Best Dental Website Designs: 7 Examples

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Now that everyone is sure to look you up online before making an appointment, you need a dental website that makes your practice stand out.

Your website is often the first impression you make with new patients, and it has a major influence on their opinion of your practice. What do the best dental website designs have in common? Is your dental practice’s website customized with an easy-to-navigate, sleek design? Do you make it clear where to check out your team, your reviews, and answers to FAQS?

The website experts at My Social Practice know exactly what it takes for a dental website design to convert online users to new patients. Every website is carefully designed to give your web visitors a notable and memorable experience. The secret to My Social Practice dental websites is aesthetic functions that make potential patients like and trust your practice, and ultimately lead them to contact your practice.

The dental website team at My Social Practice has brought dental website design to the next level. From engaging and interactive content to exceptional functionality, these 7 dental website design examples are sure to inspire you.

7 Best Dental Website Designs

1. WeDental

dental website design

WeDental’s website has a genuine, human touch, with the custom photos they choose to incorporate. The dentist is seen with his family and is introduced as a friendly face, not just a generic doctor. They have also included a fun photo of their team smiling at the camera. The key takeaway from this dental website design is to notice the professional, very polished website layout combined with less polished photos shows professionalism and authenticity.

 2. RR Dentistry

Best Dental Website Designs

The use of video right on RR Dental’s homepage is valuable. (Click the image if you’d like to see the video!) The movement from the video is eye-catching and gives potential patients an active glimpse into this dental practice. RR Dental’s website allows patients to schedule an appointment online, an important part of the best dental website designs are designs that integrate your patient schedule with your website. Patients today like using text messaging and online forms over traditional phone calls. Ensure that you’re giving access to multiple ways to make an appointment. My Social Practice dental websites allow you to easily integrate your patient management with your website for seamless scheduling.

3. DeLorenzo Dentistry

DeLorenzo Dentistry’s website designs offer visitors a seamless experience by placing several action buttons right on their main screen. It is easy to navigate and allows users to find services offered, blog content, and several ways to contact the office.

4. Dove Family Dentistry

We were especially impressed by the quick and easy access to patient reviews on Dove Family Dentistry’s site. Allowing your website visitors to easily see the great reviews from other patients builds trust and makes a fantastic first impression.

5. The Premier Dental Center

Premier Dental Center had their website designer at My Social Practice put a pop-up bar on the left-hand side of their home screen for potential patients to get answers to their questions effortlessly. When your website makes it simple and stress-free to find out about you, your online users like and trust you before they have even stepped foot through your door.

6. Gilbert Dental Center

Gilbert Dental Center’s dental website design sticks to their brand. They have customized their site to match their orange logo color and included a bright, clear image of their team. Matching colors and logos on your website, social media pages, and in-practice materials keep your dental practice brand consistent and easily recognizable.

7. VP Dental

VP Dental has obvious, clickable icons that lead website users directly to their social media pages. Having easily accessible links to your dental social media pages gives your potential a robust look into your practice and shows off your online presence and influence.

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