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Our social media marketing service is a first-of-its-kind service that started our business over 12 years ago! Today, we continue to provide the most creative and effective solution in the dental industry.

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“My Social Practice helped us go viral on social media, landing us a spot on national television!”

Dr. Patricia London – Bright Inspired Dentistry

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Monthly Social Signs & Printed Materials Shipped Straight to Your Practice

Each month, your practice will get a packet full of ideas and materials you need to create engaging and easy social media posts. No need to hire a graphic designer and run files to the printer, the materials will be shipped straight to your door!

Photo and Video Ideas to Keep Your Posts Timely and Consistent

Posting consistent, trending, and engaging content is key to your practice’s social media success. With our service you will never have to come up with an idea to post again! Our marketing experts and creative team stay on the leading edge of what’s happening on social media so that you don’t have to.

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No time? Let us manage your social media for you!

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HIPAA-Complaint Patient Photo Sharing and Authorization Apps

Receive access to our two mobile apps that will show off your happy patients on your social media accounts while safeguarding their privacy.

HIPAA-Compliant Authorization App

Our IOS and Android app makes obtaining HIPAA-compliant authorization for patient photos as easy as snap, send, and sign.

Photo Booth App

Everyone loves a photo booth! Download our photo booth app on an iPad and set it up in your lobby. Patients can send photos to themselves AND give you permission to share them!

Social Media Content Library & Publisher

We have the largest library of trending, timely, informative, and engaging dental social media content on the planet! Our easy-to-use member site allows you to choose the content, then schedule it to post whenever you’d like. And if you don’t want to be in charge of scheduling out content, just ask us about our Pro-Managed solution where we can do it all for you!

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Access to Our Graphic Designers for Custom Post Graphics

Do you have an upcoming patient appreciation party, change of office hours, special promotion, or important notice that you need to post about? If you’re like most practices, you don’t have an in-house graphic designer to turn to for custom graphics. As a My Social Practice client, you’ll have access to our team of highly-skilled and creative graphic designers who can make custom social media graphics for you! Simply submit a request and you will receive a graphic back within a few days!

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Fantastic Support, Consulting, & Management

Every My Social Practice client is assigned a dedicated social media consultant who is committed to your practice’s social media success. Your consultant will customize our service according to your needs. If you simply don’t have time to post, your consultant can even post and manage your social media accounts for you – just ask about our Pro-Managed solution!


The amount of time I have saved is tremendous! I would often spend hours at home looking for new content to post. I now save 3 to 5 hours a week with My Social Practice!

Vanessa LindemanLauren Cai Orthodontics

Elyse is our new accounts manager for our practice and we couldn't be happier with her services. She pays attention to detail, provides us with all possible ways to succeed, and goes above and beyond to help our practice in any way she can.

Dr. Daniela BololoiWinston Churchill Dental

Patients love to take photos with us now! Our big ‘a-ha’ moment since we started with My Social Practice was when we noticed how it started to make a difference in our office both internally and externally.

Jackie StrongMcSurdy Orthodontics

My Social Practice does a wonderful job of providing excellent, engaging content. We almost doubled our new patients and picked up as many Facebook followers in one month with one of their raffles.

John A SmithDDS, Lifetime Dental

The photo booth app especially helps to get our patients and our whole team involved.

Bonnie ReevesGronberg Orthodontics

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does social media management for dentists cost?

On the low-cost end of dental social media, patient management systems offer stock images that can be posted to your social pages a few times per week. This social media solution looks appealing because it requires absolutely no time from the dentist or team. Unfortunately, it does virtually nothing for your dental social media presence. These pre-made posts typically look like spam and don’t engage potential patients in a meaningful way.

On the more expensive end of the scale, dental practices can hire a marketing agencies to create and promote custom content for their dental social media pages and website. The cost of doing this regularly crosses into several thousand dollars every month.

This is where My Social Practice stands out. Our exclusive focus on serving dental practices has allowed us to streamline solutions at a low cost.

Depending on your needs and what your dental social media marketing goals you have, the total cost of your My Social Practice service package will vary, falling somewhere in the middle or low end of the scale.

We have everything you need to grow your dental practice online, in one affordable bundle.

What social media do dentists use?

The best dental practice social media marketing accounts are the ones that patients use to get information about local dentists.

Facebook and Instagram are the top two platforms in dental social media campaigns that potential patients are actively using. These two platforms have helped thousands of dental practices find and connect with local patients. In addition, you can increase your relevancy and reach by posting on Pinterest, TikTok, Linkedin, Youtube, and Twitter.

Do dentists need social media?

In today’s world, patients are looking for social media proof to help them make an informed decision about which dental provider they should use. Dental social media services like Facebook and Instagram give people a look into the culture of a dental practice, which in turn helps the patient feel comfortable about scheduling an appointment. Social media is a must for dental professionals looking to have meaningful, personal relationships with their patients.

How do I market my dental practice on social media?

Social media marketing is about sharing the culture of your dental practice. A general rule is to focus 80% of your social media efforts on creating content about the people in your office. This includes the doctor, the team, and your patients. The other 20% of your effort should be about dentistry, which should be educational, informative, and some advertising content.

Which apps should I use to market my dental practice on social media?

Social media for dental practices is easy when you start with Facebook and Instagram. These are free to set up and easy to learn. The second step to get started with dental social media marketing ideas is to create a calendar of social media content. Having a schedule to help structure how much content you’ll create is very important. On the Free Stuff page you’ll find lots of ideas to get started with including dental social media signs that you can download.

How do dentists use Instagram?

Instagram dental marketing can be used to build a following. By posting relevant and interesting photos and videos, a dental practice’s local community can become vested with the practice. Followers have the ability to like and comment on the dental practice’s posts, which in turn can be seen by the patients’ connections online. Instagram is a great way to be introduced to people in your community who are the friends of your current followers.

What to post on dental social media?

A dental practice should focus on posting content that their community and patients would find interesting. I find that most dental social media posts are about dentistry, and unfortunately most people (Other than dentists) are NOT interested in dentistry. So, posting good content is not as intuitive as a dentist would think.

A successful dental social media post should focus on you, your team, your community and your patients. Opportunities where you are helping your community are a great way to create content for social media.

What should a dentist post on Instagram?

When it comes to Instagram dental marketing a general rule of thumb would be one third patient content, one third culture related content and one third client before and after photos. Patients’ content would be photos of patients in the office or possibly patients testimonial videos. Culture content would be content about your practice and the people in the practice including the doctor. Before and after photos are a great way to promote the quality of your dental practice without seeming braggy. One note, don’t share bloody photos!

How is social media marketing done for dental practices?

Social media marketing is a strategy that helps dental practices create awareness about their services, culture and mission. Successful social media marketing for dentists focuses on sharing the culture of the office through posting photos and videos to social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about dental marketing tips in 2022 here

What should I post on my dental Facebook page?

A practice should focus their dental Facebook marketing on sharing information about the people that make their dental practice great. Sometimes it’s difficult for a dental practice to feel comfortable with this, but the reality is that your community is more interested in you, your team and your patients than they are about dentistry. The best dental social media post ideas are always going to be about the people in your practice.

How do I promote my dental office on Facebook?

Finding social media content for dentists is not an easy task. Get started by creating great dental social media content using content from our Free Stuff page. Once you’ve started taking photos and videos, all you need to do is start posting. The more engagement that you get on your post the more likely it is to be shared and seen by more people in your community. Facebook boosting and Facebook ads are also a great way to help promote your content.

How Do I Choose A Dental Social Media Marketing Agency?

Look for three things when choosing a dental social media marketing company. One, look for longevity. The longer that an agency has been in business the more likely they are to have a good reputation. Two, look for testimonials and client examples. If a social media agency is willing to share client examples and success stories, then you’ll be able to set proper expectations for your own social media efforts. Three, find an agency that is dental specific. The success of social media depends upon the quality of the content being shared by the practice. After many years of experience we’ve found that the more specific and detailed the content is to the practice the more likely it is to be seen by the community.

How should I use social media marketing for dental clinics?

The best dental social media accounts to start with are Facebook and Instagram. Both of these social media accounts are the most likely social tools that your prospective patients will use to seek out and investigate a new dental practice.

Which dental social media company is the best?

Obviously we’re a bit biased but…. My Social Practice has been providing dental social media services to dentists and orthodontists for more than twelve years. We provide dental posts for social media campaigns and also offer specific dental Instagram marketing tips and tricks. If you’re looking for a dental social media agency that has a stellar reputation and fantastic support, look no further.

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