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Reputation Management

Dentist Reputation Management: Building A Strong Reputation Online

By December 16, 2020June 20th, 2022No Comments

dentist reputation management

An Easy Strategy For Improving Dentist Reputation Management

There aren’t many things more crucial to a thriving business than having an excellent reputation online.

This is exceptionally true in the case of dental practices. Patient referrals and community awareness are two crucial elements to any dental practice looking to grow. Building a strong reputation online is especially important for practice growth.

The pandemic brought with it a huge shift to almost exclusively online digital marketing. More patients than ever are using online search marketing and dental social media to find their new dentist. There has never been a better time for dental professionals to transition from traditional dental marketing to online dental social media marketing.

We know coming up with a digital marketing strategy and online reputation plan can feel like a lot to wrap your head around but these tips on how to build a strong reputation make it easy and effective. We’ve put together tips to help you build a strong reputation for your dental practice.

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Improve Your Dental Reputation With Community Engagement

To build a solid reputation, you will need to establish a name for your dental practice in your community.

Engaging with your community starts with attending community events and festivals. Snapping a photo or two at a local event and sharing it to your dental practice social media accounts will do wonders for your local reach.

Digital marketing content helps future patients see your posts and understand that your dental practice cares about being an active part of the community.

The people that you meet and connect with both at community events and online are your current patient’s family and friends. These people are the people who will help you build a strong reputation; if you allow them to see that your dental practice treats people, not just teeth.

Your Online Reputation Can Give An Awesome First Impression

As a dentist, your potential patients will want to get to know what you are like and what kind of experience they will have in your practice. Word of mouth marketing is the most effective type of digital dental marketing.

We don’t have to tell any dental practice that it’s important to get started on the right foot with patients. 

reputation management for dentists

Be friendly and excited to engage with your community on social media and your dental website. Greet your patients with a smile to make them feel welcome and comfortable in your office.

Guarantee a safe and extremely clean environment for every patient and make sure that is clear from your reception to your bathrooms, and of course the operatory.

Respond to those who leave comments on your social media posts and make sure that your dental website is full of useful and friendly information about you and your dental team.

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Shine Online With Dentist Reputation Management

These days, your online presence is more important than ever.

With more potential patients than ever before turning to the Internet for information, your online profiles need to be excellent. Reflect your practice’s culture and mission using your online profiles.

Share fun, engaging and authentic posts that tell patients their experience in your practice will be phenomenal.

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When you present yourself well on social media, your potential patients will like and trust you before they even ever step into your practice. Respond to those who leave comments on your social media posts and make sure that your dental website is full of useful and friendly information about you and your dental team.

Everything that you do online should reflect your dental practice philosophy.

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Dentist Reputation Management Requires An Online Reviews Strategy

Having great online reviews is a must for any dental practice looking to build a powerful reputation. Online review sites are a trusted source for potential patients looking for a new dentist.

dentist reputation management

When your reviews make your practice look fantastic, new patients are sure to give you a call. Not only do people trust online reviews as much as a personal referral, but positive online reviews also create a positive conversation about your practice.

These conversations can spill into other pages online. When your practice gets a great review, share that positive review on your social pages and website for more reach. Sharing great online reviews is one of the keys to building a strong foundation for your practice online.

Dental social media marketing can feel overwhelming. And, quite frankly, many dentists simply don’t have the time to market their practice and keep their practice sunning smoothly.

About the Author: Adrian Lefler is a dental marketing expert and a key member of the dental marketing team at My Social Practice. My Social Practice is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Adrian is passionate about helping dental practices grow through transparent and effective dental marketing services. If you have any dental marketing questions, give us a call at 877-316-7516. And, don’t forget to read our Google My Business reviews.

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