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Your Dental Practice Facebook Page Recommendation Prompt Widget

By September 26, 2011June 6th, 20222 Comments


  • ladan says:

    Hi. Thanks for the post. For some reason, I don’t see the recommendation option on my facebook page! Do I have to add it?

    • Blake at My Social Practice says:

      Thanks for your question. I clicked through to your Facebook page and noticed that your address was invalid on your information tab. When it clicked through to the BING map, it couldn’t find your location. The recommend widget works according to your address. It will appear to those who list themselves as living in the same city or within roughly 12 miles of your practice. To fix your address, go to the Basic Information tab of the Edit Page admin interface of your page. I hope this helps.
      Here is a good article that explains the “Recommend this Place” feature in a little better detail: