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Be found and chosen by more patients.

We help dentists take the guesswork out of dental marketing and grow their practice.

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How our dental marketing drives practice growth:

Showing up on social media where patients are scrolling

Owning the top spot on Google Maps with SEO

Earning more 5-star Google Reviews

Having a website that ranks high, loads fast, and converts


social media video views

Patricia London, DDS
Case Study


Google reviews in 45 days!

Monica Ponce, DDS
Case Study


increase of new patients in 90 days!

Valerie Preston, DDS
Case Study


increase in website visitors

Bana Ball, DDS
Case Study

We fuel your practice with patients, while you build lasting relationships

We’re a dental marketing company that believes dentists and dental teams should be able to focus wholly on what they do best – building genuine, lasting relationships with their patients. We support practices by taking on the time-intensive dental marketing tasks, shouldering the burden of creating a consistent patient inflow. In doing so, patient interactions are elevated and the practice is established as the premier office in the community.

With a rich history spanning over 13 years in the dental industry, our expertise has been the cornerstone of success for thousands of dental practices including Dentists, Orthodontists, Pediatric dentists, Endodontists, and DSOs and Group Practices. Through our journey, we have achieved the remarkable feat of:

Years in Dental
Practices Worked With
5-Star Reviews
Social Media Followers

We love our clients, and they say really nice things about us!

See the transformative benefits that our clients have experienced first-hand. They’ve collectively garnered more than 2.7 million new social media followers, elevating their practices’ visibility and engagement. Thanks to tried and tested reputation management strategies, they’ve amassed over 375,000 fresh online reviews, enhancing their online reputation and patient trust.

We’ve helped to turn hundreds of sluggish websites into high-performing platforms with ‘A’ ratings for speed and efficiency, drastically improving their dental website rankings and online footprint. Moreover, we’ve successfully increased new patient phone calls from Google Maps SEO, demonstrating a tangible increase in their practice’s reach.

Don’t just listen to us, take a glimpse at our clients’ stories reflected in their glowing Google reviews. Over 13 years, our near flawless reputation is underpinned by amazing 5-star reviews, a testament to the significant impact we have on our clients’ journeys to success.

Be found and chosen with a trusted dental marketing company

We’re excited to provide a growth partnership where innovative content and current trends are seamlessly incorporated into your dental marketing campaigns. By teaming up with our dental marketing company, you’ll benefit from a trustworthy, cost-effective partnership that possesses a deep understanding of the dental industry, your patients, and the dynamics of your community and practice.

Expect unparalleled customer service coupled with a steady stream of engaging, creative, and compelling dental marketing concepts. We collaborate closely with your practice as we foster new patient growth. Dental marketing campaigns are designed not only to capture the interest but to resonate profoundly with your community, helping your be found and chosen by more patients in a fiercely competitive industry.

We invite you to choose us to be your collaborative marketing partner. Our efforts are centered on nurturing a lively community that connects your patients more intimately with your practice story.

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Where do you rank on Google maps when patients search “dentist near me”?

Did you know that 92%  of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of local search results and the top 3 results in Google Maps get 44% of total clicks? If you don’t rank here, you could be missing out on potential new patients!

Request a complimentary Google maps ranking report, which identifies the areas in your community where your practice is in the Google map 3-pack and the areas where your competition is out-ranking you.


Our promise

We love working with dentists and are sincerely concerned about the success of their dental practices. We understand the unique struggles that dentists have in a hyper competitive marketplace and find that we best support our client practices as a long term growth partner.

As your dental marketing company partner we promise to:

Strive to keep our costs low and always pass that savings along to you.

Never suggest or sell a service that you don't need.

Always be upfront, honest, and respectful.

Provide amazing customer support by answering when you call.

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