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2023’s Best Dental Website Designs: 12 Awesome Examples To Inspire You

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The Best Dental Website Designs

Now that everyone is sure to look you up online before making an appointment, you need one of the best dental website designs to help your practice stand out.

Your website creates a powerful impression with new patients, and it has a significant influence on their opinion of your practice. 

What do the best dental website designs have in common? Is your dental practice’s website customized with an easy-to-navigate, sleek design? Do you make it clear where to check out your team bios, your online reviews, answers to FAQS, online forms, and services?

The dental website experts at My Social Practice know what it takes for a dental website design to convert online users to new patients. Every website is carefully designed to give visitors a remarkable, seamless, and memorable experience. 

The secret to My Social Practice’s unique dental websites is aesthetic functions, professional website designers with training, lightning-fast software tools, amazing customer service, and seamless integration with 3rd party applications that make potential patients like and trust your practice. Ultimately the goal of your dental website is to lead a visitor to contact your practice and schedule an appointment.

The dental website team at My Social Practice has brought the best dental website designs to the next level. From engaging and interactive content to exceptional functionality, these are the best dental website design examples, and they’re sure to inspire you.

1. WeDental

Best Dental Website Designs

WeDental’s website has a genuine, human touch, with the custom photos they choose to incorporate. The dentist is seen with his family and is introduced as a friendly face, not just a generic doctor. They have also included a fun photo of their team smiling at the camera. The key takeaway from this dental website design is to notice the professional, very polished website layout combined with less polished photos shows professionalism and authenticity. WeDental also made our top ten best dental websites.

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2. G.T. Dental Centre

Best Dental Website Designs_G.T. Dental Centre

G.T. Dental Centre’s goal was to create a website that was a spa-like feeling. High resolution photography of the surrounding area helps to bring a localized feel. The polished aesthetic design helps to convey the cosmetic approach of Dr. Thoms. This definitely met our aesthetic requirements as one of the best dental website.

3. DeLorenzo Dentistry

best dental practice website designs_DeLorenzo Dentistry

DeLorenzo Dentistry’s website design offers visitors a seamless experience by placing several action buttons on their main homepage. The homepage video is from a local park that patients will recognize. It’s a park where locals go hiking and feel at peace with their surroundings. That is precisely what Dr. DeLorenzo wants his practice recognized for. 

The website designers were aware of using a color palette that matched their office’s design. Using black borders to match the black frames of the office wall art maintains brand identity. It is easy to navigate and allows users to find services offered, blog content, and several ways to contact the office.

4. Oakdale Kids Dentist & Orthodontics

best dental website designs | Oakdale Kids dentist & Orthodontics | My Social Practice

Oakdale Kids Dentist & Orthodontics’ website embodies every part of the practice’s family-oriented culture. The homepage copy and photography are unique, fun and health-focused. The custom website design feels inviting and friendly.

Dr. Chahal asked for a pediatric website with simple and straightforward calls to action to improve website conversions. The Meet The Team, Meet the Dentist, Office Tour, Blog, Technology, Career Opportunities, and pediatric service pages are custom-written to improve their SEO rankings.
It’s easy to see why we include Oakdale Kids Dentist & Orthodontics website as one of our best dental website designs.

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5. Premier Smile Center

Best Dental Website Designs - The Premier Smile Center

Premier Smile Center had their website designer at My Social Practice put a pop-up bar on the left-hand side of their home screen for potential patients to get answers to their questions effortlessly. When your website makes it simple and stress-free to find out about you, your online users like and trust you before they have even stepped foot through your door.

6. Gilbert Dental Center

best dental website designs_Gilbert Dental Center

Gilbert Dental Center’s dental website design was intended to stick to their brand and culture of a hip, fun and inviting practice. The site matches their spunky attitudes and cool atmosphere. We customized their site to match their orange logo color and included a bright, clear image of their team. Matching colors and logos on your website, social media pages, and in-practice materials keep your dental practice brand consistent and easily recognizable.

In addition to the aesthetically pleasing designs and color palette are high resolution photography that helps to make the site pop.

Integrations allowing patients to schedule on the site as well as schedule virtual consultations, makes the site an avenue for new patient generation. We easily included Gilbert Dental Center in our best dental website designs.

7. VP Dental

best dental website designs VP Dental

VP Dental wanted a website that portrayed a message inviting to a younger generation. They also wanted to make sure that the navigation was simple and direct. By using clickable icons that lead website users directly to their social media pages as well as service pages, the website has increased conversions.

VP Dental has significantly increased their local dental SEO and are ranking very high on the Google map. Because of this they wanted to highlight some of their reviews. The reviews integration directly into the header photo on the homepage accomplished this.

The welcoming color palette and the practice video integration on the homepage makes it easy to see why we included this in one of the best dental website designs.

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8. Midtown General & Cosmetic Dentistry

best dental website designs | Midtown General & Cosmetic Dentistry | My Social Practice

Dr. St. Jean of Midtown General & Cosmetic Dentistry wanted his website to convey professionalism, focusing on family-first oral health. As you watch the homepage video, notice that it begins with a bird’s eye view of his town. Starting the homepage video there helps to orient the viewer and creates a sense of trust through recognition. The video then goes to the exterior of the practice and then inside. The editing back and forth between Dr. St Jean and testimonials from patients and staff is a great touch.

In addition to the video content, the website design team kept all relevant information high up on the page above the header tabs. High placement of the most critical information helps the site convert potential patients into new patients.

Dental websites with attention to detail like Dr. St. Jean’s are what we strive to create, and it quickly made the list of the best dental website designs.

9. Smiles for Life Dental Care

best dental website designs | Smiles for Life Dental Care | My Social Practice

The goal of every dental website should be to orient the viewer quickly to the mission and values of the practice. Once landing on the homepage of Smiles For Life Dental Care, it isn’t long before you have a clear picture of the type of practice Dr. Whiting and Dr. McIntyre have created.
The website’s homepage is massive, with custom content designed to help the practice rank organically and on the Google map.
Special attention was spent on editing so that the length of the video loops every ten seconds. Short homepage videos are preferred with dental SEO because longer videos load more slowly and negatively affect the page rankings.
Take a moment to scroll down the homepage and see how much content has been written. Our website designers created the page this way to help the homepage rank for multiple keywords. More content on the homepage is necessary for numerous keyword rankings.

10. LK Anderson DDS – Periodontics

best dental website designs_LK Anderson DDS Periodontics_My Social Practice

LK Anderson is a Wichita based dental and periodontal practice that features has a fantastic team that welcomes everyone as family. Their USP or unique selling proposition is reflected in the modern dental website design and minimalistic approach.

Their website captures engaging images and places their mission statement front and center. We especially enjoyed the color palette of their website, which conveys a feeling of comfort.

The site comes together with unique structure and design elements that make the site flow. It’s made the list of best dental website designs this year.

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11. Yerra Family Dentistry

best dental website designs_Yerra Family Dentistry_My Social Practice

Yerra Family Dentistry is a dental practice based in Woodinville WA, part of the Seattle metropolitan area. Dr. Yerra wanted to capture a minimalistic style with her new dental website. Minimalism seeks to simplify the interface by removing unnecessary design elements and using clean lines and colors to accent the site. 

One of the functions that minimalism attempts to create is simplicity. By reducing clutter, the site is streamlined and easy to navigate. The result of Dr. Yerra’s site is one of high aesthetics that represents the quality of her dental care. In addition to the minimalistic style, her photography is superb and professional.

Because of these aspects, Yerra Family Dentistry made our list of the best dental website designs.

12. William L. Ingram V | Aesthetics & Implant Dentistry

best dental website designs_William Ingram Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry_My Social Practice

William L. Ingram V – Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry is located in Huntsville AL. Dr. Ingram has been recognized as one of the most advanced and professional implant dentists in the country. Having served on many boards including the president of the Alabama Dental Association it’s easy to see how valuable he is to to colleagues and implant dentistry in Alabama. just check out the office tour page.

The main reason that we chose Dr. Ingram to be included in the best dental website designs was because his website does such a wonderful job of conveying quality and professionalism.

Dr. Ingram’s website has vibrant colors, information that is well organized, great images and is one of the best implant dentistry sites we’ve come across.

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How Your Practice Can Have One of the Best Dental Website Designs?

Getting a modern, professional dental website has never been easier or more affordable. Get started here!

When trying to make a good decision for your practice, keep in mind that the best dental website companies use a mix of dental marketing strategies. The best dental website companies focus on making sure that your website is user-friendly, ultra-high-speed, and pushes people to take any action before they leave the site.

To get a good idea of other website designs, check out this article. Here at My Social Practice, our goal is to lift the dental community in anyway we can, whether you are a client or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a dental website take to design?

On average we are able to build a site between 6-12 weeks. If a doctor needs a website sooner, we have the ability to launch more quickly but edits and updates to the site will be done after the site is live.

The length of time that it takes for one of our best dental website designs to go live varies depending on the number of design iterations that the client practice is asking for. It’s typical for our professional designers to do one to two iterations and have a product that the doctor is excited about launching.

The most important aspect of launch is communication between our team and our valued client practices. As long as we have clear communication we rarely miss expectations.

What should the best dental website designs for dentists include?

Your dental website should have an informative homepage with all the relevant information visible to patients before they scroll down, or above-the-fold. This includes your dental practice name, phone number, schedule appointment link, address, as well as what your premier services offered at practice. It’s best to include a comprehensive list of services on the homepage that link to the internal service pages.

You also need to include on your service pages places where potential patients can request treatments like dental cleanings, veneers, dental implants, crowns (or other procedures).

Dentists also need to be aware that the website is HIPAA compliant so that no one can see any patient data without permission.

How much does My Social Practice charge for a dental website?

We charge a $4,000 design fee for our custom website design service. If the practice bundles any other marketing service, ie, social media, SEO, reputation management; we will waive the design fee by offering a $4,000 credit.

Essentially we’ll build a beautiful website for fee if you are a current client with one of our dental marketing services.

What does a dental website include?

Along with your amazing client success managers, who will make sure that all of your expectations are set and met correctly. All dental websites include the following aspects:

  • Built on WordPress
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Blogging on Autopilot
  • Social media integrations
  • SSL certificate and security
  • Endless 3rd party integrations
  • Dedicated support team
  • Lighting fast hosting
  • Unlimited updates at no extra cost
  • Responsive and mobile optimized
  • Site Speed Optimization

If you have additional questions about our best dental website designs service, please connect with us on this page.

What is the benefit of having a dental marketing company build my website versus building it myself?

Why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your dental website? Your patients deserve nothing but excellence, seamless integrations, with a clean, professional look-and feel. A custom built site will give you total control over design elements as well cutting down on some of those pesky fees associated with designing sites from scratch, not to mention the opportunity cost of your time.

Your dental website is a key component of convincing new patients to connect and schedule. If you’re looking to save on website design costs, there are inexpensive website builders available; however I recommend finding a dental website design agency who specializes in working exclusively with dentists.

Also, if your price sensitive take advantage of our $4,000 dental website design credit, allowing you to get a new website for $0.

What makes a good technical website for dentists?

Https accreditation: It’s important to have your website certified with an SSL certificate. This will help you rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing, as well make visitors more comfortable because they know their information is safe when browsing on insecure websites or emails containing malicious links from unknown senders!

Mobile Optimized Framework: Dental websites today need to be mobile-optimized in order for them and their content not only look good on the small screens of smartphones, but also large monitors like TVs or computer screens. There are many technical elements involved with making sure your site looks great when viewed from different angles; these include horizontal menu bars that automatically condense into hamburger drop downs (and can then expand again), text forming around compressed images which resize depending on output screen resolution.

Streamlined Coding: The first thing to remember is that your website should be as simple and easy-to use for people who aren’t coders. The second point was streamlining coding: cutting down unnecessary technical elements in the middle of creating pages can improve load times which will help with SEO rankings too. We keep all of this in mind when designing a dental website.

What dental app's are best to improve your dental website?

Coupled with a good medical app, your website can help your dental practice thrive. You can leverage professional healthcare software development services to create a complementary app for your amazing website and get more patients to your doorstep. The app will also facilitate data flow, appointments and remote scheduling, and everything else you need to run your operation efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, this will add more value to your website and the on-site user experience.

About the Author: Adrian Lefler is an expert dental marketer and a key member of the dental marketing team at My Social Practice. My Social Practice is a dental marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Adrian is passionate about helping dental practices grow with the best dental website designs. If you’d like to book one of the members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that HERE. If you’re interested in learning more about our dental websites service, click here. Also please read our Google My Business reviews.