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With Google receiving more that 90% of online searches, your Google maps ranking is more important that ever. Our proven dental SEO service will help you get new patients by ranking where it matters most!

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“I’m getting so many new patients from Google that I’m hiring a new hygienist!”

Dr. Bana Ball – Shady Grove Pediatric Dentistry

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A Dedicated SEO Expert to Ensure Your Success

Ranking in Google Maps requires highly skilled and consistent SEO strategies. Your dedicated SEO team will optimize your Google My Business page and help you rank higher on the Google map. Potential patients who would have not found you online, will now be able to find your practice.

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Google My Business Optimization

Google Maps SEO ranks your Google Business Profile higher and at a wider radius in the Google map, allowing more patients to find you.

The animation to the left is the Google Maps SEO progression of a dental practice for the keyword ‘dental implants’. Each colored node is .5 mile from each other. The goal is to go GREEN, which means you’re on the first page of the Google map at the widest radius possible.

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Monthly Posting to Your Google Listing

Did you know that Google lets you post updates and articles on your Google My Business Account? In your dental SEO service a digital marketing expert will create, optimize, and link your GBP posts using a sophisticated SEO strategy, skyrocketing your Google map rankings.

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Directory Creation & Cleanup

The goal of Google Maps SEO is to increase new patient phone calls. Your team will ensure that your practice is listed on every single site that potential patients use to search for dentists.

Don’t miss out on new patients simply because your practice isn’t showing up!

Link Building

The more links, the better the visibility. That’s why your dental SEO service team prioritizes building both inbound and outbound links to your Google My Business account, your social pages, and your website.

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Custom Website Copywriting

Consistent and tailored copywriting is highly favored by Google and stands as a pivotal element in search engine optimization. Our SEO team will craft and publish bespoke blog articles and service pages to your website monthly. This strategy ensures an enhanced ranking for your listing on Google Maps.

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Testing & Reporting that Will Validate Your Investment

One of the many reasons Google Maps SEO has been so successful is because we continually review past progress and test new strategies.

Through testing, we improve the SEO service and provide you with reports of improvement. Reporting is simple and easy to understand. When you see that your rankings are improving, your website traffic is increasing, and you’re receiving more new patient phone calls, it’s easy to have confidence that you’re being found by more patients online.

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Our practice signed for My Social Practice's Google Maps SEO service and within the first three months, we doubled our new patient phone calls.

Donna WolfeVP Dental

We started getting calls from GP's that had never called us before to refer their patients over to us. Also, I just checked to see how we're ranking in the Google map and we're number #1 on the search map! I love this service.

Connie BillermanHH Hancock Endodontics

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for the greatest team to work with if needing web design and management, SEO Enhancement and social media support.

Leah SchwibnerDental Partners of Vero Beach

My Social Practice did a Google optimization for us and we have had so many more responses from customers. We would highly recommend their services.

Henry HancockH. H. Hancock III, DDS

I’m getting so many new patients from my improved Google maps rankings that I’m having to hire a new hygienist.

Dr. Bana BallShady Grove Pediatric Dentistry

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a dental SEO service do?

Dental SEO or dental search engine optimization is a dental marketing strategy that helps a dental practice show up in the search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The purpose of companies like Indexsy is to rank as high as possible because all online consumer studies show that more than 90% of all phone calls, clicks and actions are done on the first page of Google. In order to find new patients using dental SEO you need to be on the first page.

Do dentists need SEO?

A dentist does not need SEO in order to grow their practice. There are other marketing techniques that can be employed. For example, billboards, print mail, television ads, radio ads, local events and other forms of traditional advertising.

There are thousands of dental practices that do not use SEO as a digital marketing strategy to find new patients. However, for those practices that focus most of their marketing on digital means, dental SEO is thought by some to be critical to help patients find you. Dental SEO is a marketing strategy that will generate new patient phone calls and build a busy practice through optimization strategies.

Why is dental marketing and SEO for dentists important?

Approximately 90% of all online searches are done on Google. The other 10% of online searches are done on sites like Yahoo, Bing and a host of additional search engines. More than two-thirds of those searches are discovery searches, which means that the person searching did not search use the name of the practice in the search phrase.

In order to be found by those two thirds of potential patients dental SEO strategies must be implemented. Without dental SEO campaigns it’s very unlikely that a dental practice will be found by potential patients.

Dental SEO is important because it adds information to a dental practice’s online assets. For example, their website and Google My Business account, which helps them rank higher in search engine results. More than two -thirds of local dental related searches are done through non-direct search.

What is dental search engine optimization?

Google’s search ranking algorithm looks at how dental practice’s online assets are structured in order to determine whether that practice’s information or another dental practice should be shown high in search rankings. Search engine optimization (dental practice SEO) is the process by which a dental practice will add, edit, remove, tag, and link content on their website and Google My Business account in order to show Google that they are more relevant than the competition.

How long does dental SEO service take to see results?

A dentist should give a dental SEO campaign at least 6-12 months to see real results. We very rarely see measurable results prior to day 90 of using the service.

Is a dental SEO service still relevant?

The answer is, yes! Dental SEO is very relevant to dentists who want to be found in search results. Optimizing a dental practice’s website, their Google My Business account, and other online assets is extremely relevant for those dentists who want to attract new patients via online.

How much should dentists pay for dental SEO?

Dental SEO marketing costs vary depending on the location, relevance, keywords, density and competition. The process of SEO is a marketing tactic that sends signals to Google’s search algorithm that your practice is more relevant than another practice in your area.

Let’s say for example, a dental office has little competition in their area. Those SEO costs would typically be lower because there would be less costs associated with the tasks of ranking #1. If a dental practice is in a highly competitive market with lots of competitors who are also doing their own SEO then costs usually go up because more work is required to convince Google that your practice is the better result in search engines.

Another aspect of how much it costs would be the competitiveness of the keywords and phrases. Highly searched phrases usually have a lot of competition. It’s a needs-based service and a little bit tricky to answer without seeing the needs of the dental practice.  Hiring a dental SEO company or a dental SEO agency would cost on average anywhere from $300-$4,000 per month. One other way to get local SEO for dentists is to hire a dental SEP consultant. A dental SEO consultant can train a member of your team on the tactics of local SEO dental marketing.

How do you do dental SEO?

The best dental SEO depends on where the practice is attempting to rank better. For example, if a practice wants to rank higher on Google Maps, then the primary SEO strategy would be to work on the practice’s Google My Business account. However, if the dental practice wants to rank higher in the organic listings, which are below the map, then the primary target would be the practice’s website. Once a dentist has made a decision about where they want to rank then a process can be put in place to help that particular online asset rank better.

What is dentist SEO?

Dental SEO stands for dental search engine optimization. Dentist SEO would be a process by which a dentist performs search engine optimization tasks on their website or other online assets. The goal of dentist SEO is to help the practice rank higher in search results.

How do you market a dental practice using SEO?

There are a few essential tasks required for dental SEO. The first would be to set up all of the appropriate online assets, like a dental website, a Google My Business account and social media accounts on multiple platforms. Once online accounts are set up correctly, the goal would be to create custom content for those accounts.

An example of custom content on a website would be original service pages and blog articles. For a Google My Business account, custom content would look like updating the listing and posting regularly to it. How often to post, how much content, what content, how to link the content are all additional tactics in SEO.

Why do dentists need local SEO?

Dentists need SEO in order to be competitive in online search results. When a dental practice ranks higher in Google maps and organic search on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines they attract new patients to their dental practice. The best SEO for dentists is the type of SEO that attracts the right kind of patients

What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

Dental SEO is a general term for search engine optimization. Local SEO refers to optimizing in a specific local area. For a dental practice almost all SEO is local SEO. More than 90% of patients go to a dental practice that is right in their local area.  Optimizing for local SEO is the best bet for a dental practice wanting to be found by new patients.

What does the term local search mean for a dental practice?

Local search is a general term for digital marketing for dentists. Local search could be SEM or SEO. Search engine marketing (SEM) is a process by which a dental practice advertises in Google Ads and other digital advertising mediums to attract new patients. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the effort of increasing a practice’s online presence within their local community to reach new patients..

Who are the best dental marketing agencies for SEO?

The best dental marketing agency is the one that sets clear expectations for the service. The best companies provide understandable and supportive reporting to prove that the service is meeting those expectations. A good local SEO strategy can range from complex to rather simple depending on the dental SEO services that are required to rank. The best dental seo marketing agency is the one that provides results in line with expectations. It’s helpful to get referrals from other doctors who have used the dental SEO service and agency before.

How should a cosmetic dentist use SEO?

Cosmetic dentistry is no different than dental and orthodontic SEO. A cosmetic dentist that wants to attract patients for cosmetic services can optimize their Google My Business account and website so that the rank higher in Google maps.

Check out this great article about how to do SEO for cosmetic dentists.

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