Social Media For Dentists: The Key To Finding New Patients

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social media for dentists

Social Media For Dentists Is Here To Stay.

So, how do they find your practice? If new patients do find you, what will make them want to call your practice to schedule an appointment? Since you see most patients just twice a year, how do you maintain strong relationships with your current patients? The answer to these questions are in social media content for for dentists and orthodontists.

Did you know that small businesses, like your dental practice, actually see more benefits from using social media than large businesses with big budgets? That is because social media marketing success depends not on how many followers you have, but instead on the amount of engagement your posts generate. Dental practices tend to be community-focused, which means it is much easier for your dental practice to be authentic and connect with local people online. Many people use social media as a place to ask for advice and recommendations on services and products. If your dental practice has an active voice online, you’ll be a part of those conversations too.

Let’s answer why dentists need social media marketing to grow. 

How do dentists advertise? Does dental office social media work for dentists?

Dentists across the country are discovering the power of dental office social media, and they are not disappointed in the results. After all, 77% of prospective patients do their research through search engines online, and 44% of patients searching on a mobile device end up scheduling an appointment.

Because of its ever-increasing possibilities, dental social media marketing strategy is quickly becoming the most useful tool available to dentists. Practices that have a solid social media strategy in place are witnessing increased reach to new patients and improved appointment numbers. Dental social media marketing is ultimately helping practices meet their bottom line. The good news is that it has never been easier to connect with patients and build a reputation online.

As a local dentist, you can easily foster connections with local individuals using social media. Social media is excellent for small businesses like dental practices because social posts get shown to a high number of local users.

It’s designed as a platform for self-promotion and gives you the ability to reach and connect with new patients. Not only is dental social media marketing the absolute best way to reach new patients and improve relationships through communication and engagement, but it is also the most useful tool dentists can use to ease the fear that many people feel when they face the possibility of visiting the dentist.

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Your potential patients get a glimpse of your practice culture and the kind of experience they will have in your practice right on your social pages. Social media for dentists provides a way for you to make your patients feel welcome and comfortable before they take one step into your practice. By sharing light-hearted, fun, engaging content, you let patients know that they are in good hands.

By posting pictures, you are giving your practice an online personality, which eliminates the scary “visiting the dentist” stigma for nervous patients. Brand reputation dental social media is where to start. When your practice has a fantastic dental social media marketing strategy, you’ll see a big difference in your growth.

Remember: you are selling the good experience people will have in your practice, not your clinical care.

Your dental social media pages are not a medical journal. Although great clinical care is important, your patients are more interested in finding a trustworthy, compassionate dentist that they feel comfortable with.

Attracting and retaining new dental patients using social media for dentists is about trust and relationships. Social media is the place to show your community that you care about people, not just teeth.

What does My Social Practice do to help dental practices?

We know social media for dentists because, well, we created it. In the early days of social media, My Social Practice saw that every strategy for building a successful business was going to drastically change in the wake of the social media revolution. We became laser-focused on mastering the capabilities of social media marketing for dental, orthodontic, and specialty practices. Social media marketing strategies for dentists need to be specific to the industry because the dental industry is unique.

We wanted to create a service that would be just as effective as hiring a social media marketing specialist but easy enough for dental professionals to do themselves, right in their practice, without breaking the bank. Why did we choose to focus on dental practices? Because few businesses have the type of personal, intimate relationships that dentists and orthodontists have with their patients. We know that effective social media strategy excels at leveraging those relationships to transform and grow a business.

The dental industry is projected to reach $35.7 billion by 2023. That is a lot of opportunity for your team, practice, and family. If your practice wants a sound portion of that profit, you need a dental-specific social media marketing plan.

It cannot be overstated how significant social media content is to the success of your practice, and the value of social media for dentists is only growing. The trouble is, not many practices have the time or resources to hire a full-time social media specialist. Social media management for dentists can feel daunting. That’s where we can help.

Over ten years of trial and error, we’ve packaged everything our experts understand about dental social media marketing into a seriously powerful solution for dental practices. My Social Practice won’t stop until your dental practice establishes a dominant presence on social media in your community. By sharing loyalty-building patient experiences, using organic online word-of-mouth marketing, and tailoring our tactics to fit your specific objectives, My Social Practice will help your practice outshine your competitors and reach your goals.

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Should you hire a marketing expert or do it yourself?

Our social media package takes social media for dentists marketing completely off your already full plate. Everything from posting new photos to engaging with users and responding to comments is handled by your personal social media manager. Your manager is an expert on how dentists are using social media to attract new patients, what to post on a dental Facebook page to get attention, how to make Instagram content for dentists, and more. They will plan, strategize, and report on your social media efforts so you can focus all of your attention on your practice and patients.

You can rest assured that your manager knows the ins and outs of social media marketing strategies for dentists. They will be sharing photos, creating opportunities for engagement, and carrying out a plan for your Facebook and Instagram marketing. You can also rely on your manager to advertise your practice by promoting selected posts and running regular social media contest ideas and giveaways on your page to reach more people. The dental social media package allows you to build an awesome online presence, whether your busy schedule allows you to stay engaged or not. You can participate as little or as much as you like.

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If you are more of a DIY person, My Social Practice’s self-managed social media package equips you with the resources and coaching your dental practice needs to be successful while allowing YOU to choose what you post, when you post, and your level of engagement with your fans online. Fill your dental Facebook and Instagram pages with creative, out-of-the-box posts in just a few clicks. Never again ask “What should I post on my dental Facebook page?” or “How do dentists use Instagram?” Let My Social Practice develop creative post ideas and a solid marketing plan while you stick to what you love: dentistry.

Your personal social media consultant will help you set effective goals, give you marketing strategies and ideas, train you on your social media platform’s best practices, and provide your team with continual direction. With My Social Practice’s self-managed package, we hand YOU the reins while supporting you every step of the way.

To keep the engaging social media ideas flowing, we ship you a box full of props, signs, and instructions to create two months of lively in-practice social media content in a snap. We’ve discussed how patients think more about how comfortable they are with you and your team than they do about anything else. When potential patients check out your practice on Facebook or Instagram, your posts should show your practice is friendly and inviting.

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By posting fun and engaging content online, you boost retention and keep top-of-mind awareness. Our clients report increases of up to 30% in their new patient intake since starting to utilize social media. The materials we send you are specifically designed to celebrate your patients, introduce your team, showcase your practice culture, and ultimately bring in new dental patients. Everything that comes in your box is directed toward building trust and relationships with current and potential patients online.

Over ten+ years in the dental marketing industry, My Social Practice has developed the ideal hub for busy dental practices looking to make waves online. As a client, you’ll have your own dental marketing app and website.

Our engineers have made it incredibly easy to use and personalize. Your app and member site are packed with example posts of what’s working for other real dental practices, a massive library of dental social media posts, calendars to schedule content and stay organized, and of course endless tips and tricks from our dental marketing experts. Your hub will be regularly updated with trending ideas, content, and instructions. It’s social media strategies for dentists, all in one place.

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Why My Social Practice understands social media for dentists.

Dentists have found it so easy to work with My Social Practice because unlike traditional marketing agencies, we concentrate on the dental industry and the dental industry only. Why dentists need social media marketing is to be on the cutting-edge and not get left behind.

You won’t need to explain the significant importance of HIPAA or why some days you just get too busy to even give a single thought to social media. We get it, we know what dental professionals’ lives look like in a busy practice. We also acknowledge that the purpose of dental social media marketing is more than just a fun addition to the practice. We understand that your marketing efforts need to increase your bottom line, and we’re here to help. Check out what dental practices have to say about us here.

What happens when I request a demo from My Social Practice?

When you fill out a demo request form or contact form on our website, a dental marketing expert will reach out to you on your contact phone number and email within two business days. Our experts will reach out to schedule a time to talk with you about your dental marketing needs. Don’t worry, your private information is kept on a secure server. We never share any of our data with third parties.

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The purpose of a demo call with a My Social Practice marketing specialist is to discuss your particular marketing goals and where we can help you achieve those goals. Our experts analyze your practice to identify weak areas that we can help improve, and also to see where we can best leverage your strengths. My Social Practice will tailor a personalized dental marketing strategy based on your practice size, patient needs, personality, staff, and location. We want to know everything we can about your practice to create the best possible course of action.

How much should I pay for dental social media marketing?

On the low-cost end, many patient management services offer “social media” as a bonus or add-on. This type of marketing typically consists of a pre-made image posted automatically once or twice a week to your Facebook page. While this is certainty cheap, we’ve seen dental practices’ social media pages flounder with this type of impersonal, auto-posted content. Unfortunately, this is how many dentists use Facebook, with no successful results.

These kinds of posts are uninteresting, and they do not allow you to create an online personality for your practice or spark an engaging connection with your patients. Stock images and infographics have a place on social media, but if that type of content clutters your page, it ends up looking like spam. Remember, the purpose of social media is to be social!

On the other end of the marketing scale, you can hire a marketing agency to design and develop custom content and ad campaigns for your practice’s social media pages and website. The problem for small businesses like a dental practice is that the cost of hiring a full-scale advertising agency can easily cross into several thousand dollars every month. For most, this solution is not realistic. Another reason why dentists need social media marketing is that it is affordable.

Our exclusive focus on helping dental practices has allowed us to provide smooth, innovative dental marketing services at a low cost. Depending on your practice needs (Do you need a new, modern dental website? Do you need more Google reviews?) and growth goals, the cost of your unique dental marketing package will fall somewhere in the middle of the scale.

Chat with us and get set up with what your dental practice needs — simple social media marketing for dentists. No fluff or extras, just a custom marketing plan that fits your practice. My Social Practice offers the most valuable, out-of-the-box dental social media marketing solution on the planet. That’s it. That’s all we do.

How do I market my dental office?

Dental marketing is the process of increasing dental practice revenue through attracting potential dental patients via online digital dental marketing methods. Marketing a dental office creates an awareness of a dental practice within the local community. When done successfully, dental marketing has the power to provide thousands of targeted new patients to your website, where they can see exactly what dental services you offer, as well as the culture and brand of your office. 

The digital marketing methods a dental practice should use are, dental SEO, social media marketing, Facebook marketing, content creation, paid advertising, email marketing, and dental website conversion techniques.

Dental marketing will allow your dental office to stand out from the competition by creating a unique value proposition and brand.

What should I post on my dental Facebook page?

Many dental offices are using social media as a marketing tool by posting relevant content to Facebook. It is important that dentists keep their Facebook marketing pages up to date with relevant photos and videos so potential patients will visit their dental office after researching them on social media. Using pictures of people who visited the dental office recently or pictures of patients who love the dentist’s service can help others trust them more. It is important to use high-quality pictures instead of generic dental information posts.

What most dentists are not aware of is that the typical consumer process is to investigate the reputation of the practice prior to calling the office to schedule an appointment. 

Why do dentists need marketing?

Once upon a time, dental marketing involved buying expensive advertisements on billboards, in television ads, radio ads, and journals, while continuing to shamelessly beg for referrals.

Once upon a time… the Internet appeared on the scene.

Since then, social media for dentists has evolved immensely. Dental digital marketing can be more beneficial than traditional dental marketing methods because of its versatility and low comparative low cost.

Digital marketing allows dental practices to reach out through various platforms like Facebook or Instagram, making communication more convenient. When you utilize digital dental marketing tactics, there’s no limit to the number of people who might end up seeing your posts, visit your website and call your office!

What is the best social media for dentists?

Dentists should focus on using Facebook and Instagram as the social media marketing platforms for the highest engagement in social media dental marketing. They can also use Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitter, but those aren’t as good at acquiring new patients.

There are a few reasons why Facebook and Instagram are better than other dental marketing ideas: they let you post pictures (most potential patients like to see before-and-after photos or learn about dental procedures), it’s easy to like, comment, and share posts (which drives more views by interested viewers), and most importantly they make it easy for anyone who likes your page to contact you with questions or requests for an appointment.

Why do dentists need social media?

Every dental practice should be using social media in their dental marketing efforts. According to a survey by the American Dental Association, more than 80% of Americans use the internet and social networking for dental information and dentists should take advantage of this opportunity to connect with patients and potential customers. Social media for dentists has now become a pillar of dental marketing. 

How do dentists use Instagram?

Instagram marketing can be an important part of social media for dentists plan, but only if it is done correctly. To get the most benefit from Instagram, a dental practice should follow a dental marketing strategy that encourages engagement. The dental marketing strategy should include some fun content on the practice Instagram page, which will encourage people to engage with their page and share it with others.


Find New Patients With Social Media For Dentists?

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About the Author: Blake Hadley is an expert dental marketer and one of the founding members of My Social Practice. My Social Practice is a dental marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Blake is passionate about helping dental practices grow. If you’d like to book Blake or one of the other members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that HERE. Interested in learning more about the benefits of SEO for dental practices or our dental websites service, you can learn more here.