6 Essential Tips to Running Effective Giveaways in Your Dental Practice

Doing frequent, small prize giveaways is an excellent way to show patient appreciation and keep people coming back to your page! Even the chance to win a $10 gift card is enough for fans to Like, comment, and share with friends — which helps new patients find you.

Few things draw everyone’s attention like a chance to win a prize! And when you’re looking to grow your dental practice’s social media presence and increase visibility with potential patients, a giveaway can be a great icebreaker.

But before you go and buy a bunch of prizes to give out, take a moment to consider each part of the process and think strategically. Plan your giveaway around your patients’ needs and interests, as well as your business growth objectives. Follow these guidelines, and you can run a quick, cost-effective promotion that will win you goodwill, patient loyalty and better reach among the people most likely to become new patients.


6 Tips for Great Social Media Giveaways

1. Stick with small prizes that allow you to do giveaways more frequently. In hundreds of cases, we’ve found that our clients get much the same engagement results with a $10 prize as with a $50 one. To patients, it’s not so much about the value of the prize as about the chance to connect with you and win something for free. When you run frequent (even weekly) giveaways, you show patients and fans that you’re worth staying in touch with, and that you love to go the extra mile for them.

Even your choice of prize can demonstrate your connection to your patients and community. Is there a unique restaurant or bakery that people in your city love? Give away a $10 gift card and let someone enjoy a lunch on you. Are your patients excited for a new movie coming out? Give away a couple of tickets!

2. Be clear about what the prize is, how to enter, and how long the giveaway will last.
Make sure all relevant promotion details are stated in every social media post or piece of printed material about it. A giveaway that lasts about a week gives it a sense of urgency that encourages patients to enter the moment they see the announcement.


3. Make it easy to enter, and encourage sharing. Even if a prize is extremely valuable, many people will skip the chance to win the moment they have to fill out a long form or give a lot of personal information. Common requirements to enter a social media giveaway are to Like the page, Like the post, and leave a comment.

Another great way to do it is to tie the giveaway in with a practice campaign. For example, have patients accept a 30-day flossing challenge by posting a photo on their own account and tagging your practice. This way, their friends and family will see their post and your practice will be introduced to them.

Encourage fans to also tag their friends who would also like to enter in the comments.

4. Abide by the social media platform’s rules. Facebook has rules about what you can and cannot do to promote a giveaway. Specifically, that you cannot make sharing a post or tagging friends a mandatory part of entering to win.

5. Don’t forget to tell everyone who visits your practice about your giveaway. Successful social media efforts start in your practice, with face-to-face conversations. Ask everyone who walks in “Have you seen our giveaway on social media? You can enter right from your phone!” Display the prize on a table somewhere everyone can see it, with a poster above it telling visitors how they can enter to win.

This means that your whole team will have to be involved, so devote some meeting time to explaining the promotion and getting everyone on board.

6. Crosspost on all your social media accounts and boost it on Facebook. If you’re running the promotion on Facebook (which we recommend), put your giveaway-related posts on any other accounts you have as well: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Giveaway posts are also perfect for boosting on Facebook, which will help you reach more of the people most likely to enter, share with friends, or become new patients themselves.

Small Giveaways, Big Returns

Let’s say you give away a $10 prize every week, and boost the post on Facebook for $5 each time. For just $60 a month, you can make strategic promotions a regular part of your social media mix! It’s a great digital marketing value: engaging content, top-of-mind awareness, Likes, shares, and a reputation for having a great practice culture.

Even if you’re starting with just a few fans on your pages, make small, frequent giveaways a regular part of your digital marketing. It’s a tried-and-true tactic that helps new patients find you. Try one this week!

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