Word Of Mouth Marketing And Your Practice

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WE THROW THE TERM “word of mouth marketing” around a lot. Why? Because word of mouth marketing is not only unique, but it’s also one of the most effective dental marketing tactics. Today’s social media marketing channels, platforms, and communities are taking word of mouth marketing to the next level—and visionary dental and orthodontic practices are taking advantage of this opportunity.

People Love To Talk, Both On and Offline

We’re hardwired that way. Not too many years ago, before social media’s transparency, people didn’t trust internet sources. Why? Because essentially the internet only contained a bunch of online brochures (called dental websites). All a business had to do was hire a fancypants ad agency to write a bunch of flowery text for their printed brochure, then put it online. It was static, boring, untrusted, and never challenged, verified, acclaimed, or shared.

Now, the conversations that only took place over the backyard fence years ago are taking place online. Real conversations and honest, dynamic, online interaction have made word of mouth online highly credible:

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Nearly All Of The Things People Say Are Positive

Chances are, when people talk about your practice online, or share something about your practice online, the conversation will likely be positive.

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Online Word Of Mouth Is Incredibly Fluid, Fast-Paced, and Credible

According to WOMMA, more people trust word of mouth than other forms of online information when they’re forming opinions about businesses.

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The Word of Mouth Marketing Association helps “encourage and amplify this natural phenomenon while respecting and protecting its honesty and integrity.” To learn more about WOMMA, you can visit their site by clicking on the image below.

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Graphic images, courtesy of WOMMA.


Are You Ready?

Take greater advantage of word of mouth marketing. It’s the right time to keep your dental or orthodontic practice on the leading edge. Contact us today.


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