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10 Easy Dental Video Marketing Ideas You Can Post Today

By March 14, 2021July 22nd, 2022No Comments

dental video marketing ideas

10 Easy and Awesome Dental Video Marketing Ideas

Dental video marketing has taken over online digital dental marketing. Your patients and potential patients would rather watch creative dental marketing videos that teach them about your practice than read about what you offer.

Having engaging video content on your dental website and social media pages is a must for every dental professional. However, we have heard many obstacles get in the way of dental practices creating dental marketing videos. Not only do we hear “It’s challenging to come up with dental video ideas” but also “We don’t have time to make videos” and “There is no way I could get my team or doctor on board.”

That’s where My Social Practice steps in to help. We have worked with thousands of dental practices like yours looking to get more patients and grow using social media and video.

As part of this educational blog post we’ve also created a complimentary eBook to help you get started.

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1. Answer an FAQ

Think about the patient questions that you get all the time and create a video addressing them. FAQ’s are super helpful and one of the highest trafficked sections of a dental website.

PRO TIP: Write captions for the video. Many people watch videos without sound and captions will keep them watching.

What Else Can You Do With A Dental FAQ Video?

Add your FAQ videos to your FAQ dental website page. You can also embed your FAQ videos on your dental service pages. Why not? Video is a great way to answer questions. It’s also great for dental SEO and helping your website rank higher in Google.

2. Capture A Reaction

Capturing a reaction video is probably one of the best marketing pieces of content that you can make, and it’s not difficult. Your community is looking for authenticity. A real, genuine reaction from your patient is worth 100 testimonial videos.

How Can Reaction Videos Build Your Social Proof?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that encourages us to believe that the decisions of others are appropriate. Reaction videos show the positive effect of dental procedures on the psyche of an individual. When your community watches the positive reaction of your patients in a reveal video, they’ll believe that their experience in your office will be similar.

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3. Fun Fact: Did You Know?

Shoot a video where you are telling your audience about a fun dental or non-dental-related fact. Remember, not everything you post needs to be dental-related. The goal of dental marketing campaign is to build trust by making real connections with potential patients.

Fun Facts Are Great Social Media Content

Your community is on social media mostly because they want to be entertained. The kicker is that people prefer to spend their money with people that they like and feel comfortable with. Shooting fun dental videos that highlight the relaxed and fun aspects of your practice is a great way to attract new patients who want to work with dentists they like.

4. A Day In The Life

Show behind-the-scenes clip and share the daily activities of your practice! This type of video typically works best when sped up or cut into short clips.

During the pandemic many practices used a behind the scenes video to show how seriously they take sanitation in their office. Post-pandemic day-in-the-life-videos can be used on your social media channels, the About Us page on your website, and also uploaded to your Google My Business account. When uploaded to all of these places your online presence expands and your rankings in Google can improve.

How Can A Day In The Life Video Help Your Marketing?

We know that when running a dental practice the days can begin to fade into each other. Everyday in a dental office isn’t a unique day that you’ll remember forever. For most dental team members the internal workings of a dental practice are uninteresting, even boring. But that’s not necessarily what your patients are going to think. Especially if you highlight the personalities of your team as you shoot your video.

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5. Lip-Sync Dental Video Idea

Have some fun with patients as one of your dental video ideas and make a lip-sync video to a trending song. When you sign up for TikTok and Instagram you can scroll through the popular videos to see what kind of lip-sync challenge is trending.

I Never Wanted To Be A Rock Star, Why Are You Asking Me To Do This?

Maybe you never wanted to don the rock star stage, but I would bet you’ve got a dental team member, maybe two, that still think they have a chance. Identify those extroverts and task them with shooting a lip-sync video.

6. Create A Dental Service Video

What do you provide in your dental office that makes you stand out? What is your core competency and marketing advantage? Have you recently purchased a new piece of technology? Have you brought on a cosmetic service you didn’t have in the past?

Your potential and even current patients might not know about all the services you offer or the new technology in your practice. Shoot a video to educate them on what your practice offers to give patients a comprehensive experience.

The Old Barriers To Video Creation Are Gone, So Get Started

Back in the old digital marketing days, like ten years ago; shooting and editing a was a serious project that took a ton of time and prep. Now-a-days, it’s done quickly on a mobile phone.

And guess what, no-one, I mean no-one is expecting you to create service related videos that appears like a major studio created it. Your patients and your community care more about authenticity, personality, and creativity, than they do about production value.

So, stop worrying about your production value and start shooting service related videos this week. Post everything you create these to your social channels and also update your dental website with your new video content.

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7. Jump On A Trending Dental Video Idea

Do you remember the Harlem Shake? If you don’t, you’re lucky. After watching ten thousand Harlem shake videos they start to make you vomit. But they didn’t always make me vomit. In the first month, they were pretty funny.

The key is to be an early adopter of online trends and benefit from huge engagement. But trends sour quickly and you don’t want to be the last person on the trend. The last dentists on a trend never get invited to parties with the trendy dentists.

There is always some sort of viral video trend happening online. Ask your dental team what funny or interesting trends or video challenges they are seeing online and recreate one or two! Not only is it fun to introduce your team to your patients with fun videos, but it makes your practice likable.

Where Will You Find Trending Video Ideas?

You can use Youtube’s trending feed. You can also use the Discover button at the bottom of your TikTok app. If you want to find ideas in Instagram you should search hashtags related to what you want to make videos about, or you can use the Explore page.

One REALLY great idea would be to subscribe to our blog because we’re always posting about new dental social media marketing trends.

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8. Shoot A Product Review or Demonstration

Review one of your favorite dental products or a new one that you’ve just started offering. Tell your patients about why you like it and how it can benefit their oral health.

Why Are You Shooting Product Videos, Isn’t That Up To The Manufacturers?

Let’s be honest, dental manufacturing companies are NOT great dental marketing companies. I know that someone who works in the marketing dept. of a manufacturer company is reading this, and that person knows I’m right. Dental manufacturing companies don’t market to the public, they market to dentists. There is a big difference between marketing to dentists and marketing to the public.

You (the dentist) and your team are the absolute best persons to shoot demonstration and product review videos. When you shoot dental videos you’re able to tweak the content to your practice brand. You can use humor and/or intrigue to help create a product review video that will blow away whatever a manufacturer can do.

Check out some of these fantastic TikTok dentist videos to give you some ideas.

The Dental Practice Guide to 24-Hour Social Media Stories

9. Create A Dental Dance Party Video

This may sound silly, but it works! Everyone is entertained and intrigued by dance videos. If you have someone in your practice who likes to dance, use that as a fun opportunity to provide helpful information to your patients. Shoot a dance video and then include informational text with tips and tricks.

You Gotta Bust A Move Every Once In A While

What is that I just heard you say? You can’t dance? Well… all I can tell you is that the worse you are at dancing the more viral your video will go. At least that’s been our experience. If you haven’t danced on camera in a while, or ever, it’s time to start. Just don’t throw your hip out. I know a great hip surgeon just in case.

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10. Make A ‘Just Checking In’ Dental Video

When you’ve run out of ideas, get loose and do one of these dental videos. Shoot a just checking in. Start off the video by saying, “Hey everyone, I’m just checking in…” And then tell everyone how things are going. Maybe someone on your team just announced that their having a baby. Or possibly it was someone’s birthday today. Anything goes with one of these dental marketing videos.

A Great Way To Get Personal And Approachable

The purpose of a just checking in video isn’t to sell dental services or find new patients; it’s purpose is to help potential patients and current patients feel comfortable. There are lots of your patients who are frankly scared of going to the dentist. These types of videos will help reduce anxiety by making the doctor approachable.

Did You Just Scroll All The Way To The Bottom Of This Post?

Well, if you did, you’re in luck. Because, guess what, we’ve made a video about all of these ideas. So, if you’d rather just watch and not have to read… click the play button.

Update your patients on what is going on in your practice. This could be new staff members, what their experience will be like when they come in, or just simply saying hello and thank you.

With My Social Practice, you will have a marketing plan, a schedule to follow, and your own marketing expert to help you along the way. The reason many dental professionals are falling behind is simply that they don’t have anyone to turn to for help with the constantly changing social media world. We can help! Schedule a time to talk to one of our experts.

Know That You Need To Do This But Don’t Have The Time?

Viola, enter the awesome social media marketing team from My Social Practice. Don’t have a social media marketing plan, got you covered. Not sure where to get started, we know where to start.

We can help! Schedule a time to talk to one of our experts.

About the Author: Adrian Lefler is an expert dental marketer and a key member of the dental marketing team at My Social Practice. My Social Practice is a dental marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Adrian is passionate about helping dental practices grow. If you’d like to book one of the members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that HERE. Interested in learning more about the benefits of SEO for dental practices or our dental websites service, you can learn more here. Also please read our Google My Business reviews.