Building Trust Through Dental Reputation Management and Social Proof

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When it comes to dental reputation management, we all understand that Social Proof is critical.

Dental social proof pushes a prospective new patient across the line to call your practice for his or her first appointment. Trust retains patients and decreases attrition, and trust prompts current patients to recommend your practice to their extended family members, neighbors, coworkers and friends.

Let’s talk about the ways dental social media marketing creates, strengthens and safeguards trust.

Every month here at My Social Practice we focus on a topic or two that we know is central to transforming and growing your practice using social media marketing and digital dental marketing strategies. Our goal is always to distill the very best thinking and tools and then make them accessible and practical for dental practices, and available to you, our valued fans and clients.

During January we will be talking about building trust through something called social proof.

People No Longer Trust What YOU Say About Your Business

Each year, Edelman Research releases what they call a “trust barometer” that reflects a look at the public’s level of trust in various institutions, companies and systems. This year worldwide, business trust has actually been falling.

People today are more discerning about which businesses they choose and support. They not only care about the quality of the products and services that are provided, but they also care about the business’ transparency, integrity, accessibility, charity efforts and customer experience.

Consumers, and your perspective new patients, are becoming smarter and much more savvy. They do their own research and they’re much less likely to trust traditional mass advertising messages, including those things that you’re publishing on your website. And when making a decision as important as choosing a dentist, they also get input from their own trusted friends, family and other local residents through social media and through reviews.

What others are saying online about your practice has an enormous influence on the level of trust you inspire in existing patients and prospective new patients. So this month we’re going to be talking about four simple and effective ways that you can harness social proof to help steer online conversations about your practice and to show that you’re truly a business worthy of patients’ trust.

  1. How to get more Google reviews
  2. Using Video for social proof
  3. How rankings in SEO help with trust
  4. Social proof tips for your dental website


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