NEW App Helps Manage Your Practice Facebook Page From Your iPhone

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The New App For Your iPhone Works Great!

BEGINNING TODAY, the Facebook Pages Manager app for the iPhone is available in the U.S. We’ve been playing with it today and it works great. Undoubtedly more functionality will come later, but even now it’s handy and useful.

The regular Facebook Page app for mobile has always had the ability to manage Facebook pages, and it has a similar look and feel. But the new Facebook Pages Manager app is more focused on updating and managing pages—not your personal profile. You can easily view insights and see page admins in addition to being able to update your practice’s status and photos.

Why This Is Great For Your Dental Practice

Life happens 24 hours a day, right? And patient concerns and questions happen 24 hours a day! Our recommendation is that somebody in your practice (who is also a Facebook admin for your page) is ALWAYS in touch with your Facebook audience.

Yes, there are telephone answering services for emergencies. But, when your patients know they can use your social media presence to get quick answers to their concerns, it says a LOT about your practice culture and how much you care.


First, download the free app. Here’s what it will look like:

View your practice wall activity:

Upload images:

Update your practice’s status:

View your insights:

Download The Application Today

Use the power of social media to connect with your patients and prospective patients!


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