Quick Idea #16 – Themed Patient Appreciation Party w/Simple Giveaways

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HERE’S SOME QUICK THINKING about patient appreciation parties and Facebook contests that you can use today. Right now!

Michael Richards Orthodontics recently had a Harry Potter themed patient appreciation party. One of the cool things they did is they created a blog post as the invitation, then when patients came in their practice and wanted to RSVP for the party, they were directed to the post to RSVP in the comments section! This was brilliant because it drove traffic to their blog, increasing awareness of all their social media tools and blog content!

Now that the party is over, they continue to use the momentum that was created there to pump content on their Facebook wall through simple, inexpensive contests and giveaways like the one shown above.

To the Michael Richards Orthodontics team… Nice job!

Now, It’s Your Turn!

What themed patient appreciation party idea would work for your practice? What simple giveaways would create buzz in your practice before, during, and after the event? Be creative!

Here’s What The RSVP Post Page Looked Like: