The fact that you’ve come to this download page says you’re a visionary, progressive, eye doctor. You understand the importance of connections with your patients. And although you may not yet be sure how social media can help market your practice, you trust your instincts. We admire that—it takes a leap of faith.

Thoughtful social media marketing in your eye care practice strengthens relationships with patients and prospective patients and helps grow your practice.

What kinds of new patients do you want to bring through your door? What kinds of patients do you want to retain? Keepers? Those who love and appreciate what you do? Social media marketing allows you to talk WITH these kinds of patients and prospective patients, not AT them. The engagement you create using social media sets you apart from the fray and allows you to create powerful one-to-one connections where you can tell your practice story and create higher perceived value for your practice.

We’re confident that the keys in this ebook will help you develop the mindset for social media marketing success in your practice. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Let us know what you think. We value your feedback!

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