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Be Found Online and Chosen by Patients and GP’s

Digital Endodontic marketing strategies that help Endodontists build their referral networks and increase new patients by being found online and chosen more often.

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“We've increased our referral network by ranking #1 on the Google map, and more patients are calling us directly.”

Dr. Hancock – HH Endodontics 

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Marketing Strategies to Help You Be Found Online

The first crucial step towards boosting your Endodontic practice’s growth lies in implementing Endodontic marketing strategies that help your practice become more discoverable online by referring dentists and also patients. More than ever before patients are searching online directly for Endodontists, especially after they have been referred by a general dentist. Patients are researching Endodontists reputation, reviews, website, and social media accounts to help them make a decision about whether to schedule or not.

Helping your Endodontic practice be found involves a carefully crafted marketing plan that will focus on ranking higher on Google maps, local online directories, your social media footprint, as well as your organic search rankings. The best way to achieve this is through an Endodontic marketing assessment, focusing on your digital outreach and presence.

Our experienced team of Endodontic marketing strategists will evaluate the effectiveness of your social media marketing, your Endodontic SEO, how well you’re ranking of the Google map, both the visual appeal and the technical aspects of your Endondontic website, as well as the power of your social proof. Importantly, we’ll determine how Google perceives your practice’s eminence within your locality. Armed with these insights, we’ll create a strategic Endodontic marketing plan designed to heighten your online presence and help you meet your practice’s growth objectives.

Be Found Online By More Patients and GP's

Now that You’re Found, Let’s Make Sure Your Chosen

Now that you’ve been found by new referring dentists as well as patients, you must take the next step in an effective Endodontic marketing, convincing these patients and dentists to choose you.

Achieving high ranks in search results, on maps, and in local directories is an important step, but it does not necessarily translate into a higher volume of patient referrals or referrals. Your objective should be to position your practice as the go-to Endodontic practice in your area, not only for potential patients but also for referring general dentists. The visual appeal of your website, your online reputation, including reviews and patient feedback, are key in persuading both patients and referring dentists to choose your practice over others.

Given the intense competition among Endodontists and the many general dentists who also provide Endodontic services, your online reputation and credibility often become the decisive factors in garnering more referrals and attracting new patients. Let one of our Endodontic marketing gurus perform a comprehensive review of your current marketing and create a tailored Endodontic marketing plan that helps you be found and chosen.

Become the Chosen Endodontist In Your Area


The staff is very friendly and the customer service is excellent. Adrian did a google maps optimization for us and we have had so many more responses from customers. We would highly recommend their services. Adrian has been especially helpful.

Dr. Henry HancockHH Endodontics

Elyse is our new accounts manager for our practice and we couldn't be happier with her services. She pays attention to detail, provides us with all possible ways to succeed, and goes above and beyond to help our practice in any way she can.

Dr. Daniela BololoiWinston Churchill Dental

Patients love to take photos with us now! Our big ‘a-ha’ moment since we started with My Social Practice was when we noticed how it started to make a difference in our office both internally and externally.

Jackie StrongMcSurdy Orthodontics

My Social Practice does a wonderful job of providing excellent, engaging content. We almost doubled our new patients and picked up as many Facebook followers in one month with one of their raffles.

John A SmithDDS, Lifetime Dental

The photo booth app especially helps to get our patients and our whole team involved.

Bonnie ReevesGronberg Orthodontics

Be Found and Chosen

Let's Build You an Effective Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer exclusivity agreements with your services?

At My Social Practice, we understand the desire for exclusivity in our marketing services for Endodontic practices. However, we don’t offer exclusive arrangements.

Our team takes great pride in developing all Endodontic ideas and content in-house, thereby assuring that your Endodontic marketing initiative benefits from custom-crafted and original strategies. Despite the inherent challenge that uniqueness doesn’t stop your competitors from attempting to mimic the strategies we formulate for your practice. With that said, you can have complete trust in our dedication and commitment to offering personalized marketing solutions for your practice.

Please keep in mind that in our experience of working with dental professionals, we’ve found that while exclusivity might seem attractive, it’s often not as vital as one might believe. Marketing companies offering exclusivity typically charge higher fees that may not deliver commensurate value.

Though we don’t offer exclusivity, our commitment to devising and implementing customized, effective Endodontic marketing strategies to help your Endodontic practice grow remains steadfast. Our aim is to deliver high-quality services that fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations.

How do you measure the ROI of an Endodontic marketing campaign?

Assessing the ROI of an Endodontic marketing campaign demands a thorough approach. We believe in absolute transparency in our reporting. Depending on the services engaged by your practice, we offer detailed reports providing profound insights into your campaign’s performance.

For social media marketing services, we deliver robust analytics tracking engagement rates, click-through rates, follower growth, and content performance. These metrics help us identify what content resonates with your local audience and allows us to adapt our strategies accordingly.

If you’ve engaged our Endodontic website design and hosting or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, we monitor critical indicators such as visitor numbers, search engine rankings, how well you rank on Google Maps, click rates, calls to your practice, and even technical aspects like page load speeds and link health. This data allows us to optimize your online presence and boost visibility.

We value honesty and openness above all. We don’t shy away from challenges. If a campaign isn’t performing as expected, we communicate this and collaborate with you to adjust our strategies effectively.

How much do your Endodontic marketing services cost?

We specialize in delivering customized, high-value Endodontic marketing solutions, tailored to meet the distinctive needs of each practice we partner with. Our team of skilled professionals leverages advanced software to provide cost-effective, quality services.

We offer flexible, month-to-month payment plans without long-term contractual obligations, ensuring our services align with your financial considerations. For practices seeking to optimize their budget, we provide significant discounts for service bundles and annual contracts.

But remember, we’re more than just a service provider – we’re your strategic ally in Endodontic marketing. Our mission is to help your practice grow by being found online and chosen as the premier Endodontic provider in your town.

How should I choose an Endodontic marketing company?

Choosing an Endodontic Marketing company is a significant decision that can greatly influence the growth and success of your practice. It requires careful consideration to ensure that the company aligns with your specific needs and values.

First, make sure their services match your needs. Endodontic marketing involves a wide range of services including SEO, social media marketing, website design, reputation management, and more. Identify your priorities and choose a company that specializes in these areas.

Next, be cautious of companies promising quick fixes or instant results. Successful Endodontic marketing strategies often promise sustained, long-term growth. Quick, impressive numbers might not translate to quality patient conversions in the long run.

Consider the company’s history, longevity, and financial stability. A sustainable and committed partner is what you need for long-term growth. It’s also vital to find a company with experience in Endodontic marketing, as this field requires specialist knowledge including HIPAA compliance and local market understanding.

Communication and support are crucial for a successful partnership. The marketing company you choose should offer excellent support, maintain open lines of communication, and be ready to collaborate with your team.

Finally, research the company’s reputation and values. Choose a company that aligns with your values and has a solid reputation in the dental community. Check their online reviews and reputation amongst their current and former clients.

Remember, take your time when making this decision. Meet with potential companies, ask important questions, and thoroughly research their offerings. This approach increases the chances of finding an Endodontic marketing company that effectively supports your practice’s growth and success.

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