Pediatric Dental Marketing
with Attention to Tiny Details

Specializing in pediatric dental marketing, we’ve supported pediatric dentists for over 14 years, recognizing their distinct needs. Our customized marketing approaches provide clear insights into campaign performance, aligning with your growth objectives. Select from comprehensive packages or individualized services to best suit your requirements, be it targeted support or an all-inclusive marketing strategy.

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My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - pediatric dental marketing

How We Help Pediatric Dentists Grow Their Practice and Thrive Online (While Working Less):

My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - pediatric dental marketing

A beautiful, locally targeted social media feed specific to your services

My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - pediatric dental marketing

At the Top of Google Maps when “Pediatric Dentist near me” is searched

My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - pediatric dental marketing

Be seen as the premier Pediatric Dentist in your area with more 5-star reviews

My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - pediatric dental marketing

Building and updating a website with your specific specialty in mind

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“I'm getting so many new patients I'm hiring a new hygienist.”

Dr. Bana Ball – Shady Grove Pediatric Dentistry

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Helping Pediatric Dentists Be Found Online

In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is vital for pediatric dental practices. Forward-thinking pediatric dentists need marketing methods that elevate online visibility, strengthen reputation, and expand referral connections.

A first crucial step is to optimize your ranking on Google maps, followed closely by enhancing your social media presence and branding. There is also your pediatric website aesthetics, speed, technical SEO, and HIPAA compliance. And, don’t forget about acquiring more Google reviews because it helps your Google map ranking.

Armed with this knowledge, we craft a targeted pediatric dental marketing strategy to boost your online visibility, helping you be found by more high-intent patients.

Be Found Online By More Families
My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - pediatric dental marketing
My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - pediatric dental marketing

Now That You’re Found, Let’s Help You Be Chosen

Having achieved a strong ranking and increased visibility, you’re on the right path. But to truly grow and gain new patients, you must stand out as the premier pediatric dentist in your region.

Your online image, the testimonials from your patients, and the content of your social media posts collectively shape the perception of your practice, influencing patients’ decisions in an arena crowded with competing pediatric dentists. Factors like the consistency and branding of your social media content, your follower count, the volume of positive Google and Facebook reviews, search engine rankings, and the visual appeal and photography of your pediatric website all play a role.

A standout online reputation sets you apart, even when compared to general dentists who provide pediatric services. Allow our marketing specialists to design a bespoke pediatric dental marketing strategy that elevates you as the top choice. Act now and cement your position as the go-to pediatric dentist in your community.

Become the Chosen Pediatric Dentist In Your Area

Setting Pediatric Dentists Apart in a Competitive Market

Pediatric dentists have relied on referrals from General Practitioners. However, as many GPs now offer family and pediatric services, they’re capturing patients who might not realize the specialized expertise of pediatric dentists.

To address this, pediatric dentists need to adopt patient-centric digital marketing strategies. Highlighting the unique training, equipment, and care they provide can differentiate them in a crowded market. By leveraging targeted content and messaging, they can not only ensure they’re found by families but also become their preferred choice.

Embracing this direct marketing approach allows pediatric dentists to showcase their specialty and effectively serve children and their families.

My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - pediatric dental marketing
My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - pediatric dental marketing

Attracting Quality Patients: Precision Marketing for Pediatric Dentists

In the landscape of pediatric dental care, not all patients are created equal. Our specialized pediatric marketing approach focuses on attracting not just a higher quantity of patients, but the right quality—those who are local, engage in long-term relationships with your practice, value your services beyond insurance constraints, and respect your time.

By honing in on specific search intent that these potential patients use and crafting a compelling pediatric website and engaging social media content, we spotlight your practice to those who are most likely to become your most valuable and reliable clients. Our strategy isn’t just about getting found; it’s about getting chosen by the best fit for your pediatric dental practice.

Pediatric Dental Marketing with a Full-Funnel Approach

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Establish Trust and Loyalty with Engaging and Honest Creative Content

Cohesive branding extends far beyond a logo or color scheme—it’s the foundation of trust and recognition in your digital marketing efforts. Our team collaborates closely with you to craft your practice’s core values and visual aesthetics. From the tactile feel of your website graphics to the authenticity of your social media posts, we ensure every digital touchpoint aligns seamlessly, conveying a story that is uniquely yours.

Our expertise in graphic design translates into a consistent, polished online image that spans across all your digital assets. We meticulously coordinate your website’s visual elements, social media accounts and posts, informative blog post graphics, and before-and-after imagery. This brand harmony not only elevates patient awareness but also instills a sense of familiarity and trust, mirroring the exceptional care they can anticipate at your practice.

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My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - pediatric dental marketing
My Social Practice - Social Media Marketing for Dental & Dental Specialty Practices - pediatric dental marketing

Leave Your Marketing to Us and Focus on Delivering Quality Care

You have a passion for providing exceptional care to your patients. Let us help you with your pediatric website SEO, social media management or any other pediatric dental marketing task, so you can focus on what you do best, building patient relationships.

Time spent creating content, responding to reviews and direct messages, solving technical website and SEO issues are handled by our team of experts. You’ll never have to worry about consistency in your marketing. We ensure that your marketing campaigns are running efficiently, secure, and up-to-date with the latest online marketing trends.

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We’re a Full Solution or We Can Plug the Holes in Your Marketing

We believe in the power of targeted online marketing and offer a range of solutions, from minimal support to full-service marketing, to meet the unique needs and goals of your practice. Every practice is structured a bit differently and has different marketing needs. If a practice has no time or support internally, we can step in to provide a full marketing managed solution. The practice doesn’t need to be involved except intermittently. Some pediatric practices have some support internally but may be lacking a technical SEO skill set, or another specialized task. In this situation we can provide an inexpensive and efficient solution.

Our team of marketing experts will collaborate with you to create a customized pediatric marketing plan, specifically designed for your target audience and goals. We’re committed to providing you with transparent and effective marketing strategies, and we’re eager to see the positive impact they’ll have on your practice.

Don’t settle for lackluster marketing results. Elevate your pediatric dental practice with customized online marketing tailored to your needs. Schedule a consultation today.

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Our promise

We love working with dentists and are sincerely concerned about the success of their dental practices. We understand the unique struggles that dentists face in a hyper-competitive marketplace and find that we best support our client practices as a long term growth partner.

As your dental marketing company partner we promise to:

Strive to keep our costs low and always pass those savings along to you.

Never suggest or sell a service that you don't need.

Always be upfront, honest, and respectful.

Provide amazing customer support—we answer when you call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I choose a Pediatric dental marketing company?

Selecting a Pediatric dental marketing company is a consequential decision that can notably impact the growth and success of your practice. This choice requires thoughtful consideration to ensure the firm is in alignment with your specific needs and values.

Firstly, confirm that their services are in line with your requirements. Pediatric dental marketing encompasses a broad spectrum of services such as Pediatric dentist SEO, social media marketing and strategies for new platforms like TikTok, website design and hosting, reputation management, and more. Identify what your practice prioritizes and choose a company that excels in these areas.

Next, be wary of marketing companies promising immediate results. Effective Pediatric marketing strategies typically ensure consistent, long-term growth. Instant, impressive figures may not necessarily lead to a healthy ROI in the longer term.

Scrutinize the firm’s track record, its length of operation, and financial stability. What you need for sustained growth is a reliable and dedicated partner. It’s also crucial to find a firm with expertise in Pediatric dental marketing as this domain requires specialist knowledge, including compliance with HIPAA and understanding of the local marketing tactics.

Communication and support are key to a fruitful partnership. The marketing firm you choose should provide excellent support, maintain transparent communication, and be prepared to collaborate with your team.

Lastly, examine the firm’s reputation and values. Choose a firm that resonates with your values and boasts a strong reputation in the dental community. Verify their online reviews and standing amongst their current and former clients.

Remember, do not rush this decision. Engage with potential firms, ask pertinent questions, and thoroughly research their offerings. This careful approach increases the likelihood of finding a Pediatric Dentistry marketing firm that effectively supports your practice’s growth and success.

Do you offer exclusivity agreements with your services?

At My Social Practice, we understand the appeal of exclusivity in Pediatric dental marketing. However, we don’t provide exclusive agreements.

Our team takes great pride in developing all ideas and content in-house, ensuring that your Pediatric dental marketing campaign receives bespoke and genuine strategies. The inherent dilemma with exclusivity is that it doesn’t stop your competition from potentially copying the strategies we devise for your practice. Despite this, you can rest assured in our commitment to providing custom-made and effective marketing solutions that set your Pediatric dental practice apart from the rest.

Through our wide-ranging experience with Pediatric dental professionals, we’ve observed that while exclusivity might seem appealing, it’s often not as crucial as it might initially appear. Marketing companies offering exclusivity generally charge higher fees that may not yield proportional value.

While we don’t provide exclusivity, our dedication to creating and executing tailored, effective marketing strategies to assist your Pediatric dentistry practice’s growth remains unwavering. Our objective is to deliver top-tier services that meet your requirements and surpass your anticipations.

How do you measure the ROI of a Pediatric dental marketing campaign?

Checking how well a marketing campaign for your Pediatric dental practice is doing needs a careful and clear approach. We believe in complete honesty when we share the results. Depending on the services you use, we provide detailed reports that show how your campaign is performing.

For services like Pediatric social media marketing, we give easy-to-understand information that tracks things like how many people like and share your posts, how many click on your links, the growth of your followers, and how well your content is doing. This helps us figure out what type of content your local audience enjoys, helping us tweak our plans accordingly.

If you’re using our Pediatric dental website design and hosting, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, we keep an eye on statistics like the number of people visiting your website, where your website shows up on search engines, how well you’re ranking on the Google Map, how many people click on your links, how many calls you’re getting, and even simpler tech details like how quickly your website pages load. This info helps us make your online presence even better and get you noticed by more people.

Honesty is our top priority. We aren’t afraid to face challenges. If a campaign isn’t doing as well as we anticipated, we’ll let you know and work with you to improve our strategies.

How much do your Pediatric dental marketing services cost?

At My Social Practice, we excel in providing personalized, high-value marketing solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of every Pediatric Dental practice we serve. Our team of Pediatric dental marketing gurus utilize advanced software, artificial intelligence, and streamlined software products to deliver cost-effective, superior services.

We propose flexible, month-to-month payment arrangements without long-term contractual commitments, ensuring our services are in harmony with your financial planning. For practices aiming to maximize their budget, we offer considerable discounts for service packages and annual contracts.

But remember, we are more than just a marketing provider – we are your strategic ally in Pediatric dental marketing. Our mission is to help your Pediatric dental practice grow by enhancing your online visibility and positioning you as the premier Pediatric dental provider in your community. We help your practice be found online, and chosen.