing it.

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Attend the Exclusive Social Media Academy for Dentists

Social media trends transform dentistry from a boring clinical realm to one that’s vibrant, engaging, and relatable. Creative trending content spotlights the amazing personalities in your office and helps patients foster deeper, more authentic relationships with your team. But trending content ideas last as long as a pack of chewing gum. If you’re not on the look out, you’ll miss them.

Enter the Dental Social Media Academy. The Academy is a dynamic resource, updated weekly by a team of marketing mavens with a pulse on trending social media ideas that can be tailored for dental practices.

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Branding and Aesthetics are Key to Social Media Success

In dental care, aesthetics isn’t just about oral health, but also how you are perceived online. Branded and well designed social media posts, aligned with your practice’s color palette and brand, resonate with potential patients who value aesthetics. Such deliberate branding signals attention to detail, suggesting top-tier oral health care quality, and ensures your appearance online reflects the excellence of the smiles you craft.

It’s time to create an online presence that looks as aesthetically pleasing as your oral care skills.

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Successful Social Media Posts Use Local Targeting Strategies

Dental practice marketing managers should be using hyper-local hashtag targeting to increase the exposure of your social media campaign. Hashtagging correctly acts as a beacon, drawing in potential patients by increasing the discoverability of your content amidst the massive amount of content being created. But we’ve gone one step further by integrating hashtags into the Dental Social Media Publisher, which allows scalable and frictionless hashtagging.

Together, AI-driven captions, aptly selected emojis, and targeted hashtags form a successful trifecta that propels your dental practice awareness within the local community.

Let’s Strategize Together

Support and Training From Social Media Experts

Our team of social media experts are unmatched in commitment and dedication to your growth. Committed to the success of dental practices, dental agencies, and marketing managers, we provide comprehensive training and support tailored to meet the unique needs of the dental industry. But our commitment doesn’t stop at mere training; we believe in forging robust partnerships. That’s why we go the extra mile, offering unlimited support to ensure every query is addressed, every challenge met, and every goal achieved.

With our team by your side, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partner invested in your social media success.

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The amount of time I have saved is tremendous! I would often spend hours at home looking for new content to post. I now save 3 to 5 hours a week with My Social Practice!

Vanessa LindemanLauren Cai Orthodontics

Elyse is our new accounts manager for our practice and we couldn't be happier with her services. She pays attention to detail, provides us with all possible ways to succeed, and goes above and beyond to help our practice in any way she can.

Dr. Daniela BololoiWinston Churchill Dental

Patients love to take photos with us now! Our big ‘a-ha’ moment since we started with My Social Practice was when we noticed how it started to make a difference in our office both internally and externally.

Jackie StrongMcSurdy Orthodontics

My Social Practice does a wonderful job of providing excellent, engaging content. We almost doubled our new patients and picked up as many Facebook followers in one month with one of their raffles.

John A SmithDDS, Lifetime Dental

The photo booth app especially helps to get our patients and our whole team involved.

Bonnie ReevesGronberg Orthodontics

Our promise

We love working with dentists and are sincerely concerned about the success of their dental practices. We understand the unique struggles that dentists have in a hyper competitive marketplace and find that we best support our client practices as a long term growth partner.

As your dental marketing company partner we promise to:

Strive to keep our costs low and always pass that savings along to you.

Never suggest or sell a service that you don't need.

Always be upfront, honest, and respectful.

Provide amazing customer support by answering when you call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does My Social Practice charge for social media management?

At My Social Practice, we understand that every dental practice has unique needs, and our pricing reflects this. Our social media management plans start as low as $50 a month and are as high as $450 per month.

We recognize that dental practices have varying levels of in-house expertise regarding social media. Some practices might have a vibrant team member who loves shooting videos and capturing photos but may not have the capacity or skills to design these posts or to respond to comments. In such situations, we assess what your team can offer and how we can seamlessly fill in the gaps. For instance, if you’ve got content creation down but need help with graphic design or audience engagement, we’ve got you covered.

Our primary focus is delivering value to our clients, so we don’t tie them down with long-term contracts. Instead, all our agreements are monthly, underscoring our commitment to providing quality service month after month. We genuinely believe in the power of flexibility, so our dental social media plans are monthly, allowing any practice to cancel their agreement anytime without complications.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the diverse needs of the dental community. Whether you’re a single practice owner or part of a group practice or a Dental Service Organization (DSO), we have social media marketing solutions catering to your needs.

We understand that DSOs have distinct brand requirements and often come with intricate approval processes. Our team is adept at navigating these complexities. The Dental Social Media Publisher has been built specifically to address the unique challenges of managing DSO social media campaigns.

My Social Practice is dedicated to offering flexible, value-driven solutions for dental practices of all sizes and structures, ensuring that your online presence is vibrant, engaging, and true to your brand.

Which social media accounts should a dentist use to find new patients?

Selecting the right social media platforms is crucial in reaching potential patients and growing your dental practice. Here’s a tailored approach based on the type of dentistry practice you run:

General Dentists: If you’re a general dentist targeting the local community, you should ask: where are my potential patients spending their time? The answer, for many local communities, is platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. These are platforms where people engage daily, share experiences, and discover new local services. By creating engaging content on these platforms, you can effectively place your practice in front of prospective local patients, enhancing your visibility and attracting new appointments.

Specialists like Endodontists and Oral Surgeons: The patient acquisition model for specialists often differs. While they do benefit from direct patient interactions on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, much of their clientele comes from referrals. LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, can be invaluable here. As an endodontist, you can leverage LinkedIn to connect with other dental professionals, building and nurturing relationships that can lead to referrals. By being active on a platform like LinkedIn, specialists can establish themselves as authorities in their field, share insights, and stay top-of-mind for general dentists looking to refer their patients for specialized procedures.

In summary, the best social media platforms for a dentist depend largely on the practice’s focus and target audience. Whether you’re aiming to connect directly with potential patients or network with other professionals for referrals, there’s a social media solution tailored to your needs. At My Social Practice, we guide dental professionals in selecting and maximizing the right platforms to achieve their specific goals.

What is the best type of content to post on a dental practice social media account?

In the world of dental social media, content that is authentic, transparent, and fun resonates deeply with your local audience. Authentic content, such as a candid behind-the-scenes look at your practice, genuine patient testimonials, and content about your team, fosters trust and builds a lasting bond with your audience.

Content that is transparent, particularly around procedures, technologies, or even pricing, positions your dental practice as a trustworthy authority. By offering insights and demystifying dental processes, you can ease the anxieties of potential patients. Interspersing this with light-hearted and fun posts, like debunking dental myths or celebrating team milestones, can make your practice relatable and approachable.

Moreover, the current algorithms on most platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, prioritize video content, ensuring it gets wider visibility and engagement. A well-produced video can have more reach and impact than a photo or text post. Following video, photos are the next preferred content type, often garnering more interactions than plain text posts. The storytelling capability of videos and photos can make complex dental topics more digestible and engaging.

But remember that how content is presented and the narrative woven around it is equally vital. A video that tells a compelling story or a photo that captures a genuine moment can resonate deeply.

Which dental marketing company should you use for social media management?

When considering a dental marketing company, it’s essential to have specific criteria in mind. Firstly, longevity in the industry is crucial; it’s a testament to an agency’s reputation and consistency. My Social Practice, for example, has been at the forefront of dental social media services for over twelve years, offering specialized dental Instagram marketing tips, tricks, and curated dental posts for social media campaigns.

Secondly, client testimonials and success stories are invaluable. They provide a transparent view of what to expect from your partnership with the agency. Agencies that willingly share client examples and positive feedback usually set clearer expectations for your marketing journey.

Lastly, specificity is key. Opting for an agency that is dental-centric ensures they comprehend the unique challenges and nuances of dental marketing. Tailored content, reflecting the specific needs of a dental practice, tends to resonate more with the community, amplifying its visibility and impact.

In your research, it’s worth checking out resources like the AACD’s article on choosing a dental marketing company. But, as a humble suggestion, My Social Practice stands out as a trusted partner, offering a blend of experience, specificity, and proven success in dental social media marketing.

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