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Create Effective Dental Marketing Videos Using Your Phone

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Video is taking over as the #1 consumed form of content. When done right the way, dental marketing videos will bring greater responses than any other content type. In this blog post, we will cover why your dental practice needs dental video marketing, what kind of videos you should be creating, and where you should share those videos.

Effective video marketing doesn’t require fancy equipment and professional editing. There are plenty of editing tools right on Instagram that will help you make awesome short-form videos for your social media pages.

Why should your practice focus on video marketing?

Let’s talk about stats.

dental marketing videosVideo content is the primary lead-generation tool for marketers, outweighing blogs, infographics, and even ebooks. People are consuming video content more than any other type of content online. Surveys taken among the country’s top marketers show the same trend. In 2016, around 61% of marketers utilized video whereas 86% use video marketing now.

Video consumption on mobile devices rises 100% annually! Video is a huge part of social media and the way that patients want to consume content.

Which Platforms Should Dental Practices be Focusing On?


youtube for dentistsDental practices can have a very effective strategy on YouTube. We have seen practices be very successful by posting videos on YouTube and then embedding them on their dental websites and blog posts. Having YouTube videos on your channel helps your practice be more visible by using keywords in your description. YouTube is for longer-form videos like office tours, testimonial videos, and treatment explanations.

Google My Business

google maps for dentistsGoogle My Business is where your Google reviews and map listing show up. We like to say Google My Business is “your website before your website” because your Google My Business is what shows up when a patient Googles your practice or dentists near you. You can upload photos and videos to your Google My Business. Effective videos would be things like office tours, treatment explainers and patient testimonial videos. The videos on your Google My Business page are very accessible and will be sure to set you apart from the competition online.


Facebook Cover Photo/Video

facebook marketing for dentistsYour Facebook Cover Video is the first thing that potential patients see when they land on your Facebook page. This video creates a strong first impression and is your brand enhancer. To be effective, you’ll want it to promote your message in a friendly way.

Feed Posts

marketing facebook dentalThis one is simple. If you want to post something on your Facebook page, one of the many options is to upload a video. After you post your video, it is stored in a permanent place named “video library” on your page. Feed videos are easy for people to share, react (like), comment on, and tag their friends. Pro tip: Your feed video post can also be turned into a promotional ad!

Facebook stories

dental facebook marketingFacebook and Instagram stories were created to last for only 1 day! Whatever you create, it will be gone after 24 hours. It’s fleeting, but that’s part of the novelty! These videos last only 24 hours and comments and interactions are private. Stories are a place to let loose and have fun. Your practice can be more silly and friendly on stories than say, on your website videos.

Facebook Live

online marketing for dentistsReal-time public engagement. Engagement tends to be higher when you live on Facebook. The dental marketing videos you create on Facebook live are saved on your page, people watch them later. Live video produces 6X as many interactions as traditional videos.


Instagram Feed Posts

instagram dental marketingUp to 60 seconds in length, the videos you post on your Instagram page will get 21% more interaction than your still images. Make sure to include hashtags to help your post reach more people. Like your Facebook posts, your Instagram video posts can also be promoted and turned into an ad. Keep in mind that the videos you share are saved to your Instagram page will be saved right along with your other posts.


dental instagram marketingInstagram TV was created to share long-form videos. These videos can even be up to 1 hour long. IG TV is the perfect place to put informational and educational content on your page.

Instagram Stories

instagram dental storiesThese 15-second videos are like Facebook stories. Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. However, you do have the option to save these videos in your highlights section. Your patients, and the people most likely to become new patients, are interacting with stories from Instagram and Facebook daily. Around 400 million people are engaging with stories each month on Instagram, many of them in the hard-to-reach millennial and Gen-Z demographic.

Instagram Reels

instagram dental ideasInstagram Reels was created in response to the popular TikTok app. Instagram Reels videos consist of dancing to trending music clips, lip-syncing, “how-to” explanations, or sharing jokes or pranks. Instagram allows users to edit videos with text, filters, effects, sounds, and stickers. These are for fun, educational, and overall entertaining content to connect with your patients.

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TikTok for Dentists

Once you create dental marketing videos, share them everywhere.

Make your video go a long by sharing it to your Instagram and Facebook feeds and stories, your YouTube channel, and your Google My Business account. You never know where a potential patient will land first so make sure that all your sites are updating accordingly.

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